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Every Heart Broken Man

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Poor Gerard

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Chapter 6:

“Your seats, sir and madam.”
It was later on that evening and Gerard and Cassie were being shown to their table at the restaurant. Gerard cringed at the formality, it was extremely foreign to both of them. Gerard had attempted to dress smartly, but he didn’t really have the wardrobe for it. He was still wearing a pair of jeans, though these were less worn, and he wore a black button up top, his long, black hair had still caught some stairs though, and the fact that he clearly wasn’t used to this sort of place. Cassie was doing a much better job, she had a long brown skirt on with a green v-neck sweater. She had a bit of a mixed wardrobe, some normal stuff, or what Gerard considered normal, and these people clearly did not. And yet she had some posher clothes, he father didn’t like the clothes she wore so when she met him she usually wore this kind of stuff. Her father also definitely did not approve of Gerard.
“Erm, thanks,” Gerard replied, he gave the waiter a quick smile, which he returned, a bit half heartedly., before turning around and tending to other tables.
Gerard smirked at Cassie, who returned her smile almost as half heartedly as the waiter had done and turned her attention to the menu.
Gerard followed suit, “bloody hell, this stuff doesn’t make any sense…” Gerard mumbled, earning himself reproachful glares from the surrounding guests.
“It’s not too bad,” Cassie murmured a reply, still fixated on her own.
“Well I don’t understand any of it, don’t they have any pizza?” Gerard asked, keeping his voice down so as not to attract more disapproving attention.
“It’s not that sort of place,” Cassie replied in a monotone, “just pick a drink, for now.”
“Well that’s easy enough,” Gerard said, as the waiter swept over to their table with a small notepad, “coffee please.”
“Would sir like milk and sugar?” The waiter asked.
“Yes?” Gerard said, unsure if his answer would be adequate for this place, everything he said seemed to be taken a bit too heavily around here.
“Very well, and you madam?” He appeared to have gotten away with that one.
“I will have a glass of your Barbera wine, please,” she said.
“Excellent choice, madam,” The waiter answered, and with that he left.
“You know the names of the wines?” Gerard asked her, a little surprised.
Cassie rolled her eyes, “it’s not that hard, Gerard, you just need to know these people.”
“How on earth do you do that?” Gerard asked, having drawn a blank on the situation.
Cassie didn’t reply, she just shook her head.
“You’re amazing,” Gerard said, smiling at her, she looked down at the table, “always full of surprises, that’s what I love about you.”
He reached over to hold her hands across the table, but she pulled them back.
Gerard cocked his head to the side, eyebrows furrowed, “what’s wrong, sugar?”
“Gerard…” Cassie began.
Gerard’s heart began to thud, he knew that tone, every heart broken man on the planet recognised that voice, the way their name was spoken, before the bad news hit.
“Yes, Cassie,” Gerard said, trying to keep his voice steady, gazing into her eyes and trying to find a glimmer of hope that she was not about to say what he dreaded she would.
“Listen…” Cassie said, determined not to meet his gaze, knowing that it would only make things harder, “I’ve just been thinking, about us, and I just…”
Gerard could feel a fist tighten around his heart, squeezing the life out of him.
“I think, it isn’t working out, Gerard,” Cassie said, failing in her attempts and looking him straight in the eyes, so that he could see the serious truth in her own.
“W-what?” Gerard stammered, his voice a couple octaves higher than it should be, he tried to lower it, “I don’t understand.”
“Come on, Gerard, don’t make this hard on me.” Cassie said, tears coming to her eyes, “too many things are against us, my dad-”
“Screw your dad,” Gerard’s voice had found anger, she had resented her father’s disapproval of him just as much as he had, “we only need eachother.”
“I cant fight him forever, Gerard.” She sighed, “and it’s not just that, please hear me out then you can shout at me all you want.”
Cassie looked up at Gerard, his jaw had tightened and he was leaning back in his seat, arms folded. His expression a cross between anger, sadness, but mostly pain. She couldn’t stand to see that face, she went back to staring at the table. It looked, at least, like he was allowing her to speak.
“Well, my dad is one factor, I can’t carry on fighting with him, it’s harder on me than you think,”
Gerard bit back the retort he was longing to throw at her.
