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"Frank..what do we do?!?" i asked...

"nothing...we're gonna do nothing" Frank whispered..

"but wh-" Frank put his finger to my lips and stared into my eyes..

i suddenly felt calm..

"listen to me Audrei...Gerard is not going to marry you..i'll be sure of that.."

he then slowly got up from the bed and walked out the room... i layed there for a good 5 minutes before he returned..

"Mikey says he wants to talk to you" the way Frank had said it scared me. id never heard Frank talk in that sort of sounded secretive...

"why?!?" i asked as i sat up and stretched my arms above my head.

"BECAUSE! HE JUSTS WANTS TO, OKAY?!" his sudden screaming scared me.. i think he noticed and turned, shamefully, away from me..

"just go, Audrei...please" he then said...but it came out as a whisper.

i got out of his bed and walked towards him. i tried to give him a hug but he stiffened and refused..

"Mikey wants to talk to you" he said as i tried for the fifth time to hug him. i dropped my arms and tried to see his facial expression.

his eyes were shiny..perhaps trying to hold back tears i thought...but the rest of his face was blank.

concerned and without another word or touch, i walked out his room.
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