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The Vision & Prophecy

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Disturbed by nightmarish visions of the future, Robin learns of a prophecy that could be the beginning of the end.

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Robin lay in a deep sleep and seemed to be dead but those who know what he is would know he was very much alive. His mind was chaotic full of dark images of bloodlust and death but what could his mean.

(In Robins Mind)

An inhuman roar sounded and dark blood began to fall down the walls. Images of death and many other disturbing things ran through his mind. They were jumbled thoughts and images that had never happened before. Inhuman voices rang out in Robins mind saying a great deal of disturbing things.

"You will bow to me," a deep voice said but Robin couldn't see who said it as he was covered by shadows.

"They are nothing more than food," the voice said.

Robin searched the corners of his mind but found nothing. Images of humans running, being chased down and killed by what seemed like living blood entered his mind. The sky seemed to be darker than usual and thunder and lightning clashed.

"Join me and kill all who dare oppose me, join the Vampire god," the deep voice said and then it began to speak out in a language Robin couldn't understand.

Yet it somehow seemed familiar to his Vampire mind. More images of torment entered his mind as he saw himself take a beating from a shadowy figure. The shadowy figure raised his hand and green life energy seemed to be drained from Robin and the image stopped.

"The end is nigh so let the games begin," the deep voice thundered and then Robin jerked out of his sleep.

He sensed that the sun had just gone down and his mind wandered back to what he saw in his sleep. They seemed to be images of his future and the voice was disturbing and seemed dangerous to even his Vampire instincts. That vision must have been real and hopefully Leo knew something about what he had saw and would tell him.

The images and voice were still fresh on his mind hopefully what he saw was just a dream and not a vision of his future. He got out of bed and dressed into his new Vampire uniform and put on the pitch-black sunglasses. He looked at himself in the mirror and just remembered that he was partially transparent to it. Robin felt thirsty and his Vampire impulses screamed for blood and Robin had every intention on quenching his thirst. He glided through the closed door of his room as if it wasn't even there and emerged in the corridor.

He went left towards the medical wing o the tower and heard some commotion on what to have for dinner yet again and Robin remembered that he hadn't eaten for at least forty eight hours and wasn't even puckish.
'I guess I only need blood now just like I can't drink anything now I guess I can't eat anything either' Robin thought to himself as he glided silently down the corridor.

He went around the corner and the medical lab came into view and Robin could smell the blood coming from the refrigerator and the smell excited him as he got closer. Robin entered the clean white lab and walked up to the fridge and removed a blood pack full of crimson liquid.

He looked down at it hungrily and then disappeared in a burst of flames and reappeared in the kitchen. He opened a nearby cupboard and pulled out the closest mug and poured the blood into it. The smell was incredibly enticing to him and he put the mug to his lips and sipped down the dark sweet liquid. It soothed his throat and his Vampire instincts calmed down a bit after that. Its taste felt luxurious to him. The sweet taste of it made his eyes roll back in pleasure as it went down his throat.

Then images once again flashed in his mind of people running, being killed by what looked like demons and a giant wave of living blood.

Robin shook the images from his mind and entered the commons room with his mug of blood but kept what was in it out of the sights of Beastboy and Starfire since they did not know what he was yet.

"Dude where were you today? Star and I went looking for you but couldn't find you anywhere in the tower," Beastboy said.

He saw Raven and Cyborg exchanged worried glances. Luckily Robin was quick thinking and came up with a believable excuse to calm the two Titans.

"Oh I've been busy researching about Slade that's all," Robin lied to his two gullible teammates.
Starfire didn't hesitate a second longer and gave Robin a bone crushing hug, well it would have been bone crushing if he were still human. He easily pulled Starfire away from him and sat down on the coach next to Raven. Starfire seemed surprised at how easily he had pushed her away from him and wondered when he got that kind of strength.

'Robin when are you going to tell Beastboy and Starfire what you have become' Raven asked as she spoke into his mind so that the others wouldn't hear her.

Robin looked at Raven then went back to his half full mug of blood as his instincts were screaming at him to finish the mug and get another.

'Not yet I don't think they are ready to hear this so we'll keep it a secret as long as possible so when he can't hide it anymore I'll tell them' Robin answered inside Ravens mind.

"Hey Robin what is that your drinking it doesn't smell like coffee?" Beastboy asked as he walked up to Robin.

