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lost familys love and ties

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About a boy with a evil murderus brother, a rotten father, a died mother, and a person who saves me from a life of misery.

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Savage Life Blood
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The last thing I remembered from my child hood is my older brother standing over me with a gun to my head. Smiling wickedly laughing forcing me to my feet at that point in time I could tell he was going to kill me in. The empty church I felt cold glass against my back and I realized he was going to push me out the gothic window all I could muster up to say was "Why are you doing this." I couldn't help crying shaking trying to keep my composer.
"Come on little brother what a stupid question" he snickered and chuckled backed away from me and fired his gun. I for a split second I felt nothing then my arm felt like it was burning. But I didn't back down.
"Persistent bitch just like mother well this has been fun but time to die."
"No don't do...this" I begged and cried like a bitch.

"Bye" he aimed the gun and fired sending me flying out the window.
All I could think about as I fell to the earth as my silver hair covered my face. A glass ran against my body was why'd I been so stupid not run away when I had the chance. The "arrrgh" I hit the ground blood coming out of my mouth I realized a huge piece ran right through my chest at. The top of my lungs a scream for what I thought was my last breath. Then every thing went black "I think iam in a coma" I said to myself.

I could hear people talking "Doctor Do you think my son will wake up"
"I think Kanashimi will wake up but the shock was tremendous it might take a while Sir."
"Thank you may we be alone Doc." "Ok sir as you wish" the door closed.
"Why didn't you finish him off Sean?"
"Sorry father next time I will do better "I felt a hand grip mine tightly as he spoke.
"You better ill be waiting down stairs at the parking lot" The door closed and I was alone with my crazy murdering brother.
He put his hand on my fore-head and for a second I flinched "Don't worry" he whispered "I won't kill you now ill wait till I can have you're body,mind,and soul."

I felt his lips pres against mine "Till then ill let you live little brother heehee"
Then I was alone, it felt like days passed but it was months. A police officer came by every Friday to talk to a comatose boy I thought it was funny.
When I finally got up the energy to move I looked around then I reached for the medical clip board. The only noise I could hear was the EKG machine beeping as my fingers flipped through the paper finally I found what I was looking for
It read:
Kanashimi Longheart
I accident 3 years ago after being shot and has eligibly fallen out of a gothic window. "What" I skipped down to where it said. Has a large gash through front and back of his chest and two gunshot wonders through shoulder.
Last updated 9/04/...
"BUT" I skweked out looking at a calendar "This cant be happening...I cried. I inched my self of the bead and looked at a mirror to see what has become of me.An i brother staring back at me and as fast as I could I spun around and he wasn't their.

A young women showed up "iam sorry but you have to come with me I will be taking care of you for now on" I didn't say any thing I put my head on her breast and cried "thank you."
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