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Dazzle You With My Wit

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Alex, meet Frank.

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Chapter 7:

Ray opened his eyes. He found himself, not on a comfortable bed as he had expected, but on the floor, leaning against the bed where you would have thought he would have been sleeping. He must have fallen asleep while playing yesterday as he was still in those clothes and the guitar was still in his arms.
Ray groaned and stretched his arms and legs, stubbing his toe against his guitar case and cursing.
“Good to see you’re awake,” a voice called from above him. Ray looked up, squinting from the unwelcome light in the room, to see his younger sister shaking her head at him, “I told you that you were a guitar hog, you literally had it all night.”
“Alex?” Ray croaked.
“Well you remember my name, that’s something. Why does it always take you so long to come to the land of the living every morning?”
Ray snorted, “you are way worse than me, how come you aren’t moping around?”
“Because I got up 5 hours ago.” Alex said blankly, “it is now 9 o’clock.”
“You got up at 4am?” Ray asked, frowning.
“Couldn’t sleep,” Alex answered, as if that settled the matter.
Ray groaned, again, “Alex you should try to sleep.”
“I never said I didn’t try, I said I couldn’t,” Alex said in a monotone.
Ray decided not to press the matter, she clearly wouldn’t answer him anyway, “well why did you leave me on the floor then?”
“Yeah, because I can support your weight!” Alex scoffed, poking him in the stomach, “you are almost twice my size!”
“I am not! And only in height!” Ray demanded, trying to protect his belly.
“Point still stands,” Alex said, getting up and walking over to her own bed.
Ray managed to bring himself to his feet, propping the guitar up against the wall.
“You need to get changed, and have a shower. You stink,” Alec said, looking out of the window.
“There wasn’t really a need to add ‘You stink’ was there?” Ray asked, heading towards the bathroom.
“If I wasted my breath to say it, there was a need,” Alex replied, sharply.
Ray laughed, “always have to have the last say don’t you?”
“Is that even a word?” Ray called through the closed door.
“Technically, no.” Alex answered.
“So no.”
“It is my word.” Alex answered.
“Of course it is.” Ray had turned on the shower now so no more words could be heard.
Alex lay back on her bed. Thinking. It was funny how she could have a perfectly ordinary conversation with her brother, considering the circumstances. Previously, being before yesterday, she had hardly said a word. To him. To anyone. But she had realised that this was getting her nowhere, besides it seemed to upset Ray. Alex knew that it pained him to see her hurting, and it was the same vice versa. They had always been very close, and she could tell that he was thrilled to have her talking to him like old times again. It still caused her a lot of effort, but she was glad to do it for his benefit. Anything to make this whole ordeal easier on him. For her? Well she would work out how she would get through it later. He was priority, even though he was older. Besides, focusing on making him happy seemed to distract her a little from being inside her own head, which could be an insufferable experience at times.

