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What About You?

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Frank the hero

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Chapter 22:

Frank stared at the mans twisted face. He watched, horrified, as the man straightened and gripped the gun tighter in his hand.
“No” he said again, his voice filled with malice, “no, because if I let you go, if I walk out of this, I will be convicted as the person who killed my baby girl. How is that fair?”
“Then why the hell are you holding up a fucking comic book store!” Frank retorted, bewildered by this man’s motives.
“Because I needed money for a lawyer didn’t I?” The man said, as if that was a given, “Or else I have no chance whatsoever to bring my little girls killer to justice! Then this guys,” he gestured to the shopkeeper, “had to go sound the alarm! Look I never meant for anyone to get hurt!”
“Well it’s a little late for that!” Frank said in almost a whisper, “and I’m not just talking about my bloody arm!”
The man stared at his arm, where the bandage was dyed red, “what would you have done?” He questioned, back to anger after his moment of slight compassion.
“I don’t know! But I don’t think robbing a comic book store and keeping a 15 year old girl hostage, then pointing a fucking gun at her would be up in my top 10!” Frank yelled, matching Cole’s anger.
Cole’s gaze turned to Ruby’s. Her face was pale, and tear tracks ran down her face, her arms still hugging her legs tightly. “I didn’t mean for this to happen!” He pleaded.
“Then - Let - Them - Go” Frank said, emphasising every word in a deep voice.
“I can’t!” Cole yelled.
“Why?” Frank demanded, looking Cole straight in the eyes, “just let them go and you can walk out of this, if you let them go I won’t press charges on my arm I promise, I don’t care about my fucking arm. I just want these people to be safe, to have their families have them returned to them, to stop their worry!”
“I can’t do it! I won’t do it!” Cole said, his eyes wild, “you don’t understand!”
“You’re right. I don’t understand. You don’t make any sense to me. This,” he gestured around the scene, “doesn’t make any sense to me. Holding innocent people captive wont bring your daughter back, it won’t stop your wife and it won’t help you!”
“Just shut up! Don’t mention my daughter!” Cole growled.
“Let them go!” Frank said again.
“I will shoot!” He screamed.
“Shoot me, go ahead!” Frank said, and he flung his one good arm wide, “take your best shot! Because if that is what will make you let these people go then do it! I’ve been needing to find a purpose recently, maybe this is it” he was deadly serious.
“No!” Ruby yelled, she stared wildly up at Frank. Was he mad?
The man held his gun, pointing at Frank, his arms shaking, he was confused by Frank’s last words, but he waved tem past, “don’t think I wont!”
“I don’t” Frank looked at Cole, almost calmly. They stood there. Watching the other. Ruby looked from one to the other, holding her breath.
Cole clenched his fist, then his arm dropped to his side, “I won’t shoot you, but I won’t let these people go either” he said simply, his voice steady. Ruby breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Wrong answer” Frank said and he dived at Cole. Knocking him to the ground. Pain shot through Frank’s arm, but he ignored it.
Cole skidded across the floor and his head smacked against the wall opposite.
“Go now!” Frank yelled to the others, holding Cole down, just incase he regained consciousness. Everyone ran, except Ruby, who had got up, but stayed standing. The nurse stayed back as well, trying to get Ruby to go. “Ruby! Leave now!” Frank screamed.
“What about you?” She asked, standing stock still.
“I will get out in a minute! You go! I will be right behind you!” Frank pleaded, he felt Cole stir beneath him, but did not give a sign to Ruby to show he had noticed it.
She looked unsure, but was dragged away by the nurse. She kept staring at him, all the way to the door.
Frank made an attempt to get up, but Cole’s gun snapped to Frank’s head. “Not so fast!” Frank winced with pain as the metal pressed into his skull.
“NO!” Ruby yelled, she was on the other side of the door, but could see everything. She shot for the door, but police pulled her back. She broke into tears as she watched her hero being held at gunpoint by a madman.

So I lied. this story has become my manic obsession. I know I am being super cruel to Frank, but my god isn't he just the greatest hero? Oh I feel all funny. tee hee. For those of you who havent guessed Frank is my favourite member, which may confuse you as I am being inherently cruel to him. I love him really! I swear! I'm just addicted to the drama. Dammit! I'm rambling again aren't I? My apologies! Please REVIEW AND RATE! This is a desperate girl pleading here. I have had nearly 350 views on this story! One of you must have something to say! Even if it is something bad! I need feedback! If you think it is shit then tell me what is wrong and I will make it better! Please! This pleading would work so much better if I was actually a member of MCR, or had met them, or had any connection to them at all, wouldn't it? Am I rambling again? I am aren't I? Jesus. Okay sorry!
Thanks xxx
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