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Hotel Bella Muerte

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Wouldn't you love to visit a hotel where all the members of MCR are staying coincidentally?

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Hello everyone! I’m back! Some of you may have read Where We Go From here, my other story, well this is my new one. This isn’t a sequel, I may do one for that another time, for now I have this. For all of you who haven’t read Where We Go From Here, I just hope you like this one and if you get really bored you can read it. But I wont be morally offended if you don’t :P Now you may find this chapter confusing at first ad wonder what it has to do with MCR, but you find out at the end of the chapter so don’t panic!

Chapter 1:

A man stood outside a tall building. The building was a rich brown colour, you could tell it had been built recently, it was very modern style. Glass panels were put up on the first floor so even from outside you could see the large reception area, with wide spread, deep red carpets and potted plants lining it. Just above the glass panels the man read the sign that showed the building’s name, it was next to five stars and read:

Hotel Bella Muerte

The man smiled, bent down to pick up his bag and walked forward, setting off the automatic door in front of him.
He made his way over to the reception desk, putting down his bag and reaching into his jacket to bring out some forms. He didn’t like this suit, it was very new and very stiff, and he did not believe that it suited him in the slightest. He much preferred a simple jeans and t shirt. But he knew it was necessary to have this look. It would never work otherwise.
He looked up at the receptionist, she mirrored his movement, putting down her nail file and meeting his gaze. She smiled a blindingly white smile and pushed her bleach blonde hair out of her eyes with her newly manicured fingers.
He didn’t like the look of her, she looked too made up and false, she even had those annoying pencilled-in eyebrows. People in these places always looked like this, it was strange. He brushed the thought aside and smiled back as warmly as he could.
“Hello, welcome to Hotel Bella Muerte, how may I help you this morning?” She said in a forcefully cheery voice but in a way that you knew she had had to deliver that line way too often.
“Hi, my name is Mr Kieran Hunter, I booked a room here a few days ago,” He said, smirking at the reaction the girl gave. Her eyes widened. He knew he had been expected, the “millionaire” had obviously been long awaited. They probably thought he was going to shower them with money all week. He grimaced as he realised the irony.
“Well, we are very glad that you have decided to stay here on your visit, Mr Hunter, I will just put your details into the computer…” she turned to the computer a bit too quickly and hurriedly tapped the keyboard, as if she was afraid that if she did not perform her tasks quickly enough someone would pop out from underneath the pearly white desk and fire her. Which was probably quite close to the truth, he thought.
“Okay, that should all be sorted!” She turned back to him, beaming once again, “here is your room key and if you need anything at all just ring 232 and someone will get you anything you desire. We hope you enjoy your stay!”
He thanked her and walked as fast as he could to the elevator. He wanted to get up to his room as quickly as possible for two reasons. One, he needed to start work straight away, find out about this place, sort everything out. Two, he was tired of all the pretending, he wanted to get up to his room and be himself again, that was one thing he hated about this, the lying. Well actually he hated everything about it, and yet he always continued. Always with the charade. He tried to push the thought out of his head with all the force he could.
The elevator seemed to take a frustratingly long time, though that was probably just because he was impatient. At least there was no one else there to endure the uncomfortable silence with. The soft elevator music was just about to drive him completely insane when he heard the soft DING! Signalling that he had arrived on his floor. Why had he chosen the 7th floor? Why did a hotel need so many floors? And it was so high up. It was only going to make life more difficult for himself. Oh well too late to change it now. Well it wasn’t, he was positive that he could go down and get the receptionist to change it whenever he wished, but he would save her the trouble, besides he didn’t want to get too picky about this. The sooner you get too picky is when you know you’re in too deep.
He walked out of the elevator and searched for his room. He found the number waiting on a door in the far corner.
Relieved he pushed the door open.
It was a beautiful room. A big king size bed, deep red rug, matching the downstairs carpet. Cream walls, without, thank god, some sort of tacky floral pattern. It was all simple and chic. He walked over to the small desk next to the window. He took a short while to peer out of the glass and adore the view. New York City, in early morning, it was quite a sight from this height. He did not have time to linger on it though, he had to get to work.
He took out two files from his bag and placed them on his desk.
The first one read: “Hotel Bella Muerte”.
The second one: “Mr Kieran Hunter”.
He couldn’t hold back a smile as he flicked through Kieran Hunter’s file. It did not contain much information, he liked to keep things private, this Hunter man. Not even a picture, which was fortunate, no one knowing what he looked like made it so much easier. Obviously Mr Hunter had done this as a precaution so that no one would be able to steal his identity.
Unfortunately for him, however, this had done the exact opposite of preventing such a thing.
Mikey smirked as he got up and walked over to his bag, pulling out his dark jeans.

Hope you liked that. Don't worry, the others will be coming along in due course. As you may of guessed they aren't in the band in this story. I would imagine they are all in their early 20s, if anyone wants to know. I think that is all I shall say at the moment, don't want to ruin it for you.
Please R & R. Suggestions and constructive critisisms, as always, are welsome. For those of you who don't know, I dont mind if you say this is a bad story, just so long as you tell me why so I can correct it and dont just leave a review saying "This sucks. Now fuck off".
Oh and also, you may have guessed. I ramble, a lot, though mostly just in this section where I address you. Okay I am going to stop now.
Thanks xxx YWLMCRF
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