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Saved your ass

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Hello Frank!

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Chapter 2:

“Frank! Isobel!” The loud voice yelled.
Frank jumped right out of his skin at the sound and he turned to give a grimace to the girl beside him. There was a short pause and then Louise, the hotel manager burst into the room; she looked like she had just run down several flights of stairs, which she probably had, to get to them. She pushed her dark short dark hair away from her face and her eyes flicked round the four blue walls, in search of the two people she had called for.
She let out a sigh as her eyes found the pair. Frank was sitting on a small couch. He was still in the process of pulling on the jacket of his uniform. The girl he had just grimaced at mirrored the expression, holding out a cup of coffee to him. They both looked up at Louise, who looked like she was about to have a heart attack.
“Frank! Isobel!” She repeated, no longer shouting, she heaved a breath and addressed them, “Mr Hunter has arrived earlier than we had been expecting, you must go up and greet him and tend to his every need. I don’t think I need to remind you what a valued guest he is, so be as polite as you can.”
“Umm…” Frank said, still not quite awake yet.
“That’s fine, we will go up right away,” Isobel said quickly, saving Frank from Louise’s annoyance at having to repeat herself.
“Thank you! I’m counting on you two, if he does not enjoy his time here… well you know,” she said, regaining her composure. She straightened up, gave them a sharp nod, and walked out of the room.
“Saved your ass,” Isobel said, clipping Frank lightly around the head and walking towards the door.
“Yeah, thanks.” Frank said, setting down his hardly drunk coffee and following her.
“Again,” she reminded him.
“Again. And again and again. I would be so fired if it weren’t for you,” he said, sighing as they walked along the corridor and towards the elevator.
“What are friends for? Anyway, if you got fired you would have to move away and find another job, and then I would be homeless,” she said.
“Well it balances out nicely then, doesn’t it?” Frank said, a grin spread across his face. He and Isobel had met here at the hotel, about a year ago, she had saved his ass so many times that he couldn’t keep track and he let her stay in his apartment as she didn’t have enough money to get her own. Neither of them had that much money, but the apartment wasn’t very big and barely a hospitable living environment. Together they just about managed it.
They stepped into the elevator.
“God, I have heard this damn elevator music so many times it will follow me to the grave!” Frank groaned.
“I think I have learnt to zone it out,” Isobel said, turning towards him and letting out a laugh.
“Hey! What are you laughing at?” He demanded.
“You have your jacket on backwards, you idiot!” She said, still laughing.
“Oh,” Frank took off the jacket and put it on the right way, “thanks, again.”
“Jesus, Frank, you act like you want to get fired,” Isobel sighed and shook her head.
“Well losing this job wouldn’t be the end of the world,” Frank replied as they got to the 7th floor.
“Maybe not, but where would you go then?” Isobel asked.
“As long as I have my guitar and a couple friends, I will do fine,” Frank said confidently.
“Oh of course,” she said, rolling her eyes, “the foolproof guitar plan!”
“Hey, you just watch! One day me and my band will make it!” Frank said, punching Isobel lightly on the arm for not believing in him.
“Sure, which band is it now?” Isobel asked, voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Is that a jibe at all the different bands I have been in?” Frank said, eyes narrowed.
“Oh no, of course not!” Isobel said, in the same tone. She knocked on the door at the end of the corridor.
“Come in!” A voice called from behind the door.
“What would give you that idea?” Isobel said, smiling brightly as she swiped the key card through the lock.
Frank scowled and followed her into the room.
“Good morning, sir,” Isobel said pleasantly. Eyeing the man quizzically, he was so young, not the age you would have thought of a millionaire. She glanced at Frank and could tell he was thinking the same thing. Maybe he had inherited it, well it didn’t matter anyway.
“Morning,” he said, giving them both a quick smile as he placed a couple files into a bag.
“What can we do for you today, sir?” Frank said, his tone was slightly mocking, he hated delivering these falsely polite lines. He eyed the stranger again, he was wearing dark jeans and a black t shirt. Definitely not what he was expecting. Guests here never failed to surprise him.
“Umm…I think I am okay for the moment. I was just going to head down and get an early lunch,” the man said, his lines seemed almost as false as theirs, strange, “could you just clean the room through for me?”
“No problem,” Isobel said, “have a nice lunch.”
“Thanks,” the man said, and he darted past them, out of the door.
“Weird,” Frank said, turning to Isobel once the door was closed.
“Yeah I know, how come he is the same age as us and he is a millionaire and we are bell boys, and girls?” Isobel said, shaking her head.
“Some people are just lucky, it sucks,” Frank groaned.
“Yeah, well we better get started then,” Isobel said, sighing.
“I guess, it is what we do,” Frank said, grinning and going over to the bed and straightening out, “these rooms always seem spotless to me and yet guests always want them cleaner.”
“Well of course they would to you, your apartment is filthy!” Isobel said, laughing as she checked the floor.
“Hey! Leave my apartment alone or I might be tempted to kick you out!” Frank said, folding his arms.
“Yeah right,” Isobel scoffed. “So how is your new band going then?”
“Alright, we need money for some new amps though.” Frank muttered, frowning, “you don’t happen to have any spare cash do you?”
“I wish!” Isobel said, sighing.
“Ah well. Never mind, I will get it somehow.” Frank said. He went over to the draws and checked them to see that the previous guest who had occupied the room hadn’t left anything in there. You had no idea what sort of things people shoved in them, in attempt to keep them hidden, then forget when they leave.
He opened the draws and his eyes widened as he saw a wad of money stashed there. He gasped.
“What?” Isobel asked, curious.
“Oh, nothing!” Frank said, shutting the draw.
“Alright… I’m going to check the bathroom…” Isobel said, eyeing her friend, suspiciously.
Frank opened the draw when she went into the bathroom, he stared at the money, tempting him. Should he? He needed the money. No he couldn’t. Could he?
“Okay, I think that’s okay,” Isobel said, coming out of the bathroom a few minutes later, “you okay Frank?”
“Umm…yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I just need the bathroom,” He said.
“Frank! You can’t use the guest’s bathroom!” Isobel snapped.
“Sure I can, I do it all the time.” Frank said, grinning.
Isobel rolled her eyes, “honestly,” but she let him go.

Frank came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, “so much better than the staff ones, and the one at home.”
“What is it with men and bathrooms?” Isobel asked, sighing.
Just then both of their pagers vibrated.
“Another guests arrived,” Frank said, “I will go down and get the bags, you go get the room ready.”
“Deal, which one is it?” Isobel asked.
“Only a few doors down,” Frank said.
“Okay then,” she said, smiling, “see you in a bit,” she walked out of the door.
Frank turned to follow her out and go down to greet the newly arrived guests.
The draw by the bed was now empty.

Ooo, bad Frank! :P Aww bless him. He is so cute, and now he's married. It is too adorable, I don't know if any of you guys know that, but he got married March 9th to Jamia, there are only two pictures so far but they are really cute, you can just go on photobucket and type in "frank iero wedding" and they are there. Bob has ridiculously long hair, it's so funny!
Anyway, back to the story, hope you liked it. Please R&R, they are so helpful and I really appreciate them!
Thanks xxx FLSSOG
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