Robin quickly finished it and licked away the blood stain around his lips before the others could see.
"Oh it's nothing I was just in the mood for something other than coffee," Robin said once again lying to his teammates.

He got off the sofa and walked back into the kitchen and washed the blood stains out of the cup cleaning it so that nobody saw what he had been drinking. He walked back into the commons room and the argument about what to have for dinner had once again started. Robin was slightly startled that they hadn't had dinner already since it was half past seven and the sun had gone down at least forty five minutes ago.

"Okay why haven't you had dinner you guys must be starving," Robin said as he sat down on the coach.
"Yeah we are but Beastboy and Starfire refused to start dinner without you," Cyborg said rolling his one human eye.

Robin shook his head and grabbed the remote for the television.

"Thanks guys but I'm not hungry so you guys can have dinner without me okay," Robin said and started flipping through the channels.

Starfire and Beastboy had mystified looks upon their faces while Raven and Cyborg held knowing yet confused looked on their faces.

"Er dude we haven't seen you eat a single thing since you recovered from your injuries after that fight with Slade," Beastboy said with a shocked tone in his voice.

"Yes friend Robin Beastboy is correct surely you must be hungry," Starfire added.

Raven spotted Robins eyebrows twitch in annoyance and Raven quickly covered Robin so that he wouldn't lose his temper with the others.

"Guys if Robin said he's not hungry he's not hungry so lay off him will you," Raven said and the other three Titans went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Robin silently mouthed thank you to Raven and continued to flip through the television channels.

"Tell me do you even need to eat now since you're a vampire," Raven said quietly so that only Robin could hear.

Robin looked at Raven and offered a warm smile.

"No I guess the only thing my body can handle is blood," Robin replied and skipped to another television channel.

He sighed out of boredom and got to his feet and began to walk to the entrance. Raven silently watched Robin make his way out of the commons room.

Just as Robin disappeared Starfire chose that time to come back into the commons room.

"Friend Raven where is friend Robin?" Starfire asked.

Robin walked down the pathway that led away from Titans tower and towards the city. He was looking up into the night sky thinking how much more calming it was to daylight now. In fact the very mention of day made Robin cringe in nervousness. As he walked down the path he felt something very unsettling underneath him. He looked down but only saw the concrete path below him. He focused on the ground and the area he was focusing on exploded and he jumped down the hole.

He found himself in the sewers and even though he had been in sewers before he had never been in this part. Thick green mist had surrounded him and he heard dragging footsteps all around him.

The smell coming from the green mist was revolting and also the smell of rotten flesh had invaded his nostrils. His instincts screamed that it was dangerous down here and they said one word, Zombies! He heard a moan nearby and he suddenly thought of the game resident evil that Beastboy had made him play a couple of months ago. Robin got into his fighting stance to prepare for a serious fight. He felt a presence behind him and elbowed it in the face. He spun around to see a Zombie collapse onto the floor. Its rotten flesh was disgusting and Robin could see intestines and other insides from the broken flesh in its stomach.

The Zombie slowly got to its feet and made its way towards Robin. He did a spinning side kick and it connected with the side of its head. Robin heard its neck snap as he sent it flying through a nearby wall. More moans could be heard nearby and Robin got out his pistol hoping bullets could damage them.

Another one emerged from the mist and made its way towards Robin. He aimed at its head and fired one round that hit it in between the eyes and it collapsed. A Zombie from behind made a grab for him but he flipped out of the way with ease since they were slow moving creatures.

He landed behind one and gave it a roundhouse punch hitting it in the side of the face. Robin heard the neck snap and the Zombie crashed into a nearby wall from the impact of the punch. The stench of the Zombies was starting to make Robin feel woozy so this was a time he cursed his enhanced sense of smell. It was also his enhanced senses that told him the exact location of every single Zombie around him. It was as if he didn't even need is eyes to beat them all. He dodged a Zombie as it made a grab for him and gave it an uppercut hitting it in the chin.

The Zombies head sailed from its shoulders and crashed into the ceiling of the sewer. Blood squirted out of the disemboweled neck and the blood splashed over Robin but his instincts seemed to have a severe disliking to Zombie blood that was for sure.

