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Chapter 2

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Things do get pretty deep.

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“So where did you move from?” Asked Hayley while dragging a bag up the stairs to my new room. “Nags Head, North Carolina.” I simply said when the boys came in with my bags. They seemed to be really struggling with them too. “Having some trouble?” Hayley was snickering over in the corner over my question. “Nah, but I believe that the body that you’re hiding in that bag wants to be set free.” Hunter stated about my electric blue bag. “Oh, you mean the bag with my makeup, laptop, and all of my hair supplies?” All of the boy’s mouths dropped. I walked over to where it was on the hardwood floor, and opened it up. Hayley was right next to me in an instant. That poor girl was in awe of all of my stuff. “Damn! That’s a lot of makeup and hair supplies!” Exclaimed… Zac, I think his name was. “Nah, it’s all just the necessary items.” Hayley said while digging through everything. I walked out of my room and down the hall to Allie’s room to find her sitting on her bed looking through some old pictures. She just simply looked up at me with watery eyes.

Zac’s P.O.V.
“Hey where did Kaelin go?” Asked Hayley. God I know that they’re gunna become good friends, I just know it. “Maybe all of the questions that yall were asking scared her away.” Simply stated Josh. “Maybe all the questions that yall were asking scared her away. Blah, blah, blah.” Hunter mimicked Josh, in result he had a pillow thrown at him. I just snickered as I walked out and heard some crying coming from the room right down the hall. It was Kaelin’s little sister’s room, I believe her name was Allison or something in that manner. Slowly creeping towards it, I could hear Kaelin talking softly to her. “I know, I know. I miss mom too, but she’s in a better place now. She wouldn’t want you to be sitting here crying. She’d want you outside playing and getting all dirty.” It sounded like she was struggling with her own tears. “I know Kae, but I miss her so much. Why did that man have to what he did? Why her? Why, out all people, her?” She cried out. “I don’t know baby girl. I just don’t know.” At thirteen year of age, I have gathered enough information to finally figure out why she’s had an attitude.

Kaelin’s P.O.V
I really do miss my mom, a lot. You see, it was about a month ago when it all happened. Allie and I were off at the beach, my father out of town on business, and my mother all alone at home. When we came back home, we noticed that something was wrong. Searching all throughout the house, I finally found our mother. She was laying in her bed, no pants on, and a bullet through her head. I ran and found Allie sitting in the kitchen eating a sandwich, finding the phone I dialed 911. It only took them about 20 minutes to get there, but those 20 minutes felt like hours. They questioned us about everything, and I had to be the one who had to tell Allie. It was probably one of the hardest things that I’ll ever have to do. Dad was there in about five hours, he didn’t really seemed all phased by it, but later I found him for the first time ever, crying. The crime lab finally found the man who did it all. He was our mother’s ex fiancé who still had a grudge against her. With a life sentence, he still doesn’t regret anything. “Kae!” I heard Grandma Sherry calling us down for dinner. Allie dried all of her tears and ran down the stairs, probably to get the first drumstick. Once I reached the bottom step, I saw that everyone was getting food, but I took another look and I didn’t see my father. “Hey Grandma Sherry, where’s dad?” I asked her quietly. “Oh hunny, he had to leave…” I didn’t even want to hear the rest. I ran out of the house and started taking a walk to get my mind off of how self-absorbed he always was. Hearing someone running up behind me, I wiped some of my tears and turned around only to be met with Hayley. “What’s wrong?” She asked me, a little out of breath. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that my father pretty much just dumped us here, and left without saying goodbye!” I started crying again. This was the first time that I have let anyone see me cry since the day that we lost our mother.
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