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No More Distractions

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Mikey gets distracted

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Chapter 5:

Mikey sat at the restaurant table. Like the rest of the hotel, the restaurant was eerily modern, it gave it a cold and stiff feel, the tables had a cold, black surface and the red chairs were hard and the backs were angled weirdly so you had to have the perfect posture to be slightly comfortable. Mikey did not like this, he missed the comfy old couch he had had at home and his untidy room. This place was too clinical, too well kept, even if he tried to make a mess someone would be along to pick up the litter before it even touched the ground. This place must be full of secrets, all the people who stayed here. Though the hotel had a flawless reputation, it was as if all the mayhem that must be caused somehow, a place as big as this, with such a wide variety of guests and such prestige, it had to have attracted some sort of trouble. It seemed to have all been swept under the rug, much like the rubbish, hidden away. Mikey, if he was careless, could join the array of cover ups, but hopefully they wouldn’t notice a thing. Or perhaps, and he loved and hated this idea, his misgivings would be front page news, though that would be if he was really careless. He loved this idea simply because he would be the one who would have put a blemish on the hotels spotless record, and no one could resist that sort of triumph. But he hated it, because if he was caught. If his family found out. It wasn’t even worth thinking about.
Mikey distracted himself from these thoughts, you should never dwell on the worst case scenarios. Consider them, yes. But don’t dwell, once you do it is hard to bring yourself back.
He had previously been eavesdropping on the other guests conversations. It was one of the easiest ways to suss out your situation, files were never as informative as the gossip and rumours. But even tabloids could miss out the most important details, things most people was just pointless trivia, things they heard that they simply found amusing, but can sometimes hold they key to the most incredible cover ups and mysteries.
These people were doing little to help Mikey though. There were only two other sets of guests here; an old couple who were discussing how the younger generation were running wild. Typical. And a woman with light brown hair who was desperately trying to hold down her struggling child into his seat. Neither of which held much promise of offering any good information.
Mikey sighed, why did these things either go really slowly, or too fast so that he struggled to keep up? Never a fair medium. He decided to listen more intently to the older couple, their conversation may lead somewhere. He didn’t think that the woman and child were going to have a proper conversation, if she ever got him to sit still, and if she doesn’t manage it, she will probably leave.
“Even here, though,” the old woman banged on, “they all dress like, well there aren’t even words. Short skirts, I saw a man walking around with out a shirt on yesterday, and he had the nerve to wink at me as he passed by! I ask you!”
“I agree,” the man replied, his voice was so posh it made you cringe, “I mean, you would think the people who hold the money would have some self respect, but I don’t think they have worked an honest day in their life,” he shook his head, “and they are all far to young to know how to be responsible with that kind of finance.”
“You see that man over there,” Mikey couldn’t help but smile behind the menu, knowing to whom she was referring, “I heard that he is that Mr Hunter, everyone has been talking about. I mean I know he kept himself inconspicuous and all, but I had no idea how young he was! Can’t be much older than 20! Well I heard he got some of his money from inheritance and then the rest off that computer programme, but this is just ridiculous!”
“Maybe he is one of those child genius’.” He had the decency to lower his voice, “You hear about them in the paper, the ones who do their GCSE’s at the age of 7 or something ridiculous, that’s probably it.”
Mikey had to smile at that. Child genius, maybe he should play us to that, make him seem less suspicious. These people held some gold after all. They were, at least, proof that his eavesdropping theory was right, if he had been anyone else hearing that he would have taken notice and maybe read into it. These people would probably never think twice about it again, just goes to show.
Then something the women said caught Mikey’s attention.
“Look at that man!” She said, glowering towards the restaurant entrance, “exactly what I mean, a leather jacket! Just look at his hair, if my son grew his hair that long I would get the scissors out the moment I saw him! He looks like he just walked out of a back alley, I bet he stole the money to get in here” she scoffed.
Mikey turned his head towards her glare. Curious as to who could have caused her to get so irritated, though judging by the conversation, it didn’t take much.
Mikey’s stomach lurched. Fuck. He stared, unable to tear his eyes away, at the man. No, anyone but him. Not now. He couldn’t know he was here. If he found out, if he knew. Mikey was so dead. He analysed the man’s face, every detail. There was no mistaking. At first glance, from miles away, he could tell you who it was. This was too much for him to deal with right now. He craved to go up and talk to the man, but that would be foolish, he didn’t have a choice, he would have to avoid him. Mikey stood up suddenly, keeping his back to the man at the entrance, he left by the side doors. He prayed that he could not recognise him from the back. Or that he would pass it off as an impossibility. Mikey didn’t look back, he walked right out. He didn’t hear his voice being called. He didn’t turn around to check if he was running after him. He kept on walking, not even bothering with the elevator. He half ran up the countless flights of stairs. Ignoring the resentment from his body. He couldn’t think clearly, and he needed to. If this was going to work he couldn’t have any distractions. Too much counted on this to go well. For himself, for that man, for everyone.
When Mikey reached his floor he half sprinted towards his door. He was relieved that the boy and girl from earlier had finished tidying the room. He strode over to the window and opened it, allowing the cool, winter breeze to hit his face. He let out a long breath. He had to erase those thoughts from his mind, however he could. There would be other times to play catch up. ’All work and no play’ he believed the saying went. No more distractions.
His brother, Gerard, really did have impeccable timing.

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