A Zombie tried to bit him but Robin dodged it and sent an axle kick to the side of the Zombies head. The head came clean off and crashed into the wall. The Zombies body fell to its knees and finally collapsed to the floor. Robin sensed that there were only two zombies left and decided to finish them off with his pistol. He aimed and popped a bullet in between the eyes and the final Zombie appeared behind Robin.
He dived out of the way and blasted the Zombie in the head and Robin got to his feet. He holstered his pistol and sensed something else in the sewer that definitely wasn't a Zombie.

More images entered his mind and these ones were similar to the ones in his dreams. It showed an underground temple and Robin was there staring at a massive wave of living blood and there was writing on the walls as well. He heard a voice yelling at him.

"The prophecy has been fulfilled, mankind has met his final day," the deep voice from his dream yelled.

He saw a tall broad shouldered man with power unlike anything he had felt before within him. He wore silk clothing and had a handsome face but behind it he felt something so unnatural. He felt like pure and utter evil that knew no bounds. As he looked at this man that scared him so, a single scream echoed in the air that called out a name, "Shillian!" The vision faded to a new stronger power but felt less evil in its power. This power resided in a wave of blood.

The blood wave transformed into a human shape and as far as he could tell it was a vampire but his eyes were black and lifeless. The Vampire raised his arms in a gesture of victory.

"Join me or die," the shadowy Vampire said.

Robin snapped out of the vision and felt that there was more than met the eye. What had scared him the most was this man called Shillian despite feeling the weaker of the different powers. There was something about him that felt so unnatural and endless in its evil. There was something different about this Shillian that scared Robin and he didn't know what it was.

Robin made a note to himself to remember to ask Leo about this Shillian that seemed so much more dangerous than another that was obviously more powerful.

He wondered what that Vampire had meant by the prophecy had been fulfilled. As he walked down the sewer corridor he felt that whatever was down here had to be mystical. The energy he felt made Ravens magic seem dull and wondered what was really down here hidden under Jump city.

He turned the corner and walked down the sewer corridor. He started to notice that the concrete was being replaced by limestone as he walked down the corridor. He reached the end of the corridor and saw a circular room that seemed to be a few hundred feet down. There were strange markings that he couldn't understand on the walls but they seemed oddly familiar to his Vampire brain.

He looked up and saw that it went up at least ten feet and could see the night sky above him. This area looked like the temple in his visions but it seemed different somehow. He jumped down and fell three hundred feet. He made the landing look easy as he landed on his feet without a problem. He looked around and saw that there was something different about this temple.

It was far different as it was only same in shape. He sensed magical energy in the centre of the room and walked up to it. Just as he reached the centre of the room something happened.

Images and disturbing details flashed in front of him. It seemed to be translating inside his head. It said something about the Vampire god's return to Earth and the coming Vampire apocalypse. It explained that when the Vampire God returned he would claim the world as his own and all life would perish unless the key to his resurrection stopped him.

Robin also saw the same dead black eyes that he had seen in his vision and guessed that was the eyes of the Vampire blood god.

The Vampire God appeared just before humans and over the centuries he grew more powerful and was evil. Only those he turned weren't as they still had human compassion accept for one Vampire who went by the name Shillian.

The Vampire God was never human so he knew of no such things that humans used so often in their lives. The rest of the Vampires had rebelled against the Vampire god and suffered heavy losses being almost wiped out but they had managed the defeat him but barely.

The way to beat him and resurrect him had been erased but it left certain clues to Robin as well. It seemed that this temple was modeled after the real one and only held the history of the Vampire god and how Vampires were created in the first place. It seemed important with the Vampire god and how to bring him back. Also before they killed the Vampire god he spoke of the Prophecy that he had foresaw.

"Time is but a window, death is but a door and I shall return," the Vampire god said.

These words somehow held an important meaning to the Vampire prophecy that Robin did not understand. The images in front of Robin had stopped playing but there were several others around him that he was unaware of.

They were Vampires and seemed interested in what had just happened. They seemed to be carrying military weapons of some kind like machine guns. They watched Robin leave the replica temple and waited for a few minutes before jumping down. They walked to the centre of the room preparing to see what Robin had seen.

This group would soon have all they would need to ensure that the prophecy was fulfilled and Robin would be the world's undoing. The leader of the Robed Vampires stepped forward and crimson eyes hidden behind long brown hair could be seen under the hood of the robe. A fanged smile could be seen on his face as he saw the means to bring back their god after all these thousands of years.

Robin walked down the corridor and saw a hole that led back up to the city. He coiled his legs and leaped into the air. He flew up towards the end of the hole with incredible speed and burst out of a manhole cover. He found that he was in an alleyway and could see the Titans tower in the distance.

