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You pull the trigger on your own

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really short! sorry it's all i could do i'm on holidays.

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I never knew there were more doctors aboard this crazy Wentz Team. I lay on a hospital bed staring into a black screen, my first ultrasound and I was four months pregnant. Andy who I’d only met a few days earlier had squirted a large glob of blue gel on my stomach. Patrick stood at my other side watching the black screen with me. Together we watched as a little hand floated across the screen and soon there was an entire baby staring back at me.

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“So here we have the entire baby,” Andy said softly, “If we move over just a bit,” he slid the transducer to my lower right side, “There’s the baby’s foot, and if you don’t know the baby has nails on their flanges,” he smiled and paused the image on the entire baby again.

“It’s so,” I got caught on words, what did I think of my future child.

Mystifying? Beautiful? I felt a bit like a new mother for the first time, before this insight I ignored my growing belly. Anything that reminded me of Spencer caused a gut reaction to cry. My eyes welled and the image blurred, I lower my head and wiped away the tears.

“Andy,” Patrick spoke, lowering his voice, “Does the fetus rely souly on the mother, or can there be enwomb feeding?”

My expression must have been full of questions because Andy hesitated on his answer.

“There’s going to have to be direct injection,” His pushed his glasses higher on his face, “where’s the father?”

My eyes had perked completely and I could hear the sweat gathering in their hairlines. Patrick turned his back to me. He knew as well as I did any answer he gave…I would hear.

“Would you like to know the sex?” Andy asked turning to me, with a humble smile.

Patrick’s face said it all, he already knew the sex as did Andy. Patrick also knew something about Spencer, something that I wasn’t meant to know, something that could screw up their research.

“Is it a boy,” I spoke with my thoughts placing the words in my mouth.

Andy simply nodded.

“Yes, it is a boy,” he pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose once more, “how did you know that?”

“A little bird told me.”

“Emma,” Patrick started, knowing that with my recent feeding I was growing stronger and stronger with mind reading, “I shouldn’t be saying this but, with Andy’s research and my own, the baby will need to hear the father’s voice. Were not sure why, but with the very rare cases of vampire pregnancies they don’t last long without both parents voices.”

My heart had jumped a few beats to leap into my throat. I knew the answer as well as anyone who hadn’t seen their loved one in ages.

“Where is he, Patrick?”

“Well,” Patrick tired to restate his answer, “I...j-just…can’t--,”

“You can’t see him,” a cold voice of Peter’s chilled the bones in my back, “That’s not an option, try something else Patrick.”

“I can’t try something else, if you want money for this project of yours; she’s going to have to see Spencer.”

I wasn’t to sure what to make of what happened next. The freshly turned Patrick was punched into the wall and Andy had backed himself into a corner. The baby boy in my womb began to kick wildly; the blood that ran in Pete’s veins also ran in mine. But that didn’t mean he was the father.

“SHE IS NOT TO SEE HIM!” Pete snarled.

I slowly climbed down from my bed, creeping towards the door. My eyes locked with Andy’s and soon he had jumped on Pete trying to attack him. I closed the door locking it with the keys Andy had thrown me in the fight. The three of them were locked in the neonatal room whilst I ran towards a small voice.

Whilst I ran to Spencer, the baby inside me couldn’t stop moving, like he knew he was going to meet his daddy for the first time.

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