Ray came out of the bathroom, making Alex jump as she snapped out of her train of thought. He had changed into some fresh clothes, that looked pretty similar to his previous ones anyway, black top and jeans. His hair was wet, and a towel was draped over his shoulders.
“Here,” Alex said, riffling through her bag and bringing out her hairdryer.
“Thanks.” Ray said, smiling and turning away to dry his hair.
Once he was done he sat next to her on her small bed.
“Feel like exploring today?” Ray asked.
“Not today…” Alex said, really not feeling like leaving the room at all.
“Any day?” Ray asked, frowning. It was obvious that her isolating herself bothered him a great deal.
“Perhaps,” Alex said, shooting him a thoroughly unconvincing smile that made him frown even more.
“You have to leave this room sometime,” he said, gesturing round to the walls, “it isn’t healthy to lock yourself away.”
“I know. I just don’t feel up to it. It is easier in here, if I go out there people will treat me strangely, if they know. And if they don’t then they will ask me why I am acting strangely. Anyway it is more bother than I can deal with. I don’t feel up to facing ’the real world’. Plus these people are all just posh bastards.” She added the last bit to try and make him laugh. She had failed, miserably. Her words clearly bothered him.
“Am I treating you strangely?” Ray asked.
“No, no, no!” Alex assured him, “no. you are fine, honestly, just other people. People who I hardly know, pitying me. It makes me uncomfortable. Plus these people, the posh bastards I mean, they all think we are scum anyway.”
“You aren’t scum.” Ray said firmly, wrapping an arm around her.
“I am to them.” Alex said, leaning her head on his shoulder, which was more difficult than you would think.
“Screw them, then.” Ray said, smiling.
“Amen to that.” Alex sighed, “I’m still not going.”
“Anything I can say to persuade you?” Ray asked, still clinging onto some hope.
“Afraid not.” Alex said, shaking her head, “but you should go.”
“I don’t want to leave you alone.” Ray said.
“I insist, I can’t keep you cooped up here with me. It isn’t fair. You go.” Alex insisted.
“Are you sure?” Ray asked, “because if you want me here I will stay, I don’t mind.”
“Nonsense, you need some alone time anyway. Stop worrying about me and go have fun.” Alex said, smiling.
“Okay… if you’re sure.” Ray said, getting up.
“Yes, for God’s sake!” Alex said, letting out a giggle and pushing his back to the door.
“Alright, I’m going!” Ray said, laughing.
“Yeah, go chat up some girls or something. Just make sure they are girls. And warn me if you bring some back up to the room!” Alex mocked.
“You have some nerve!” Ray said, opening the door.
“Bye!” Alex said giving him a hug and then a gentle shove out of the door.
He had finally left.
Alex walked back over to the window, clambering onto the window sill. She sat there for a while, staring out at the, quite frankly, staggering view of tall sky scrapers. She looked down at all the tiny cars driving along the straight streets like a criss-cross pattern.
Alex sighed and rested her head against the glass pane. She reached instinctively into her pocket, brining out her IPod. She smiled and sang gently along to her favourite songs.