He brushed the dust and dirt off of him. He ran up the side of the building to his left and landed on the roof. He leaped into the air and flew towards the nightclub where he could sense a large amount of Vampires. He flew through the air at a speed too fast for humans to see and within seconds he landed on the roof of the building. He sensed a few hundred Vampires below him and walked up to the door on the roof. He opened the door and walked inside the building.

Robin's ears were greeted with loud music and the sound of singing and dancing. He walked down the stairs and saw hundreds of Vampires on the dance floor. Their movements so much more fluid and graceful than any human could hope. The way they danced was so sensual and erotic despite the fact that they weren't even trying. Then he spotted the reason that he was in the Vampire Nightclub in the first place. The reason why he came here was because he could sense Leo in the Vampire nightclub.

Robin looked around the nightclub and saw Leo in the corner sitting at a table by himself looking very bored. Robin walked past all the dancing Vampires and stepped in front of him. Leo looked up and saw Robin in front of him with his arms folded over his chest.

"Oh there you are Robin, I thought I sensed you nearby," He said cheerily but still held the tone of boredom.

Robin sat down next to Leo and shook his head trying to get rid of the images that flowed through him.

"Something wrong boy wonder?" Leo asked and clicked his fingers at the bartender.

The bartender snapped to attention and quickly brought him a bottle of what looked like red wine but Robin could tell that it was blood. Leo poured a glass for himself and Robin and placed the bottle back onto the table.

"I've just been having these disturbing images in my mind that's all," Robin replied and took a sip of the blood.

The flavor was sweet and well developed probably meaning that the blood came from a thirty year old.

Leo's attention to Robin was suddenly very sharp and sudden.

"Did you say images? Were they about things in the future that are yet to happen?" Leo asked with sudden interest.

Robin looked up at Leo with a shocked look in his eyes which told Leo that he had been right.

"Yes and something about the Vampire God and a coming apocalypse and other bits and pieces like that," Robin replied and took another sip of his blood.

If Leo wasn't already pale enough he had just went paler by a few shades. Leo suddenly had a look of fear upon his face and knew what Robin was talking about.

"Robin what you saw were bits and pieces of a prophecy saying that the Vampire God shall return with the sign of a newborn Vampire with more strength than an elder," Leo explained.

Robin shook his head showing that he didn't fully understand what Leo had said.

"I don't get it, what has that got to do with me?" Robin asked.

"Okay I am a vampire elder and I broke the Vampire laws by turning you because the strength of the newborn Vampire depends on the strength of the one who created him," Leo explained solemnly. "Since I am an elder that would make you stronger than an elder."

Robin was shocked by that little piece of news about him being stronger than the one who created him.

"I am over three thousand and you're not supposed to make another Vampire once you pass the age of a hundred and when I made you at my age you probably become the most powerful Vampire alive," Leo said calmly as he gulped down more blood from his glass. Robin took another gulp from his glass of blood savoring the sweet liquid that ran down his throat.

"So why did you turn me if it was against the Vampire nations rules?" Robin asked quietly as he poured some more blood into his glass.

"Well I have never made a vampire myself so I decided that it was time but I guess doing so has started the Prophecy," Leo explained to Robin.

Leo refilled his glass with blood and took another sip from it.

"But in the Prophecy it says that the newborn stronger than an elder holds the key to defeating the Vampire god," Leo said with a small smile upon his face.

"Tell me why did the Vampires turn against the Vampire god?" Robin asked sounding slightly curious.

Leo softly chuckled and took another sip from his glass of blood.

"Well there were several reasons really one being that he treated humans like cattle and nearly drank this earth dry," Leo explained to the younger Vampire.

Robin sipped down some more blood from his glass and realized that he was getting really used to the life of a Vampire. In fact he seemed to be enjoying it much more than his old human life since it was filled with nothing but despair and pain.

"How long until the Vampire god returns?" Robin asked.

"Oh not for a while yet since your creation was the first sign of the coming of the Vampire god," Leo answered calmly and sipped some more blood from his glass.

"How many signs are there?" Robin asked sounding slightly apprehensive.

Leo and Robin finished their glasses of blood and poured themselves another. Robin took a sip and let the sweet crimson liquid run down his throat, the crimson lifeblood revitalizing his vampire body. The feeling was like ecstasy in liquid form.

