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Love You Too

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Mikey Gerard and Care find a way to the scene

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Chapter 23:

It was as if the three of them had been paused somehow. They stood frozen, eyes glued to the TV screen, which had zoomed up on Frank’s face as they were discussing whether it was actually Frank Iero. They all knew for certain though, you could even see his scorpion tattoo on the side of his neck. There was no doubt, it was Frank.
Cara broke the silence with a gasp. The camera had zoomed out to reveal the other hostages, and Cara seemed to recognise the girl sitting beside Frank.
“It’s Ruby!” She said, horrified.
“That‘s Ruby?” Mikey choked, looking up at the girl, who looked deathly pale, “small world.”
Gerard stood still, not blinking. Gazing at the TV screen. It made sense to him, he wasn’t sure about the others. Frank was there because of what he had said. A comic book and store. He had told Frank to get back in touch with things that he connected with his music. They were it. Gerard finally moved, lifting a hand to run it through his hair. It was his fault.
“We have to do something” Gerard snapped, still feeling responsible. He pushed the shop door open.
Mikey and Cara followed him. And Gerard started pacing.
“How are we going to get there?” Mikey asked.
“What” Gerard said, in a trance, “oh right I don’t know. Do you have any money?”
Mikey shook his head, “what about you?”
“I spent my last on a fucking taxi” Gerard said, still pacing, “Oh fuck this!” He ripped off the dinosaur costume and threw it to the ground.
“Hey, I’m guessing you didn’t pay for that, but you could at least return it to Riley” Cara said.
“Riley!” Gerard said, whipping his head up. “Do you think she will help us get there?”
“I don’t see why not” Cara replied. So they raced back to the store.


They burst into the Fancy Dress shop. Riley looked up from her magazine and beamed.
“So you did bring your friends back!” She said, then frowning. “Awww you took your costume off but it was so fetching! Oh hiya Cara! How’s school?”
“We don’t have time for this!” Mikey said as Cara was about to reply, “do you have a car?”
“Yeah I’m a 15 year old girl with a car,” Riley said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
“You own a fucking shop!” Gerard remarked.
“Well yes I suppose. Why do you need a car?” She said.
“Frank” Mikey said.
“Tell him to get his own car” Riley said, back to reading her magazine.
“Frank has been fucking shot so we need a fucking car to get to the fucking place so we can fucking do something!” Gerard yelled.
“Oh” Riley said, taken aback. “is he badly hurt?”
“We don’t know we just need to get down there, please” Mikey said quickly before his brother started shouting again, but Gerard was too busy pulling at his hair.
“We have a mini bus round back. I assume one of you can drive,” She asked. Gerard quit trying to make himself go bald at an early age and looked up.
“Yeah I can.”
She grabbed a jacket and gestured at them to follow her.


“Okay get in” Riley said, no longer joking around. She was worried about Frank aswell. They all got in and Gerard didn’t even check they were all strapped in he just started the bus.
It was very old and made a terrible noise, this was not helped by Gerard’s frantic driving. Nobody complained though, nobody spoke. They were all wrapped up in their own thoughts.

Gerard focused on driving, looking out for the signposts to show him where to go. He tried to concentrate to distract himself from blaming himself. Was this his fault? He wasn’t the one with the gun, he told himself. He didn’t shoot Frank. Frank seemed okay anyway. He was conscious and, by the looks of things, talking to that Ruby girl. He was alright. But for how much longer? Could Gerard live with himself if Frank was killed? He turned a corner, the tyres screeched and they lurched sideways.

Mikey hardly noticed the car’s wild driving, or wild driver for that matter. He was numb with shock and panic. This situation was too weird. They still had no idea where Ray and Bob were and now Frank was being held hostage by some crazy man. Would Frank get out okay? God Mikey hoped so. His stomach clenched as he thought of Alicia. He wanted to talk to her again, apologise for being a jerk. Maybe she had seen the news story. He just wanted to hear her voice again.
“Can I use your phone?” He said hoarsely to Cara. She nodded and silently lifted the mobile. Mikey knew she was worried about her own friend. So he have her a quick one armed hug. “They’ll be okay” He tried. She just nodded, a tear running silently down her face.
Mikey didn’t know what to do. He felt bad, but dialled Alicia’s number.
“Hello” a sharp and alarmed voice picked up.
“Alicia, hey it’s Mikey”
She let out a gasp, “oh thank god you’re okay! I’ve been watching the news. Its everywhere Mikey. Over here in America too! Is he okay?” She asked, he could hear her biting her nails.
“I don’t know, we are on our way now, Gerard and me” Mikey replied.
“I though you were with him! I was so worried, but they never mentioned your name so I didn’t know!” She said alarmed.
“Its okay I’m fine, its Frank I’m worried about” Mikey grimaced.
“I know, you must be freaking out!” Alicia said sympathetically.
“Yeah. Look I wanted to apologise for the way I acted, I was a jerk.”
“No you weren’t, I was being unreasonable. I’m just glad you’re okay, and I realise that you wont be getting your flight back now, and its okay, I swear. You need to be with Frank right now. You see me when you can, I don’t wont to become all controlling. Maybe I will try and fly over” Mikey listened to her ramble, occasionally replying. It was just so good to hear her voice, know she was okay. Not that she had any reason not to be. Then again he didn’t think Frank would either.
“Okay I think we are here, I’m going to have to go, I promise I will call if anything happens” Mikey said, stepping out the bus.
“Love you” Alicia said.
“Love you too.”

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