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Damn I'm Not Meant To Swear

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Frank greets guests

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Chapter 3:

“Okay, are you ready?” A man and woman were standing outside of the hotel. The man had shoulder length black hair and was wearing a leather jacket, the girl had dark brown wavy hair wearing a red top and a black skirt. The man was laughing, guiding the woman, who was blindfolded and trying to figure out where he had taken her.
“Yes, for god sakes Gerard!” She whined, trying to tear off the blindfold.
“You are so impatient! Okay, okay…” he carefully untied the cloth around her eyes, it fell to the floor revealing the hotel.
The girl let out a gasp and turned to Gerard. “Oh my god! Gerard, you shouldn’t have! How did you afford this?” She demanded, shocked.
“Relax, Cassie, just enjoy yourself,” Gerard grinned. He took her hand and led her inside.
Gerard walked up to the reception, conscious that they both looked quite out of place in this glamorous hotel. The receptionist definitely seemed to think so, she wrinkled her nose. Gerard just ignored her. She made the normal pleasant welcome, but seemed less enthusiastic.
“Hello,” he said coolly, “I booked a room, under the name Way.”
“Okay, I will sort that out for you right away,” she said, tapping lazily at the computer keyboard.
Gerard grinned turning to Cassie, she smiled weakly at him. “Hey, Sugar, what’s wrong?” His eyebrows furrowed, worry spreading across his face.
“Nothing, it’s fine… just wondering how you afforded this,” Cassie said, looking around at the luxurious interior of the hotel.
Gerard took her chin in his had, “don’t worry about that, please can’t you just enjoy yourself?” He kissed her lightly.
“I guess…” Cassie replied.
“Okay, Mr Way, here is your card key to your room, someone will be down to collect your bags shortly.” The receptionist said, still glaring at the pair.
“Oh, really we can manage,” Gerard said, gesturing towards their two, quite small suitcases.
“He’s already on his way,” the receptionist said in a bored voice, the phone rang and she answered it.
Gerard and Cassie didn’t have to wait long. Soon enough a man came down, he was only a few years younger than Gerard, he had short, dark hair and he was quite short.
When he saw them he grinned, Gerard didn’t really know why, but he looked them up and down and seemed a lot happier with their appearance than everyone else did. Gerard grinned back.
“Hi, you don’t need to bother with the bags, we said we could manage, but they had already sent for you,” Gerard tried to explain, feeling bad as the man lifted the two bags.
“It’s no trouble, it is my job, besides it’s between this and cleaning rooms,” he winked at Gerard as the receptionist scowled.
“Oh, okay then,” Gerard said, smiling as he showed them to the elevator, “what is your name, anyway?”
“Frank,” He said, a little taken aback, obviously no one had cared enough to ask him before.
“Cool, I’m Gerard and this is Cassie,” Gerard said, Cassie smiled at Frank.
“Well, I am meant to call you ‘sir’ and ‘madam’” Frank said, grinning.
“Please don’t, I couldn’t stand it,” Gerard said, laughing.
“Alright then, Gerard. So why are you two here, anyway?” Frank asked.
“Surprise romantic holiday,” Gerard said, smirking as Cassie nudged him.
“Ah, I see, it’s a really good place for that sort of thing, I only wish I had enough money to be a guest rather than the bell boy.” Frank said, sighing.
“Well, I had to fork out a bit for it,” Gerard said.
“I knew it!” Cassie whined, “you really shouldn’t have!”
“It was worth it, stop worrying,” Gerard assured her.
Frank laughed.
“What is with this music?” Gerard asked, “it driving me insane!”
“Tell me about it, at least you don’t have to listen to it every fucking day!” Frank said, then he bit his lip, “damn I’m not meant to swear, shit I just said damn, and shit, oh bugger!”
Gerard and Cassie laughed, “don’t worry, it’s fine, honestly!”
“I wish all guests were like you, I hate this bloody charade we always have to put on, ‘yes sir, no sir’,” Frank said, as the elevator came to a stop and the silver doors slid open.
“God, that must get annoying,” Cassie said.
“Really does,” Frank said, shaking his head as he walked over to their door and opened it for them.
The three of them walked in and Isobel was already in the room, just finishing off making the bed.
“Good afternoon sir, good afternoon madam,” Isobel said, greeting Gerard and Cassie and just smiling at Frank.
“This is Isobel,” Frank said to them, “and you don’t have to do the sir and madam thing, this is Gerard and Cassie. They say we can swear and everything!” Frank laughed.
“Nice to meet you,” Gerard said, smiling. Cassie waved.
“Oh thank god!” Isobel said, “I feel like I’m from the bloody 1920’s!”
“This place is really posh,” Gerard agreed, grinning.
“Oh yeah, Frank, Louise popped in, said there is a problem with the tanning booth, we have to go check it out apparently, see if it is our expertise,” Isobel said, shaking her head.
“Since when did either of us ever show any sort of knowledge in tanning booths?!” Frank said, exasperated.
“I know, but boss’s rules,” Isobel sighed.
“Sorry we couldn’t hang out longer,” Frank said, turning to Gerard, “work comes first I guess.”
“Don’t worry about it, I need to go down and book the hotel restaurant for this evening, anyway,” he winked at Cassie.
“Okay then,” Frank said as Isobel crossed the room to stand beside them, “you need anything, just call room service, and we will come. See you.”
They all said goodbye and Frank and Isobel left the room.
Gerard walked across to Cassie and took her hand, “you aren’t mad are you?”
“No, but I would have liked some warning, and honestly Gerard, this place is so expensive!” Cassie groaned.
“Will you stop worrying about the money!” Gerard said, smiling, “I have it all under control, trust me.”
“I try,” Cassie said, shaking her head.
“Just wait, dinner will be great, this room is great, just leave it to me!” Gerard said. He kissed her on the cheek and he opened the door.
“See you soon, love you!” He said, winking as he closed the door.

The plot thickens, well not really, just introducing characters, setting the scene etc. Hope you liked this, I am very bad, I did it again, broke my one chapter a day limitation, I just can't stop writing! Bad finders! Okay enough with my madness, R&R, S&CC welcome.
Thans xxx FIRMS
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