"Oh I have no idea about that but I'm not sure any Vampire knows all there is to the Prophecy itself," Leo said and took another sip of his blood.

"Hm is there any way to stop the Prophecy from happening?" Robin asked and took a gulp from his glass of blood.

"No this was destined to happen no matter what we do so there is no way to stop it but it didn't say that the Vampire god couldn't be defeated," Leo replied with a sly grin on his face.

Robin quickly caught on to Leo's meaning and finished his glass and poured himself another one. Leo finished his and poured the lat of the blood into his glass. You know you should be pickier to what you drink since the best blood is always those of a certain age and health status," Leo said with a gentle yet knowing grin on his face.

"What do you mean by that?" Robin asked slowly.

Leo shook his head and took another slip of his blood. The quality of blood is determined by how healthy they are like they don't smoke, do drugs or drink and the best blood usually comes from thirty years old as their blood is perfectly aged," Leo explained and took a large gulp from his glass finishing it.

Robin took another small sip of the sweet tasting liquid and began to wonder what kind of future his life had now. "Well I better be off its two in the morning and I have business to attend to," Leo said and got up from his seat. Leo clicked his fingers and the bartender rushed over and handed another bottle of blood to him. Leo turned to face Robin and handed him the Bottle. "Thanks Leo I'll leave once I finish it," Robin said and put the bottle next to him.

"Hey don't mention it well I'll see you tomorrow night okay," Leo said and disappeared in a burst of flames.

The flames died down and the bartender walked up to Robin.
"That Leo always knows how to make an entrance and exit and may I ask how you know the elder?" The bartender said as politely as he could.

Robin looked up at the bartender and saw no harm in answering his question.

"Yeah he sure does and I know him because he created me," Robin answered and finished his glass of blood.

The bartender chuckled softly and took the empty glass that Leo had left.

"Well despite being an elder he's a regular at my bar," The bartender said shaking his head.

"It is a nice place you've got here so I'm not surprised," Robin told the bartender.

The bartender said a quick 'thank you' as he left Robin by himself to get back to the other customers. Robin opened the new bottle that Leo had got him and poured some into his glass and began to get back to his drink. Robin watched the Vampires dancing among themselves and Robin saw that every Vampire was following the beat perfectly. Luckily for Robin he didn't enjoy dancing all that much but made exception's at times like at that prom with Starfire.

Robin had decided not to mention anything about this "Shillian" he had heard about since a Vampire God was enough to worry about for the moment. So far this prophecy hadn't once mentioned Shillian despite seeing flashes of him and his awesome power in his visions. Robin merely turned back to his glass of blood instead of letting further thoughts distract him.

Robin finished his glass and filled it up again. Images began to invade Robins mind but as usual the images were jumbled and hard to make sense out of.

The deep voice entered his mind once again taunting him and asking Robin to join him.

"Bow to me," the voice said.

Images of the world being engulfed in darkness flashed in his mind. Humans running from the wave of living blood, Cities being destroyed by it. The terror from all this made Robin cringe a little wondering how he had the power to beat something as powerful as that.

The front door to the bar burst open and Robin sensed more Vampires enter the bar yet they somehow felt different. They were hiding their faces and the rest of their bodies behind brown robes. All the Vampires in the bar froze and turned around to see at least twenty robed Vampires. Then all twenty of them revealed their hands and were holding automatic rifles.

They began firing at the dance floor killing any Vampire they spotted. The bullets smelt like liquid garlic. Robin then realized that garlic was lethal to Vampires since he saw them crumbling to dust left and right. Robin got to his feet and with speed that was unbelievable even for a Vampire he was behind the robe clad group of Vampires with automatic weapons. He delivered a roundhouse kick to the closest one to him and sent him crashing through a nearby wall.

"Fool do you dare halt the uprising of the god," one of the robed Vampires said and attacked Robin.

He could only guess to what god he meant but easily dodged his attack. Robin then kicked the robed Vampire in the stomach and he collapsed. Robin realized that these Vampires were much weaker than him but knew they had to be killed if they were fanatic followers of the Vampire god.

Robin did a spinning axel kick and knocked another Vampire out cold. Several Vampires fired their automatic weapons at Robin but the bullets seemed to be moving in slow motion to him. He dodged every single bullet fired at him with ease and then did a flying side kick. His attack knocked out the lead Vampire and then punched another in the side of the face. The Robed Vampires decided to attack Robin all together but as they did he simply disappeared from view.

