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Don't fall down moon

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What I hadn’t taken into account was Joe. I was running and swiftly ducked behind a corner, his footsteps seemed to move faster than mine and quieter but I still heard them.

My breath sucked it self in and I couldn’t even hear my heart beat, Joe’s breath was louder now and I slowly began to step away from the corner. Joe’s breath was growing quieter and my footsteps grew faster.

His footsteps led away down the hall I had just run; I knew he would be checking on Pete. I only had limited time.

I drew my back away from the wall and sprinted towards a hall I had never seen, and that’s when I heard Spencer’s voice. It was soft but it led me right to his room; I slowly grasped the handle feeling the torture of the inside seeping through.

“Spencer?” my voice was so soft.

I opened the door a little wider.

I widened my eyes when I saw him, standing on a table trying to tear the sun boards away. It only took a second until I realized nobody had been watching him all evening, he was taking a chance and trying to kill himself with the late day sun.

“NO!” I shouted, my voice stronger than I realized.

I raced towards the table and yanked it out from underneath him. I couldn’t hold myself up I slipped and fell on the floor behind me. Spencer stumbled leaping towards the window bringing one of the boards down with him; the low light broke throughout the room. My lower legs lay in the sun, and the burning began.

I started screaming. I couldn’t help it. The pain had paralyzed me and Spencer’s wild eyes grew magenta as he saw me and before I could draw another breath he had pulled me into the shadow of the room.

The particles settled as the room’s action grew still again. All that was left was the dust finding a place to settle in.

I was partially sobbing with pain and happiness; I clutched Spencer’s face in mine and we kissed so fearfully. It was if we didn’t know if we’d be ever seeing each other again. His hands fumbled trying to pull me closer but that’s when he broke off from my lips and looked down at my navel.

He looked into my eyes, burning for him and he smiled his smile showing the top row of his teeth. Small tears had formed in his eyes as he slowly lifted my shirt cupping my belly in his strong hands; he was so gentle.

“It’s a boy,” I said with a barely audible voice.

Spencer placed his head to the belly and listened to the boy, he had grown so still. I ran a hand threw Spencer’s hair, riving the smell of old cinnamon into my nose. How I had missed that smell.

“What are you going to name him?” Spencer asked quietly, his question very strange.

The baby inside me began to kick at the sound of his father’s voice, Spencer slowly lifted his ear away from the belly dragging his hands and following the baby’s kicks. His smile grew wider and wider as he felt his son responds to his hands.

I took my hands and pulled his attention towards my eyes.

“We are going to call him Spencer James Smith the sixth.”

Spencer grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into a roughly romantic kiss; his lips meshing with mine, I swore I could feel his love pouring over me.

“I love you,” Spencer spoke in a whisper, he tried to stare into my eyes but it was hard.

My hands knotted with Spencer’s,
“I think I’ve been in love with you since you saved me Spencer.”

He pulled me in again to kiss; his lips were hard as if he was so afraid to lose me. I had to break the kiss short because of Pete; I could hear that he had been let out of the room by Joe.

“Spencer,” my voice shook, “we have to go.”

He shot up and pulled into his arms; I wasn’t sure but I saw his eyes grow grey. I wanted to ask, but this didn’t seem the right time to ask.

I grabbed my stomach feeling it kick wildly, I was so afraid for my son.

The dusk light blinked out in a second and Spencer dragged to me to the window; it was a story and a half drop into ocean territory. He pulled me into a piggyback and stepped out.

I covered my mouth trying not to scream. Heights weren’t my forte.

The wind flew by my ears as I clutched onto Spencer for my life, we plunged into the freezing ocean from the late November month. I was dragged to the surface and Spencer was holding me close to his body, both us needed to feed.

I was shaking from shock and cold, the wind was wild on the ocean but the waves weren’t rough, we could stay practically still with a few rises from the waves.

“Emma,” he stuttered from the cold, “we swim for that forest,” his shaking hand pointed to an old growth forest.

I looked back to a looming beach house that had been concrete boarded; the sunset was miles from lighting us in the ocean. We had cover for swimming.

We both swam hard staying close.

We both pulled ourselves out of the water.

We both had made it to freedom.

For now.
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