“But there is also the money, you can’t support me, Gerard, your career isn’t going anywhere. Comic books? I think you need to move on from these childish fantasies, Gerard.”
“What?” Gerard spat, breaking his promise to stay silent, “you’ve never mention this before!”
“I knew you would get mad,” Cassie whispered.
“So what else is it, Cassie? I don’t have money? I managed to afford this fucking place. For you!”
The last words stung.
“Yes, I know. But how much money do you have now? And how much debt are you in?” Cassie said, stealing another treacherous glance at him.
“I… that’s not important.” Gerard snapped. It was his turn to look down at the table.
“I can’t live like this, Gerard,” Cassie pleaded. She was desperate for him to understand. But this was something he simply could not.
“Why does it matter?” Gerard asked, helpless, “Money. Parents. Jobs. What does it mean? I have you,” he leaned across the table to take her hands again, “surely that is all that matters.”
“Stop being so naïve, Gerard,” Cassie aid, retracting her hands once again, which was lucky as Gerard’s fists had clenched a second after, “you can’t go on in life without those things.”
“I can’t go on with life without you,” Gerard retorted.
“Gerard, you don’t need me, you just think you do,” Cassie tried.
“I love you.” Gerard whispered.
“Please, Gerard” Cassie groaned.
“Please what? Deny my feelings? I’m sorry but I won’t” Gerard said, defiantly.
“Why do you have to be so stubborn? Gerard, you are too young to understand love, we both are you-”
“Why is there a set age to know how you feel?” Gerard demanded, anger back in his voice, “age does not dictate whether you can love!”
“Please,” Cassie whispered, stretching her hands out this time. But Gerard withdrew his from the table like she had bitten him.
“I can’t believe this.” Gerard said, eyes wide as he tried to contemplate it, “I love you. I would do anything for you. You know that. Why?”
“It is just the way things go, Gerard.” Cassie said.
The waiter interrupted at that moment to set the drinks down on the table. They both sat silently while he laid the table. When he left they hesitated.
“Don’t you love me?” Gerard asked.
“Not now, Gerard -” Cassie said.
“I think now is a perfect time.” Gerard said, arms folded. His angry exterior could not hide the pain behind his eyes.
“Gerard… don’t” Cassie tried.
“It is a simple enough question. Do. You. Love. Me?” Gerard asked. Even as he spoke the words a shot ripped through his heart and mind. Not even sure if he wanted to hear the answer. Or whether she would answer truthfully.
“I… don’t know…” Cassie stammered.
Gerard’s heart felt liked it had torn in two from the words. His whole body seemed to shake. The emotions overpowered and consumed him to such an extent that he couldn’t recognise one from another. It was like pain he had never felt before. His eyes stung as he held back the salty tears clawing to get out.
“Don’t give me that. How can you not fucking know?” He attempter to keep his voice venomous, but they came out pathetic, almost whiny.
“I don’t know what I am meant to feel,” Cassie said, bowing her head.
“Well I think that answers your question, then, doesn’t it?” Gerard said, unable to hold back the tears that fell down his face now.
Cassie’s head rose, tear tracks formed on her face, also, “I… I am going up to the room, I will be gone before you get back. I will pay for my half at the reception.”
Cassie stood up, Gerard did not answer her. He continued to stare at the seat she had recently occupied. Silent tears running down his cheeks. Cassie’s heart found it hard to watch him. But her eyes could not be torn away from the sight.
“I’m sorry, Gerard” She whispered. Bending down to kiss him on the cheek before she departed.
Gerard did not know how long he sat there. Perfectly still. He no longer had the rush of emotions, he felt numb like all feeling and thought had deserted him. He was cold. No one approached him, though several people were staring. He hardly noticed them, and didn’t care anyway. The kiss on his cheek burned through his skin and the tears continued to roll. He couldn’t stop them if he had tried. He wasn’t sure what he was meant to feel at this point. All he knew is that he felt empty, hollow, like a shell. Dark and cold. Lifeless.
His weary fingers found a tiny object in his pocket. He slowly took it out. His eyes travelled down to the object. It had held so much hope only a few hours ago. But now…
Gerard’s fingers went limp and the golden engagement ring fell to the floor. The sound echoed around the now empty restaurant. Where Gerard sat, alone.

:( Poor Gerard. I feel very cruel. Isn't Cassie a bitch? An idiot too! He will show you Cassie! Oh lord I'm arguing with my own fictional character, now that is when you know you have truely lost it.
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