"Where did he go?" one of them murmured and he then dropped down from the ceiling and attacked them with several different kicks to the head and stomach.

Due to his surprise attack there were only seven of them left and they had used all their ammo trying to hit Robin but had failed.

Robin couldn't help but chuckle at them as the fight had only started and he was kicking their asses. Two of them attacked and Robin decided to use one of his unique Vampire powers. He raised his hand and fired a bolt of lightning at the two Vampires. The electricity flowing into them fried them in an instant. Robin then threw out a lightning wave frying the remaining robed Vampires. Robin's power could give him control over lightning anyway he wanted.

He looked around and saw that most of the Vampires had been killed but around less than thirty had managed to escape the gunfire, the bartender included. Unfortunately the place was a wreck and would take ages to fix. Robin walked back to his table and saw his bottle of blood untouched.

"At least something went right for a change," Robin said to himself and picked up the bottle of blood.

He walked out of the bar and began to walk back to Titans tower. He checked his watch and it said three in the morning. Robin lifted the bottle to his lips and began to gulp down the sweet crimson liquid.

'Man the days just get weirder, first a Vampire god prophecy and then fanatic followers just my luck' Robin thought as he walked down the near empty street.

Thoughts about the prophecy and the Vampire god filled his head and wondered why this shit had always happened to him.

He turned a corner which led towards Titans tower. Then he remembered that he had forgotten to pick up some custom training gear which would actually challenge his new Vampire strength. Now there wasn't enough time to pick up the equipment and would hopefully remember to pick them up tomorrow night. He shook his head in embarrassment at how quickly he forgot to pick them up. He walked down the empty street and then heard something down an alleyway to his left. Robin turned to face the alleyway and saw a man emerge from the darkness. The man was obviously a Werewolf and only grew more hostile when he spotted Robin.

Robin quickly placed the bottle of the blood on the floor as he saw the Werewolf reaching for something in his jacket. Most probably a gun of some kind if supernatural creatures even needed to use them.

"Time to die Vampire," the Werewolf roared in his human form and pulled out a pistol but Robin had disappeared.

The Werewolf looked desperately for the Vampire who had simply vanished from sight. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder and turned around to meet Robin's fist. He crashed into a nearby wall and then he sensed something behind him. Robin turned around and suddenly found three claw marks down his cheek. It was a second Werewolf in its transformed state.

It swung another claw at Robin but he ducked below it and kicked the Werewolf square in the face. Robin turned his attention to the other Werewolf and drew his pistol. He aimed at the Werewolf and pumped a bullet right in between the eyes. He slumped to the ground and slowly started to die from the fatal wound.

Robin turned his attention to the other Werewolf that was charging at him and Robin easily dodged the attack. Robin did a roundhouse punch and knocked the Werewolf into a nearby wall.

Robin put a foot on its chest and then his eyes began to glow bright red. Robin pulled the trigger and began to shoot the Werewolf square in the chest. When the Werewolf died Robins eyes returned to their usual dark blood red color. Robin left the alleyway and continued to walk home to Titans tower. The three claw marks on Robin's cheek began to heal up leaving nothing but faint scars that would probably have faded away by tomorrow night.

Robin placed the bottle of blood to his lips and took a gulp of the blood. The sweet liquid ran down his throat and Robin's eyes rolled back from the exquisite taste that blood held for a Vampire. It brought such pleasure just from tasting it that it was almost unbelievable to begin with. The others didn't know what they were missing; the life of a Vampire was far greater than a life of a human. On another good side they didn't age, their enhanced senses made humans look blind, deaf, slow, weak and out of touch with their instincts that they used to have.

As he walked down the street Titans tower came into view in the horizon. Robin could sense that the sun was only a few hours away at the most. His instincts urged him to find a place to hide from the sun before it got here. He started to walk a little faster to calm down his nerves and his instincts calmed down a bit as well. He took one last gulp from the bottle finishing, the blood inside it. He threw the bottle into a nearby bin and walked up the only road that led to the Titans Island.
Robin wondered why he was walking since he could probably get there much faster by running, flying or teleporting. He didn't because he wanted to feel the night air against his skin. It calmed him and the night now seemed so full of life and wanted to enjoy it to its fullest. He had finally left the road that connected Titans Island with Jump city. The Island was their home and it had taken them a while to build the tower but Batman's funding came in really handy in the construction of the tower.

