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Neither Brother

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Secret passageway + Arguements + illegal crap + friend in danger = you will have to read!

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Chapter 29:

“Classy,” Bob said sarcastically, looking around. The shopkeeper had lead them down into what strongly resembled a sewer, well more than anything else. There was definitely a bad smell lingering, and none of them wanted to know where it came from. The underground tunnel was very dark, dank and narrow, they were thankful, therefore, that the shopkeeper knew where he was going.
“I’m sorry, were you expecting a 5 star hotel standard?” The shopkeeper retorted.
“Wouldn’t mind” Bob muttered, and the shopkeeper ignored him.
“So” Mikey laughed, “how long you had this place?”
If it was light enough he was sure he would have seen the shopkeeper blush, “Umm… I don’t know, it was here before I came.”
“Who made this place?” Lily asked, looking round unimpressed.
“Must have been the manager, I don’t know, I just sell stuff, I only got clued in on this thing a couple weeks ago, I haven’t worked here to long.” The shopkeeper explained, “I would guess it used to be a sewer that they decided to convert.”
“Of course, that makes sense” Lily rolled her eyes.
“What kind of stuff do you pass through here?” Ray asked.
“Why, want to be in on it?” Riley said, and they all laughed.
“Shut up!” Ray said.
“Shh!” The shopkeeper ordered, “If people here us we will all be in deep shit. In answer to your question, lets just say it goes in the adult section.”
“Bet that’s what Frank was looking-” Gerard started, but then looked down, reminded of why they were down here.
There was an awkward silence.
“How much longer?” Cara asked.
“Not too long I think, its hard to tell” The shopkeeper answered.
“Tell me about it” Cara said, “Ruby you okay? It isn’t like you to be so quiet” Ruby had been awfully silent since she came out, and no one could really blame her.
“I’m fine” Ruby said, shrugging.
“You know you can still go back. I’m sure you don’t want to go back in there, one of us will take you back,” Ray suggested, preparing to turn around.
“No its okay!” Ruby said quickly, “I’d rather go and help, it would drive me crazy sitting and wondering what was happening.”
They all nodded and carried on, occasionally the silence was broken by someone asking something trivial. But mostly everyone was wrapped up in their own thoughts, so much so that you could almost feel the thoughts walking along side them, crowding them in the already small tunnel.
“I think we are coming up to the entrance” The shopkeeper said, pulling them out of their minds, their heads jerked up.
“Where?” They asked, their eyes had adjusted to the darkness but everything was still hard to make out.
“It is quite small as usually it is just used to deliver the… merchandise… I’m not sure if it will be big enough” The shopkeeper said, wonderingly.
“Cara use the light on your phone” Mikey suggested.
“Good idea!” Cara said, reaching into her pocket. Lily and Riley followed suit.
“That’s a bit better,” Gerard said, seeing the hole in the wall, which had a wooden flap. It was true it was quite a tight fit. He might be able to get through, and the girls and Mikey, but Ray and Bob might struggle, they were quite tall and not as skinny as him and Mikey. “How is this going to work?”
“There is no way I can fit through that,” Ray claimed, “My hair could hardly fit!” They laughed, though quietly.
They heard footsteps in the store. They all silenced. They waited as the footsteps walked away.
“How do we know whether its Frank or that man?” Bob asked.
“I would guess it was the man, Cole or whatever, Frank is too weak to walk around” Ruby said, she uttered the mans name with great distaste, and her voice was shaking. They others had realised that Frank’s injury was causing him to weaken, though they had not wanted to mention it. Saying it loud made it so much more realistic.
“Well that just means we need to get in there sooner” Lily said, snapping them out of the silence they kept slipping into.
“Yeah, so how are we getting in?” Bob questioned.
“Well whoever goes in first should be prepared, that man has a gun, and if we just break in there…” Mikey trailed off.
“So who goes?” Ray asked.
“You and Bob wont fit, or at least if you do, it will take you a while and could cause problems” Mikey responded.
“You girls are not going!” Gerard claimed.
“Why because we are girls?” Lily challenged.
“No because you are too young to put yourself in danger!” Ray said, taking Gerard’s view.
“I’ve already been in, I know what we are dealing with,” Ruby said.
“You are too young!” Mikey stressed.
Cara, Lily, Riley and Ruby glared at them.
“Don’t look at us like that!” Bob said, in a hushed whisper, as they could still hear footsteps, “what kind f people would we be if we let you go in!”
They still looked unimpressed but realised they were never going to win this.
“So its between me Mikey and… sorry we never got your name?” Gerard turned to the shopkeeper.
“Jamie” He said “I could go, like ruby said, I know what we are dealing with”
“Yeah…” Gerard said, unsure.
“You feel its your responsibility because he’s your friend?” Jamie challenged.
Gerard didn’t say anything, but it was plain that was his feelings.
“So Gerard or Mikey?” Riley asked.
They looked at each other, neither brother wanted the other in danger. How were they going to solve this? They were both way too stubborn. This argument could go on forever, and they didn’t have time.
“Rock, Paper, Scissors?”

Yes, it does solve all. Thank you so much for the reviews guys! They are the best motivation so keep them coming! Just managed to get this up today. Neglected some homework. Don't tell my mother lol.
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