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"Gerard probably sounded more out of tune than a cat being molested by a pigeon."

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This chapter is dedicated to AJ, thanks for being such a huge help to me in these recent days, Luffyoo!

As Ray struck the first chord of the band’s new song, he immediately knew it wasn’t gonna work out. The dismal gray basement seemed even more depressing than when he had originally entered its dark realm and the thick summer humidity was becoming even more strenuous to ignore.
The song had been thrown together in a matter of minutes. Gerard and Matt were far from aware of their surroundings by now, probably so high that Matt couldn’t even see his arms to reach for the drums and Gerard wasn’t aware of when his vocal chords were producing sound or not. Mikey just stood in the corner timidly, wide eyed from beneath his large spectacles resting on the tip of his nose. He and Ray seemed the only consistent ones of the whole band…
Gerard began to sing an incoherent string of words after Ray had finished his short solo. Each vocal note sounded strained and out of tune…

/“When You order Pizza- Double Cheese.
The Pizza Man arrives, You say yes please!”/
/“But watch out! Oh My God!
Your bowels will get clogged!
And you’ll have to live your life on the bog!”/

The song came to an end after just a minutes worth of recording and four hours of writing. Matt must have missed almost every beat in the whole song, and Gerard probably sounded more out of tune than a cat being molested by a pigeon. And on top of that, Ray was sure that they needed another guitarist. Though Mikey filled in the rhythm nicely with the bass, Ray couldn’t help but feel it needed… a little bit more.
“Woah!” Gerard slurred as he swayed towards a vacant armchair in the corner of the room. “That’sss sommee helll of an sssong, eh??”
“It was shit!” Mikey blurted out impulsively, before covering his mouth quickly. This struck Ray as surprising, Mikey seemed the quiet, peace-keeping type, who would tell everyone a bare-faced lie just to keep them happy, especially his older brother, whom- Ray had gathered in his short time of practicing with- had a very short temper when intoxicated.
Gerard leapt up in a threatening manner from his seat, resulting in him toppling over drunkenly onto a shocked and whimpering Mikey, obviously aware that his comment would spark unwanted reaction from his brother.
“Wh-what I /meant,/Gee, was that it needs a bit more work, that’s all, I didn’t mean it in a nasty way.” Mikey stuttered, supporting Gerard’s weight against his lean body.
Gerard paused for a moment and in one fluid, simple movement, blankly nodded and fell back into his position in the black armchair.
Ray absent mindedly gazed down at his digital watch and his mind jolted into shock. 5:30PM glared back at him from the small screen, he had 30 minutes until his drag show at the clubhouse! He shot up and grabbed his guitar case, stuffing his guitar awkwardly inside it and zipping it up, he bade the confused band members a hurried goodbye and took the basement stairs two at a time to get out of the house.
Shit! Ray thought to himself as he realized he had left his car at home today, after all, on such a beautiful day it wouldn’t hurt him to walk to Gerard’s house, unthinking of if he may have needed it later. He cursed his carelessness and began to power-walk towards the clubhouse.
His guitar case clunked heavily against his thigh but he didn’t care as long as he got to the show on time. He urged his legs to go faster but in his fatigued state of mind they seemed to protest.
He eventually made it to the venue with only mere minutes to spare; he darted into his dressing room, receiving grunts of complaint from the stage team and began to get ready. He completed his usual routine, just about five times quicker and the same amount more carelessly, but the result turned out fairly similar anyway he concluded.
What song was he singing that night??
He didn’t have a clue. Oh well, the announcer would inform him of the song sooner or later, and he could usually tell form the intro anyway.
Ray marched out confidently onto the stage from behind the curtain and took a raunchy pose from one of his wide variety, he adopted a wide legged pose with his back to the audience. He heard his name being announced and he heard the intro to the song, “All That Jazz!”
Ray heard wolf whistles and assumed that the curtains had been opened, he twirled around sexily and began his number.
One face protruded out of the crowd that night, and it wasn’t one of the regulars like Harry or Joe. The person that that face belonged to shocked him to the very core. As he sung his voice quavered and his steps were uneven. Vomit rose to his throat at the very thought of who was watching him at that very moment. Pure shame erupted from the merciful pits of his stomach.
For the person he saw gazing up at him, sharing the same shock of horror was…..

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