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And Then The Penny Drops

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The guys meet Becky.

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"THIS is Your sister!?" Frankie exclaimed.

"You were expecting Betty Boop?" I replied.

"No it's just You look similar to Bob, but Your not" Gerard explained.

"Oh You were expecting Me to be introverted and shy like Bobby"

"Well yeah, how come You aren't?" Ray asked.

"It is strange isn't it Bobby? I've just always been the more outgoing one, although Bobby has His moments"

"And what's with the whole 'Bobby' thing?" Mikey asked.

I turned to Bobby and looked confused.

"They call Me Bob" Bobby replied.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because He's a Bob, not a Bobby" Frankie replied smugly.

"Does that mean Your a Frank not a Frankie" I smirked.

"Hey I'm always the lovable Frankie, just like Bob is..well...Bob"

"Whatever I'm hungry, is the fridge empty? and where's Mum?" I asked.

"She went on a trip to Europe for a month, and She won't be back until Your supposed welcome home party, and the fridge is in the kitchen"

"Sweet" I replied and headed for the kitchen.

As I grabbed some chips and a can of coke out of the fridge I listened in on the conversation being held in the lounge room.


"I don't like Her, She's too..." Frankie struggled.

"Brassy?" Mikey finished.

"I was going to say bitchy but whatever works" Frankie replied.

"Frankie come on, She's My sister. I know She might be rough on the outside but once You get to know Her She's really nice"


I smirked.

Bobby really knew Me, but that didn't mean I was going to make it easy to like Me.

I walked back in, sat on the lounge and opened the chips and began to eat.

"So Bob, what's been happening since I've been at school?" I asked.

"We started a band, other than that not much else" Bob replied.

"Interesting. so all of You are in it?" I asked.

"Yep, You are looking at the band called My Chemical Romance" Gerard replied.

"...You were drunk when You decided on that name huh?" I smirked.

"Are You always such a bitch!" yelled Frankie as He walked towards Me.

"I don't know are You always this aggravated around girls" I replied standing up.

Frankie grabbed My arm and turned towards Bob.

"This can't be Your sister! She is such a cow! How could You be related to-" Frankie never got to finish since My fist sort of stopped Him from talking.

He was so surprised from the blow that He fell to the floor bleeding heavily.

"Nobody touches Me and gets away with it" I growled at Frankie, grabbed My suitcase, and went upstairs to My room to settle in, not paying attention to the other guys gawking at Me.

When I got into My room I could here Bob apologizing.
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