She was halfway through a chorus when there was a beeping sound from the door. She turned off her IPod and looked up as someone walked through the door. It was a boy of about 18, he was wheeling in a trolley of cleaning supplies and had his back to Alex. He was gently banging his head to whatever song was in his own IPod when finally turned to face her.
He blushed and looked straight down at the floor, obviously surprised to see anyone there at all. Alex tugged the headphones out of her ears and jumped of the windowsill to face him.
“Sorry, Miss.” He murmured, “I- I didn’t expect anybody to be here.”
“And I didn’t expect anyone to enter,” Alex said, laughing. “So I think we can call it even. What’s your name?”
“Frank.” Frank said. He raised his head again, and the corner of Alex’s mouth twitched slightly. He was, to say the least, very good looking. His black hair fell lightly in front of his eyes, and he brushed it back. His eyes were a dazzling hazel colour, that you could almost melt into.
“Hi Frank, I’m Alex.” Alex said, surprising herself at her voice coming out relatively normal.
“Hey, Alex.” Frank said. He grinned. Alex fought against herself to thing ‘a beautiful grin’. He seemed to relax as he realised she wasn’t going to scold him or anything.
“What are you listening to?” Alex asked. Frank held out the headphone to her that was still playing the last song he had been listening to, “… ah Bouncing Souls.”
“You know them?” Frank asked, still grinning.
“Yeah they are pretty decent.” Alex smirked.
Frank laughed, “better than that!”
“If you say so.” Alex said, still smiling, and returning to her seat on the windowsill.
“Why are you here in the middle of the day?” Frank asked, curious, as he walked over to where Alex sat, “most people who get here go explore the hotel or go out into the city on their first day.”
“How do you know this is my first day here?” Alex asked, avoiding the question.
“You clean these rooms everyday, like I do, you grow accustomed to knowing when they are occupied and when they are not.” Frank said, “now you have to answer mine.”
“I don’t feel like going out. My brother, Ray, he’s staying with me, he has gone to ‘explore’” She said holding up her hands and carving quotation marks in the air with them.
“So how come you aren’t out ‘exploring’ with him,” Frank asked, copying her action and sitting next to her on the window sill.
“I told you, I didn’t feel like it.” Alex said.
“Okay, okay. I can see you don’t want to be asked,” Frank chuckled, “just curious.”
“People are always curious, it gets on my nerves,” Alex replied, smiling at him.
“Maybe they just care about you.” Frank suggested, cocking his head to one side.
“Well the people who know me well enough to care also know me well enough to know it gets on my nerves,” Alex replied.
“Jesus, you have an answer to everything, don’t you?” Frank said, analysing her face, as if he was trying to read her face.
“Well, you never know when you will get interviewed by a random guy in a five star hotel.” Alex said, shrugging.
This made Frank laugh, “no, I guess you don’t.”
“Shouldn’t you be cleaning or something?” Alex asked.
“Why am I annoying you?” Frank asked, frowning.
“No. I just don’t want to get you fired.” Alex said.
“Ah, I have evaded being sacked too many times already. I’m lucky to be here as long as I have, if I get fired now it will still be quite an achievement.” Frank smirked, “and I would much rather talk to you.”
Alex raised an eyebrow. “Really? I’m not that interesting.”
“Most things are more interesting than cleaning.” Frank said.
“I guess you are right there.” Alex agreed.
“So what brings you to Hotel Bella Muerte?” Frank asked putting on a terrible Italian accent as he did so.
“You don’t want to know, because then it will make you uncomfortable, which will in turn, make me uncomfortable.” Alex assured him.
“Awww. Now you see, saying something like that, makes me super curious.” Frank said. “And you don’t want me to be curious, because that will get on your nerves.”
“Damn, you are using my own logic against me!” Alex mocked.
“It is a rare talent. Now spill.” Frank said.
“Okay, but you will just get all uncomfortable and weird on me.” Alex said, preparing herself, “me and my brother are here to attend our parent’s funeral.”
Alex looked away, waiting for the awkward silence, but Frank answered almost immediately.
“I’m sorry to hear that, I guess you get that all the time. I guess you would rather not think about it?” Frank said, sympathetically.
“God, if only I could!” Alex sighed, “but it is kind of hard to forget.”
“Yeah, I guess. Well how about I take your mind off it?” Frank asked.
“And how do you suppose you are going to do that?” Alex asked.
“Ah, now that sounds way too much like curiosity!” Frank said.
“Fucking hell, you tell a guy one thing and he holds it against you every sentence!” Alex said.
“That isn’t just men you know,” Frank reminded her.
“Alright. Back to the point. How are you going to take my mind off it?” Alex asked again.
“Well I haven’t quite got to the how part yet.” Frank said, scrunching his nose up in a cute little way while he thought. “I could dazzle you with my wit?”
“That could take some effort.” Alex smirked.
“Oww, that stung.” Frank said, clutching his heart and putting on a pained expression.
Alex laughed at him, “you’re mental.”
“Thank you,” Frank said, regaining himself and giving her a cheesy grin. “Maybe I could teach you sometime.”
“I can be mental, when I want to be…” Alex said, “just not really in the mood.”
“I would like to see that,” Frank said, grinning still.
Frank jumped as his mobile phone buzzed, “shit!”
“What is it?” Alex asked, curiously.
“I thought curiosity got on your nerves?” Frank smirked.
Alex rolled her eyes and waited for him to explain.
“I was meant to have finished this room, my friend Isobel is wondering where I am,” Frank said, biting his lip as he read through the text again.
“No worries, there isn’t much mess in here anyway, just go.” Alex said.
“it isn’t that, I wanted to stay and take your mind off things.” Frank said, frowning.
“Oh you did,” Alex said, beaming, “I owe you one, but you need to go.”
Frank smiled, “okay then, but I will be back!”
“Is that a promise or a threat?” Alex called as Frank headed towards the door, pulling the trolley as he went.
“It’s something to look forward to!” Frank answered, still grinning mischievously as he closed the room door.

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