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No Questions Asked

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Management problems

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Chapter 8:

Louise sat in her office, going over the usual stack load of forms and trying to make this hotel run smoothly, not an easy task by anyone’s standards. No matter how much she and the rest of the staff tried to do something got out of hand.
Right on cue the phone on the desk rang and Louise pressed the button to activate the speaker phone.
“Yes, Alice, what is it?” Louise asked, Alice the receptionist, only ever contacted for two reasons. One: to ask for some sort of raise. And two: to report a complaint. Neither of which Louise wanted to deal with.
“Mr Cooper is on the line he wants to report some missing money.” Alice reported.
Louise sighed, “okay, put him through.” She picked up the receiver.
“Hello, Mr Cooper.” She said, as politely as she could muster.
“Finally! Some management!” He barked back at her.
“How may I help you?” She asked through gritted teeth.
“I was checking my room this morning when I realised I had some money missing! It is a bloody outrage! I left it safely in the top shelf of the cupboard, tucked behind a package box, for safe keeping. I look there only an hour ago and it has gone!” The man practically yelled down the phone.
“Are you absolutely sure, Mr Cooper?” Louise asked, a little concerned.
“Yes I am bloody sure! I’m not insane!” He demanded as if she had suggested this.
“I am sorry, sir.” Louise said, “please tell me all the details and I will have someone over to investigate as soon as I can.”
“Good!” Mr Cooper grunted, slamming the phone down.
Louise sighed and switched back to the reception area, “Alice, can you send Dan up to Mr Cooper’s room to investigate the missing money?”
“Right away, Louise.” Alice said, and she switched off.
Louise sat back in her chair. Hoping this missing money thing was just a one off. The hotel could not afford to have a burglar amongst other things. They had already been getting complaints about the ‘standard of guest’. Louise rolled her eyes. Some people could be so prejudice, you walk in with a pair of jeans instead of the latest designer dress and suddenly you’re a felon. Well that was something people were going to have to deal with. If they pay for a room, they get that room, no questions asked.
Louise put her fingers to her temples. She had too much on her plate at once. She needed a holiday, though that was out of the question.
Alice beeped in again, “Louise, we have had another complaint from Mr Hunter.”
“Oh no, not him, I thought I asked Isobel and Frank to keep an eye on him for me!” Louise panicked. If the millionaire was unhappy he could crush the hotel in no time flat.
Alice suppressed a snort, “you relied on those two?”
Louise scowled, Alice had always had a problem with Isobel and Frank, she never saw why, everyone else got on well with them. They seemed perfectly fine to her, anyway. “Yes I did, do not question my management skills, Alice.”
“Well, Mr Hunter has also reported some missing money. He seemed pretty distressed, I’m guessing it was a lot. And a lot of money to him…”
“Yes, thank you Alice. I think I get the picture! Is he on the line?” Louise asked, losing her patience.
“No, he hung up on me.” She sounded disappointed.
“Alice, can you focus on you job and not on which guest is the best looking!” Louise snapped.
She could almost hear Alice blush down the phone, “I - I’m sorry.”
“That’s okay. I will go see what Mr Hunter needs, you just carry on with what you were doing!”
With that, Louise hung up.
She straightened her suit and went to go deal with the present crisis. Hoping this situation would not escalate. And that they had a thief on their hands.

Sorry for the very short chapter, but I wrote another one today, against my rules, but I break them all the time anyway. Prepare yourselves for a Mikey freak-out session in the next chapter! Should be fun :P
Thanks xxx
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