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Over the shooting Star

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A/N: Okay So I have exciting knews
I have a copyright on this story now!
isn't that exciting! I can turn it into a manuscript!
changing the names of coarse and fixing it up(ALOT)
but I'M SO EXCITED! lol
i'm way too silly these days

(C)CopyRight 2008

I sat next to a small burning fire, adding very damp sticks one at a time. The smoke was kept under control this way, slowly more sticks could fuel this very small fire. I glanced around the looming forest, it remind me of the dark hollow that was the Smith Mansion.

Spencer had left an hour ago, leaving me in the twilight to man the fire. I could still hear his breath and footsteps in the woods we now inhabited. Spencer was hunting for both himself and me and the one inside me. His scent stung the air dashingly, and I clung to it like a small teddy bear I’d once loved long ago in my childhood.

It was spitting lightly, but my fire was protected by the large old tree’s branches above. They hugged the darkening sky above encasing me in a womb of my own. I fed another semi-dry stick to the embering fire. The wind blew the rain away from my area, as if attempting to dry my makeshift home in a coven of trees.

My eyes failed me more and more as the twilight became night. However my ears were picking up every atom moving in the forest. A twig snapping echoed loudly as if I were standing in a large hall or mirrors empty and barren. The forest grew loud as if a plane was taking off. I strained for silence but I received none; my leg brushed against the flame.

“Shit,” I swore, clasping my leg.

“What is it?”

I jumped slightly at Spencer's voice, but was glad to hear it. The forest finally gave me silence. I glanced at it, as if it were playing tricks on me. I slowly answered his question.

“Nothing, I just,” I smiled at him, and then leaned in kissing his freshly blood ridden lips.

I felt my own fangs breach my gums, the pain of them descending was no longer an issue with me, and I was more worried about child birth. I’d heard too many stories from my own mother to fear anything else, even as a vampire I grew scared of things.

“Here,” he said softly.

I took the freshly killed animal’s leg in my mouth and drank. I felt my thirst quench almost instantly, it was quite a relief. My throat gave into the sweet blood.

Spencer placed his hand on my navel, pulling the clothing away. I looked into his darting eyes; his smile was the widest I’d ever seen. His eyes grew a fire of orange as he stared at my stomach. His son kicked and moved at Spencer’s warm hands.

“I never knew I could ever feel this way,” he said slowly, “it’s so beautiful.”

“Can you?” I began, “Can you see him?”

My mind wandered with possible answers as I looked to the rain outside the coven of trees; somehow it had seemed to increase its speed and density.

“Yeah,” he smiled his innocent smile, something I had missed.

My mind went to the comment of Andy’s “direct in womb feeding”.

But asking Spencer…I didn’t want to scare him. I had a strange feeling though; a feeling like the next Spencer Smith growing inside me was going to be ok. That gave me relief. There seemed to be no panic in Spencer’s eyes, he seemed to think the baby was healthy.

But for how long, I’d have to return to the human world. I’d been missing since July, by now I’m sure there were people looking for me. I mean, I had to remember that I was famous author, living five months with the vampires, no almost 6 months now. December was creeping along just so potently.

Christmas, ugh. Spencer was going to have to make an appearance with me and my mother. I mean I was pregnant with his baby, and I was past hiding it with a baggy sweater, my mother would press on my tummy making sure I wasn’t anyway.

“Hey moon,” Spencer said in a soft voice, “What are you thinking about?”

I snapped my neck caught by his voice hearing a crack in my neck I placed my hand on the warm fuzziness. I massaged feeling back into it.

“Nothing,” I lied.

“Emma, I think that Christmas at your mother’s will be wonderful.”

I blankly stared at him. How in Christ did he know that; my mind was running so fast I swore I could feel myself sweating into a shower.

He laughed and pointed to my hand, it lay dirt covered and a message of ‘dinner with mums with Spence’ was in the entrails of my index. I pulled the hand away and wiped it on my leg; I then clasped Spencer’s hands which lay on my navel.

“I have to return to the human world, even you know that.”

He slowly nodded, smiling as if he was excited to play human for a bit. I knew he had been in the human word for a 120 years, he’d been chasing an evil vampire for most of his decades. Only, it seemed that the vampire was his true maker, and protector…and that Marilyn had been a cover up.

“Spencer,” I said softly, “would you kiss like that night, when…,” I trailed off, “when he came to be,” I smirked leaning in and squeezing my Spence’s hands.

He slowly brought my lips close to his, it was so soft nothing like what I had remembered. His cinnamon saliva crashed over my mouth like candy, and I was greedy for more.

My own strength from being turned had come over me; I wanted more intimacy with Spencer. My hands had rung themselves through his soft damp hair, both our hearts were racing. My own voice betrayed me, and I couldn’t ask for what I shouldn’t want in my condition.

“Emma,” He said through a strained breath, his lips missed mine, “you su-.”

I cut his speech short; full throttle into a lip lock, there was warmth in his lips I couldn’t find from anyone. My hands pulled at his clothes wanting to lie against his warm chest and smell the cinnamon, coat my own scent over him.

Although in this forest I’m sure my scent was lost with nature, it was only his rich scent that seemed to file the air and dance with it. The smells mixing together like spring, a bakery of springs.

He laid me against the moss, and in the bliss he took me
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