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Vow Of Silence

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Ray and invented sister

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Chapter 4:

“Alex?” Out in the corridor a man and a girl were standing. The man was very tall and his hair was light brown in the style of an afro. He was addressing the girl, she appeared to be only a few years younger than him and was looking very pale, with shoulder length dark hair. “Alex are you okay?”
The girl, apparently named Alex, simply nodded, looking down at the floor. The man sighed, not knowing what to do.
“Ray?” A voice called from beside him. He turned his head automatically at his name, and saw a man walking towards him, smiling, he had black hair and was wearing a leather jacket.
“Gerard?” Ray answered, bewildered at seeing his old friend, “what are you doing here?”
“Me and my girlfriend are here, thought I would treat her to a holiday!” Gerard said, beaming, he pulled Ray into a hug, “it’s great to see you, how have you been?”
“Umm, alright I guess. Have you met my sister, Alex?” Ray asked, gesturing towards the girl, she looked up attempted a smile towards Gerard.
“I don’t believe I have. Hello, Alex.” He said, smiling back. He turned back to Ray, whose smile also appeared a bit forced and kind of glum. “Am I missing something?” Gerard asked, looking from one the other, “what’s up?”
“Umm… well our parents passed away recently, we are here for the funeral,” Ray explained, glancing at Alex who was looking determinately at her shoes.
“Oh,” Gerard said, feeling instantly uncomfortable and unable to look Ray or Alex in the eyes, “I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Ray assured him.
There was an awkward silence that followed, none of them making eye contact and praying for another one to speak.
“Look, if you two need anything, anything at all, we are in that room over there,” Gerard said, breaking the silence and gesturing to their door, “don’t hesitate to ask.”
“Thanks, I really appreciate that,” Ray said, giving Gerard a half smile.
“Listen, I won’t keep you,” Gerard said, feeling guilty.
“We don’t mind, honestly,” Ray said, trying to make Gerard feel more comfortable, it was never easy after hearing that sort of news.
“No, I have to go book the restaurant for this evening anyway, I hear it gets pretty hard to get into otherwise,” Gerard explained.
“Alright, that’s fine, we need to go get stuff sorted, unpack and everything, I suppose,” Ray said. Alex remained silent.
“Okay, again, I’m really sorry man,” Gerard said, clapping Ray on the shoulder, giving him a slight grimace. He nodded in the direction of Alex and walked towards the elevator.
Ray waited until Gerard had disappeared, he would have been much more exited about seeing him, if it hadn’t been for the circumstances. He turned towards Alex, “shall we go in?”
Alex just nodded, her hair had fallen over her face so it was impossible for Ray to know if she was crying or not. He swiped the card through the lock and it clicked. He pushed the door open and they went in.
“Wow, it’s a nice room,” Ray tried.
“Why are we in a five star hotel for the… thing?” Alex couldn’t quite make herself say the word ‘funeral’.
Ray breathed a sigh of relief, she was talking, that had to be a good sign, “well Aunt Marie wanted us to relax, so she booked it for us, and it is convenient I guess.”
“I suppose…” Alex said, trailing off. She walked over to the window and stared out at the view.
“Beautiful isn’t it?” Ray asked, hoping her vow of silence hadn’t returned.
“I guess,” Alex said, turning to look at him, her round face showed tears tracks glistening down her cheeks.
Ray pulled her into a hug, and she started crying again, “hey. Shh, it will be okay.”
Alex pushed away from him suddenly, taking a few steps back, fresh tears of anger in her eyes. “How? How is it going to be o-fucking-kay?”
Ray bowed his head, not knowing how to reply to that, he didn’t mean to upset her.
Alex bit her lip, instantly regretted the words. She didn’t want to argue, least of all with him. He had been so good to her, and she was just acting like a bitch. She walked back over to him and hugged him around the waist as she couldn’t reach any higher. “I’m sorry,” she whispered into his stomach.
“No, it’s my fault, I wasn’t thinking,” Ray said.
“Don’t be silly, I overreacted.” Alex said, trying, and failing, to hold back more tears. “It’s just, knowing we will never see them again…” She broke off, not able to complete her train of thought.
“I know, but we will get through it. I promise.” Ray said, as he pulled away from her, still holding her shoulders. He looked straight into her brown, though now slightly red, eyes.
Alex smiled weakly, “it’s going to be hard isn’t it?”
“These things always are,” Ray grimaced.
“You don’t have to put on a brave face all the time,” Alex said, “or at least, you don’t need to do it for my benefit.”
“Sure I do. That’s what big brothers are for.” Ray said. A smile spread across his face.
Alex laughed, knowing she was fighting a losing battle.
She walked over to her bed and sat on the corner, folding her legs underneath her and pulling out her Ipod from her jean’s pocket. She held out one earphone for Ray to accept.
“Nah, I think I’ll pass,” Ray said with a wave of his hand, heading over to his own bed.
“Come on, I have some Iron Maiden,” Alex tempted.
Ray smiled, “no, it’s okay, do you want to go explore the hotel?”
“Umm… I don’t feel like going anywhere,” Alex replied, not looking up from her Ipod.
“You sure?” Ray asked, “it’s a pretty big place, lots of stuff.”
“Really, I’m fine,” Alex persisted.
“You always say that,” Ray sighed.
“Well maybe that’s because I am,” Alex said.
“I’ll believe that when it happens,” Ray snorted.
Alex rolled her eyes, “you think you know me so well?”
“You’re right, I hate it when you do that,” Alex said, pulling the headphones out of her ears.
“I know. Wanna come explore then?” Ray asked, hopefully.
“No, I still don’t want to go. I agreed that you’re right and that I’m not fine, not that I want to leave the room,” Alex corrected him.
“Okay then, no need to be a smartarse,” Ray said., smiling.
“Why not?” Alex asked, giving him an innocent expression.
Ray just shook his head and went over to his own bed.
“I thought you wanted to explore?” Alex asked.
“If you’re staying, I’m staying, besides I want to practise,” Ray said, leaning over and pulling his guitar out of its case.
Alex turned towards him, while he started tuning, “can I have a go after?”
“Sure, in a minute,” Ray said.
“I know what that means”, Alex said, leaning back on her pillow.
“You’re a guitar hog” Alex said, Ray opened his mouth to protest, “don’t deny it. I don’t mind, you’re better than me anyway. And that’s an understatement.”
“Well, I’ve been practising longer,” Ray argued.
“That’s not the reason. Quit arguing and play the damn thing!” Alex said.
Ray shook his head, biting back a retort, and started to play.

There we go. At this point you may be wondering "so where's Bob?" He is coming, I promise, my friend would kill me otherwise, but he won't be in it for a little while, so all you Bob-lovers will have to hold on. Sorry, I know it's hard, but I believe in you! Lol.
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