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Gerard "Talks to Frank" - lol

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Chapter 27:

Gerard sneaked over to the police van, he could see it lying there, he just had to get to it. The policeman was standing right next to it though. As if the world was working on his side, and if it was it was doing a bad job as he was not having the best day, the policeman got a call on his phone and walked off to answer it. Gerard quickly grabbed it, not knowing when the policeman would come back. He smiled and returned to the others.


Gerard held it high above his head, “got it!” He yelled triumphantly.
“Right, and how is that going to help?” Mikey asked.
“Well I think Frank would like to hear from us don’t you?” Gerard said.
“Well yes, but you just took it, people are going to notice when you use it” Bob added.
“That’s why you guys fend them off for me!” Gerard said brightly.
“I dunno…” said Ray, unsure about this plan.
“I just want to talk to him because if we don’t he could…”Gerard trailed off not wanting to finish the sentence, “he umm could get bored.
Bob raised an eyebrow, knowing what Gerard had said, and Ruby looked down at the ground, she had also understood.
“Bored?!?” Said Mikey and Ray, obviously not on the same wavelength, Cara, Lily and Riley also looked confused.
“Yeah, not shut up and help me up onto this van” Gerard ordered. Ray gave him a leg up, still a bit clueless.
Gerard lifted the megaphone he had stolen to his lips, “Frank?” he said, it was working, that was a start. Gerard could see Frank through the glass window, the man with the gun had stopped pointing the gun at him. At the mention of his name Frank looked up, trying to locate the source. He caught sight of Gerard, and broke into a smile. Gerard saw him mouth his name, though he couldn’t hear him.
“Hey…umm… how are you doing?” Gerard asked, not knowing what to say. Frank rolled his eyes and gestured to his arm. “Okay I get it!” Gerard said smiling. Policemen had rushed over, trying to get him down off the van, but the others stopped them. Reporters stationed the cameras and filmed everything, Gerard ignored this.
“I just wanted to check you were okay, we are all kind of worried about you” Gerard said. Frank smiled, he seemed to be okay, but he was still quite pale, and he was leaning against a book shelf. He mouthed the words “I’m Fine.”
“Yeah right!” Gerard remarked, “just hold tight okay, we will get you out!” Gerard promised. Frank looked puzzled. Then the man with the gun glared at Gerard. He said something to him, though Gerard couldn’t hear, but he saw Frank’s face turn to anger.
“Do you have something to say to me?” Gerard asked, and the man just laughed.
“Gerard!” A voice from the ground beside the van called up to him. Gerard looked down. It was the shopkeeper.
“What?” Gerard asked, he hadn’t spoken to this man, but he was intrigued.
“I think I know a way to get Frank out of there!” He yelled up. Gerard’s eyes widened. He turned back to Frank, who was looking at him confused, the man with the gun having walked off. “Frank we are going to get you out of there okay? Just stay there!” Frank mouthed something along the lines of “Where else am I gonna fucking go” but Gerard just smiled, “we WILL see you in a minute!” and he threw down the megaphone and jumped down from the van.
He was instantly rounded on by the police, who were angry, but the shopkeeper and the others pulled him away.
“So what’s the plan?” Gerard asked.
“There is another way into the shop” the shopkeeper said.
“Have you told the police?” Gerard asked.
“He say that they can’t as is used for umm… illegal smuggling,” Mikey said, smirking.
“Oh I see…” Gerard said, “well I don’t care what it is you are bringing through, I just care about Frank.”
The others nodded in agreement.
“Show us the way,” said Ray, the shopkeeper, a bit red in the face from embarrassment, gestured for them to follow him.

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