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I Don't Bloody Know!

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Frank talks to Cole

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Chapter 26:

Frank slowly raised his arms in the air. He looked straight into Cole’s eyes, he saw anger, madness and confusion reflected in them.
“That was quite a stunt you pulled there,” Cole growled, “I will have to make sure I never let my guard down again with you.”
Frank didn’t say anything, he just kept looking into Cole’s eyes, Cole looked away.
“So now what are you going to do then?” Cole asked, his voice cruel and twisted with malice.
“Well it isn’t like I have much of a choice” Frank muttered.
Cole smirked, “you better keep me in a good mood, or my finger might just slip.”
“If you say so” Frank said, shrugging.
“Don’t play games with me!” Cole Hissed.
“I’m not playing any games,” Frank said coolly, “I just don’t think you will shoot me.”
“You just try me!”
“I am, and look no bullet in my head, funny that” Frank said, knowing he was going into a danger zone, half of what he was saying he wasn’t even sure about.
Cole pressed the tip of the gun under Franks chin, “you had better watch your mouth!”
“Why is it going somewhere” Frank said, sarcastically.
“Are you stupid!” Cole said impatiently, “I have a gun at your head!”
“Technically its my chin, and I am well aware of that.” Frank said calmly
“Stop being a smartarse and shut up!” Cole said, expecting a reply from Frank. But he was silenced. “Good.”
They stood there in silence watching each other.
“So what now?” Frank broke the silence.
“I told you to shut up” Cole hissed.
“Yeah I know, but I want to know, what are we going to do, stand here like this all day.” Frank said.
“You will do what I tell you to do” Cole said, trying to gain some command.
“Okay, what are you going to have me do?” Frank said in a mock school-boy tone.
“I told you, I want you to shut up!”
“Yeah but then we just stand in silence, and then what?” Frank questioned.
“I’m not going to reveal my plans to you Fred, or whatever your name is” Cole snapped.
“Its Frank, and I don’t believe that you have a plan” he said simply.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, you were going to rob this place, that backfired and now your stuck, so now what?” Frank asked.
“I don’t bloody know, happy?” Cole muttered.
“Not particularly no, why don’t you just give it up?” Frank said.
“I cant! I’ve told you, I wont go to prison for killing my daughter, which I didn’t do!”
“Well what options do you have, if you shoot me now, they will capture you, and you will have no chance of getting off the case, you will have, in their eyes, committed two murders, and will be arrested immediately. Or we could leave here, I won’t press charges on my arm, and you can appeal.! Frank explained.
“You think its that simple?” Cole said.
“I don’t know but its your best chance”
“Bloody is not, my best chance is if I escape.” Cole snapped.
“And how are you going to do that?” Frank asked.
“I will find a way. Now shut up.” Cole ordered.
“Well even if you do escape, what happens to me?” Frank asked, wanting to keep Cole talking.
“Depends on whether you shut up or not!” Cole said, looking around, the gun still held under Frank’s head.
“Well I don’t think I will, because it looks like you won’t let me out of this anyway” Frank said.
“Are these some sort of mind games?” Cole demanded.
“No, but you are going to shoot me aren’t you?” Frank challenged.
“I might. If you don’t shut up!” Cole yelled.
“Well I’m not going to shut up, so shoot me” Frank held his arms wide again.
“I’m not playing this game with you again!” Cole said.
“Why not. Just do it, then I’m off your back and you can get on with escaping!” Frank yelled.
“What is wrong with you?” Cole asked, “do you want to die?”
“Not really sure,” Frank shrugged.
“You’re mad” Cole said.
“Quite possibly”
Cole stared at Frank.
“Go on do it. I dare you.” Frank challenged.
Cole looked menacing for a bit, then dropped his arm to his side. “I can’t”
Frank smiled, “well there is a good man in you yet then. Come on, I won’t give up until you listen to me, get out of here while you still can!”
“No, I won’t shoot you, but I will escape.” Cole said, shaking his head.
“Come on!” Frank said, “cant you see, you don’t have to do this.”
“Yes I do. If you try anything I will shoot you, if you get in my way,” Cole sounded so serious, Frank believed him. Frank stared at the man. He was truly crazy. Why wouldn’t he listen? What was he going to do? Would he get out?

I think this chapter was a bit shit, but it needed to be done, sorry for dragging it out, next one should be good. I dunno. I'm a bit lost because no one is reviewing, except one person who says she isn't sure about the story, which doesn't give me much confidence. So please tell me where I'm going wrong. Thanks xxx
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