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You Can Hardly Stand!

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Frank is getting worse

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Chapter 28:

Frank stood there, confused. What was Gerard doing? He looked around and spotted Cole identifying the walls, trying to find an exit.
“You’re bloody mad, you know that?” Frank said, still angry at the man, when Gerard had said he was going to get Frank out Cole had yelled at him “ Not if I come out and shoot you first!” Frank despised the man for threatening his friend. Not that Gerard could have heard him.
“Yes I am well aware, life does that to people” Cole muttered, still searching.
“Yeah mental ones,” Frank said under his breath.
“So you think your friends are coming for you?” Cole sniggered.
“If they say they are, I believe them,” Frank said.
“Well I wouldn’t get your hopes up,” He said giving up his search, “there’s no way out of this place!”
“They say they are coming, they are coming” Frank said blankly.
“They set foot in this place and they will ad to the casualty list that has your name on it!”
Frank’s hand clenched into a fist, “you watch your mouth!”
“You watch your heart, check it is still beating” Cole snapped.
“We have already been through this, you won’t shoot me” Frank said coldly.
“I may have a change of heart, besides I never said anything about your friends” Cole said.
“You even touch them and-”
“And what? You will give me a telling off? Look at you, you can hardly stand!” Cole said, it was true, Frank felt very faint and he was slumped against the shelf.
“If you hurt them I will find a way to make you feel as much pain as possible” Frank said through gritted teeth.
“Well aren’t you the drama queen?” Cole said.
Frank turned away, not wanting to talk to this man anymore. He despised him, he couldn’t believe he had felt sympathy for him, maybe he did shoot his kid, maybe it was all an act.
“You think I shot her don’t you?” Cole said as if he was reading Frank’s thoughts.
“Its crossed my mind.”
“Well you can only take my word for it. But it isn’t like you will trust me is it?” Cole said, his voice low.
“I find it a bit difficult yeah!” Frank said sarcastically.
“Well it is your own choice, to believe me, but I can assure you I would never hurt my daughter, she was the world to me” Cole said with the utmost sincerity.
“Maybe not, but I still don’t get why you are staying here” frank said.
“We have been through this!” Cole said annoyed.
“Yeah and I don’t want to get back into it so how abut we just don’t talk to each other?” Frank asked, irritated.
“Fine by me” Cole said.
Frank slid down the shelf and sat on the floor. The pain was increasing in his arm, he dare not peek under the bandage but he could tell it wasn’t good. The bullet was still lodged in there, the nurse thought it too dangerous to take it out. Frank wasn’t stupid enough to try himself. His vision was going a bit blurry. He felt light-headed. But he had to hang in there, the others were coming for him. They had told him they were. They wouldn’t lie. If they could get to him they would. He just had to hold on…

Okay people its up, hope you enjoyed it. As you have guessed it is about to wrap up, but I'm not sure whether to continue it a bit more with this other idea I had. Please tell me if you would want to read more, or you think the story has done enough okay thanks xxx
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