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Chapter 3

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It's a filler.

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After about an hour of walking and talking with Hayley, we finally decided to go back to the house. When we walked into the house, it was total mayhem. Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Ralph were having a heated battle of some sort of racing game on the PS2, and Allie had all of the boys dressed up as princesses. I’m not sure how she got them to, and I seriously don’t wanna know. “Hey hunny, how are you? Is everything…Sherry! You cheated!” My grandpa sorta asked. Hayley was standing next to me giggling like crazy. “Kaelin! Hayley! Save us!” Yelled the boys as all of them except for Zac made it out of Allie’s grip. Zac was still getting some of my makeup put on him. “Allie, let Zac go, and how many times do I need to tell you to stay out of my makeup?!” I yelled at her as I chased her up the stairs. “I didn’t let you do it when mom was here, so why the fuck do you think that I’d let you do it now?!” I screamed at her some more as she hid in her room. My emotions were taking over me again, and I could feel some hot tears forming in my eyes. As I heard some footsteps coming up the stairs I went straight to my room and locked my door. The bedroom floor was littered with my many bags, so I started to unpack. First things first, I need to set up my Macbook so I can talk to my friends. As Fall Out Boy’s “Take This To Your Grave” played through my iTunes, I logged onto AIM.

Itsbrittofcourse: hey bbycakes.* how are you?

Brittany has been my best friend since we were little babies. She lived a few doors down, and you would hardly ever see one of us without the other.

Itskaeofcourse: shitty. how about you?
Itsbrittofcourse: awe, why? & im missing my bestfriend.
Itskaeofcourse: b/c i miss everyone, allie got into my makeup again, & there’s this really
cute guy. you know that i still love kyle.
Itsbrittofcourse: awe, get it! get it! id hate to be the one to break it to you, but he’s
already going with jessica. im sorry bbycakes.
Itskaeofcourse: its fine, its fine. i should have known with his rep. thax bby. well i g2g
finish unpacking. love you.
Itsbrittofcourse: alright. love you bbycakes.
Itskaeofcourse has signed off.

Kyle was my first true boyfriend. We dated for about two months, and then he just dumped me. Now I know why, for Jessica. Jessica used to be my other best friend up until seventh grade when she started sleeping with all of the boys. Ironically “The Pros and Cons of Breathing” came on. Great. Just what I needed.

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