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Little Alternative

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Mikey stresses

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Chapter 9:

Mikey was striding up and down his room, practically tearing his hair out. This could not be happening, there must have been £1000 in that draw! Where the fuck had it gone? Money like that never just ‘disappeared’. which means someone had taken it. But who?
Mikey sat down on the bed, trying to make sense of his thoughts and also trying to block out the irony of the situation. It was true, he had taken money from people. Karma was bound to come back and bite him in the ass. If only he hadn’t gotten himself into this mess. But he was too far in now to turn back. He had to continue. Play it cool.
One thing was for sure, he shouldn’t have called the hotel. They were bound to make a fuss, and he hardly needed any more attention. Plus how were they going to react when a millionaire got stressed out about £1000? He would have to play it so that it was more the fact that someone broke in rather than the amount. He had to get his story straight. It was key.
Just then the door lock clicked open from a card key, making Mikey jump. He quickly stood up as the manager stepped into the room.
“Good afternoon, Mr Hunter, I heard that you filed a complaint with Miss Ferris, our receptionist?” Louise asked him, politely.
“Yes, I did.” Mikey answered, trying to keep calm, and his face, straight.
“We would like to assure you that we will investigate this, we have, unfortunately, got another complaint, and are hoping that these are just simple coincidences.” Louise explained.
“I just want to make sure no one is sneaking around my room.” Mikey said.
“I completely understand.” Louise tried.
“Do you?” Mikey snapped, unable to control his emotions.
“I am sorry, Mr Hunter, but there is little we can do at this present moment.” Louise tried to say, calmly.
Mikey was beginning to get sick of being called by his false name, but there was little he could do about it, he wouldn’t ruin everything now, “how can you be sure that this won’t happen again?”
“We will try our best to control the situation,” Louise replied, automatically.
“So what if there is a thief in the hotel? You know that I will be targeted.” Mikey stated. The truth pulsed through him, what if this person came back? Took more? He was not as rich as he had been pretending. Not yet anyway. He could not afford for more to be taken.
“We will not allow that to happen. Just in case, you may want to hide away any money or valuables lying around. We shall suggest the same for the other guests. Just as a precaution.” Louise insisted. Trying to make it sound routine so that he had nothing to worry about. “Is there anything more I can do for you, sir?”
“No.” Mikey said sharply, turning away.
Without another word, Louise left. Filling Mikey with a sudden flush of guilt. She had only been trying to do her job. He let out a long sigh. There was no time to linger over such matters. It seemed cruel, but he had to protect himself. He swept the room, seeking out every last coin in an attempt to hide it. Keeping it on his person would be safest. Though that was not always sensible. He would have to hide it well.
He found a few items that held no particular interest, and stored money in them. He didn’t have much left now, and he cursed himself for being so careless.
He managed to tuck money into various places that a person would be unlikely to check, though, depending on how skilled this thief was, he didn’t know how effective this plan would be. Unfortunately he had little alternative.
He allowed himself to relax, there was nothing more he could do, and therefore no reason to stress out about everything.
Mikey kicked off his shoes and flopped onto his bed. Shutting his eyes tight. He needed to distract himself. He decided to riffle through his memories. Assorted holidays with his family. Times out with his friends. Strange conversations with Gerard.
Mikey laughed out loud, as he remembered some of it.
Damn! He couldn’t think about Gerard. He was in the hotel. He couldn’t get distracted. Was there anything he could think about these days? It seemed, not.
He forbid himself to think about the missing money, Gerard, the consequences of what he was doing. That did not leave him with much.
He closed his eyes tighter and decided sleep would be a decent enough distraction. Even if it was only early afternoon.

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