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God Knows What

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Ray arrives, they talk to Ruby

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Chapter 25:

Ray and Lily had managed to get a taxi, as Lily had a bit of loose change hanging round in her bag, she had no idea how it could have amounted up to enough, but relieved all the same. They got to the scene as soon as they could.
They got out of the car and paid the driver. Ray looked around for some sign of a familiar face. He breathed slowly and a knot in his stomach unclenched as he saw 3. Bob, Mikey and Gerard. The knot tightened again though, when he registered the looks on the 3 faces. They were all stressed and looked grim. He made his way slowly over to them.
Mikey looked up, “Ray! Oh thank god!” They all jumped up and hugged him. Lily walked over.
“Hello” she said, a little star struck, she snapped out of it and hugged each of them in turn. Lastly she hugged Bob. Ray had a feeling she hugged him for just a bit longer than the others…
“Wow, that was like some sort of super hug” Bob smiled, “who are you?”
“This is Lily, she saved me from drowning,” Ray explained as a throw away comment.
“What?!?” The others chorused. Ray explained. They all swapped stories. And made introductions.
“Surreal isn’t it?” Ray murmured, “So what is going on?” He gestured towards the store.
“That’s what we were just about to find out” Gerard said, and when Ray looked quizzically at him, they lead him over to a girl who had just finished being interviewed by the police.
“Ruby!” Cara and Riley squealed, and they ran over to her, and gave her hugs. Lily seemed to recognise her aswell and rushed over.
“How come you guys all know eachother?” Mikey asked, a bit stunned.
Cara shrugged, “happy coincidence?”
The guys exchanged looks, but decided to ignore this abnormality, there were so many that day to deal with anyway.
“Ruby, are you okay to talk to us?” Gerard asked, trying not to sound to demanding, but he prayed for her to say yes.
Ruby nodded, he face still pale, and she was shaking slightly.
“What happened?” Mikey asked, again he tried to say it softly, she had been through a lot, the last thing any of them wanted to do was upset her even more.
“Well I bunked off school and left by bag and uniform at home, then got changed,” Ruby said, consulting her friends, who had been looking at her top and jeans suspiciously, “then I came here, because I was bored, and I saw Frank come in, and I went up to give him a hug and…” she sniffed, and Lily and Gerard each put an arm round her to comfort her, “…and then that man, Cole, he burst in and tried to get the money from the till, but the shopkeeper sounded the alarm. The police turned up and Cole shouted at the shopkeeper, he was going to shoot him, but Frank jumped in the way and it hit him.”
“Fuck” Mikey whispered, and the others made similar remarks.
“You don’t have to continue if you find it too hard,” Cara suggested, but Ruby shook her head.
She explained the rest of the story, in as much detail as possible, “… and he said he would be right behind me, so I went and…” She burst into tears, and looked up through the glass window of the store. They could all see Frank and the man, standing there, they were talking about God knows what and the gun was pointed against Frank’s head.
“Its okay, you don’t have to explain anymore” they assured Ruby.
“What do we do?” Ray asked Gerard, as he was sat closest to him. Gerard paused for a second. Then he looked up, his face expressionless.
“We need to talk to him” He said simply. They all looked at him, confused.

Hey sorry this one is a bit short and boring but it was necessary to move the plot along. so bear with me. Thanks xxx
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