Robin had designed the tower so he knew all its secret rooms and passages which he hadn't told the other Titans about yet. He walked past the garage which had his two bikes and Cyborg's T-car in. Cyborg loved that car as much as Robin loved his bikes. Robin had always enjoyed riding motorbikes. It was a little habit he had picked up when Bruce Wayne had adopted him.

Bruce had been a father to Robin, unlike Slade who had taken him in after his parents had died in that Circus performance. He was also glad that none of the Titans knew about his past, well except Raven since she had searched his mind when Slade infected him with a bacterium that made Robin feel, hear and see Slade. He remembered that it was slowly killing him and he took more damage when he fought it.

She had seen his dark past and probably understood him more than the other Titans. She had always stood by him at the worst if times as even when he had been bribed to be Slade's apprentice. A small smile crossed his lips as he approached the entrance to the Titans tower. Then door opened before he reached it and saw Raven standing at the entrance.

Dark energy was crackling all around her which would make the bravest of people cower in fear. Then he remembered the times were it looked like she was going to blast him through a wall. He hoped that his black leather clothing camouflaged well with the night sky but found he wasn't so lucky.

"Just where the hell have you been all night," Raven screamed.

At that moment Robin felt like crawling in a corner and withering away into nothing.

Unfortunately he found himself unable to do that either. In his mind he kept repeating the single phrase in his head.

'Why me' Robin thought and then found himself engulfed in black energy.

Luckily he didn't need to breath anymore otherwise he would have been in trouble then.

When they got into the commons room she dumped him onto the sofa and started pacing slowly. Robin just wanted to become invisible at that moment but his mind also wondered what torture she was going to put him through.

"What the hell is wrong with you Robin the others were worried sick about why you were out so late," Raven yelled.

Robin had visibly cringed under Ravens intense glare but something inside him gave him courage or stupidity.

"Hello I'm a Vampire and late nights are what we do and besides you didn't have to say up for me," Robin said.

Raven nearly exploded from that comment and Robin suddenly decided that those instincts just made him stupid.

A crackle of black energy knocked the sofa over and Robin hit his head on the cold floor. A nervous grin spread across his face and realized that Werewolves, Zombies and other Vampires were nothing compared to this girl.

"True but they made me stay up while they sleep and I'm not getting any," Raven yelled.

Robin cringed in fear and slowly got to his feet. Ravens eyebrows were twitching which meant of Robin ticked her off anymore he would seriously regret it.

"Er sorry but I had important things to do and I needed to talk to Leo as well," Robin explained hoping that would calm her down.

Luckily she did but only a little. He picked the massive coach up with no difficulty and then placed it back into its proper position. Robin sat back down and Raven headed off for her room. When he was fairly certain that she wasn't around anymore he let out a relieved sigh. Robin was actually surprised that he had survived that encounter. If it had been anyone else they surely would have died at the hands of Raven.

He picked up the remote and turned on the television. He began to flip through the channels and then when he reached the Sci-Fi channel, The Return to Salem's Lot was on. A Vampire movie that Robin watched almost a year ago but he didn't remember much about it. He remembered enjoying it but realized that the sun would be up soon and wouldn't have time to finish watching it so decided to watch what he could then head to his room away from sunlight.

Robin watched the movie for a good half an hour and then turned the television off. Robin walked out of the commons room and stepped into the corridor. Robin teleported to the med lab and then walked up to the refrigerator. He opened it and picked out the closest blood pack as his instincts kept asking for more blood even though he had plenty for tonight.

He guessed that his instincts were just being greedy and wanted more than usual. He tore open the pack and then grabbed a nearby glass. He poured the blood into the glass and put it to his lips. The blood soothingly went down his throat as he continued to sip it down.

Robin sat down on a nearby chair and began to wonder if it was possible to get drunk for a vampire if they had too much blood. He felt that the sun would be up in another half an hour at least but the light had already started to appear. It stung his skin and then teleported inside his room. He gulped down what was left of the blood and placed it on his bedside table. He wiped the blood from his mouth and then licked away the blood stain on his arm.

He took off his pitch black sunglasses and placed them on the table in the centre of his room. He took off his leather jacket and then lied down to bed and got under the quilt and fell into a deep sleep.

To Be Continued
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