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My Story Has It All

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Bob arrives at the scene

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Chapter 24:

“Fucking hell” Bob said, he slumped back in his seat and put his hand to his face. He pinched the bridge of his nose and rubbed his eyes, as if these actions would undo the explanation the police officer had just given him.
There was a long silence as the police officer could think of nothing helpful or worth saying.
“Its just round the corner now,” he said, finally breaking the silence. He drove quickly, whirling round the corner. A couple people swore at him, being charming as they were.
Bob tried to process this. Well at least he knew where Frank was. That was a start. But what about the others? Were they okay? He knew Gerard had been chased, but he had no idea where to. He bit his lip, forgetting his lip ring, which snapped off. He disregarded this. Maybe he should have helped out Gerard, not that he knew how much help he could’ve been, but he should have tried. But then he reminded himself that he had heard the wailing noise, that had turned out to be that little baby. Bob smiled. Then he blinked, this was absurd, he didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl, anyway it wasn’t his baby, contrary to the press’ beliefs. Frank. He had to focus, his friend was in trouble. His friend had been shot. Bloody hell, he had been shot. And here he was thinking about babies. He had been on the road too long. He shook his head realising that the car had stopped and the police man had opened the door.
“You alright?” he asked Bob, concerned.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” Bob replied, not really registering. He looked around at the scene, there were several police cars and a bunch of officers. There were a few news studio vans with reporters and cameras clustered around, all trying to deliver the best version of the story. A few sets of reporters were huddled round a small group, but there seemed to be something wrong with the middle of the group.
“Get the fuck away from me!” Bob heard a familiar voice shout, “I cant answer your questions right now!”
“Gerard!” Bob yelled. As he saw the singer emerge from the reporters, followed by Mikey and two random girls… he would ask alter.
“Bob!” Mikey screamed, “oh thank god! Have you seen Ray?”
“No I assumed he would be with you” Bob said, now worried.
“Afraid not, how did you get here?” Gerard said, he looked as if he hadn’t slept in a year, his hair was messy, as he had been running his fingers through it constantly, his makeup from last nights show smudged, and his general face was sagging from stress and panic.
“Found a baby up a tree” Bob muttered, not listening, but looking around. They all stared at him, mouths open.
“How is that an answer to “how did you get here?”” Gerard asked.
“I don’t think that is the thing to focus on Gee. You found a baby up a tree?” Mikey said confused. Bob explained.
“Jesus Christ” Gerard whispered, “well today has been bloody eventful!”
“Yeah I know,” Bob said, “what happened to you guys, I saw you being chased by fans Gee”
“Fans, angry teenagers, teenage shopkeepers, dustbins, my story has it all” Gerard said, Bob raised an eyebrow as Gerard told his story and introduced him to Riley who was standing there in silence looking awkward.
“Right…..” Bob said, wondering what to make of it all, “and you Mikey? What did you do get trapped in a parallel universe, meet a talking dog or something?” He said sarcastically.
“Nah, I just got mistaken as a lecturer and wondered into a girls grammar school, where I met Cara here. Cara Bob, Bob Cara. Then we managed to escape from the questionable school, and then we bumped into Gerard in the dinosaur costume. Which he failed to mention in his story,” Mikey explained.
“Of course” Bob said, eyeing them both, “you guys pulling my leg or something?”
“No, you’re the one who claims to have found a baby up a fucking tree” Gerard retorted.
“Okay we will have enough for “who has the best story” later, right now we need to concentrate on Frank!” Mikey said impatiently.
The other two looked down ashamed of themselves. They had got distracted.
“What can we fucking do though” Gerard said, and he kicked a wall next to them.
“Hey Gee calm down! We need to find out what’s up and-” Bob was cut off. A group of people had started flooding out of the store. They all looked up and sprinted over.
Bob’s eyes desperately searched for Frank, but he couldn’t see him. A girl, he supposed she was this Ruby person who Cara had mentioned during their story telling, she was the last to come out, she slowly walked out, being half dragged by a woman, she was looking back into the store. Then she let out a scream of “NO!” and the police pulled her away. What was going on?

Okay I have updated. It feels like I haven't for ages but I only did on Monday, but there being 24 chapters and me having started a week the Sunday just gone, you can see how used to writing this I am. Well that was a boring fact. So hope you all liked it, of course I wouldn't know because I'm not getting any reviews! Please! Please" Please! Review, I want to know if you like it, or else I am wasting my time on a load a crap that no one is actually bothering with. Okay from every person who reviews after this, I will go on your story and review it. I promise. Okay? Is that a deal? Good.
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