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Tell Me When it Rains

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I'm so sorry about Not Getting this done Sooner

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I awoke with a sharp gasp, drawn from my core. I slightly rocked forward, my hands grasping my lower abdomen. The cramping was causing beads of sweats to gather in my hairline. I could feel myself spinning to my left side turning my back; shying away from Spencer.

My first loud barking cough woke him with such force I tried to burry my face into my hands. His arms gripped my shoulders peeling me off the ground in his lap. His right arm grasped my forehead while his other held me around the waist; he rocked and tried to shush the sickness out of me.

Except I wasn’t sick, I was afraid.

“Where does it hurt?” his low rumble of a voice asked into my ear.

I shook trying to turn to him; I didn’t want him to say sorry for last night. Not ever. My eyes burned purple and his eyes matched my color. Spencer’s arms held me so strongly it was hard not to feel better, his cinnamon lavishing my sense; all heighten thanks to my loss of partial sight.

“Nowhere,” I spoke in a low tone, pushing my mouth to the crook of his neck.

His laugh reminded me of what the life we had live months ago was like. His eyes burning with a solidness almost like gold, but there was a pain and sadness to them. It was almost as if he felt he was going to lose me and for good this time.

“I’m not going anywhere,” my voice spoke for my thoughts, “And you aren’t either.”

He shied away, his face so young.

He really was a lot younger than me, it didn’t matter that he’d been on this earth longer than I. His maturity for what was happening, for me… it was still that of a teenager even if he was 20 when he was turned. Or so I felt, he had surprised me more than enough times to counter what I had induced.

“Shit Emma,” he laughed softly, “Your carrying my baby, my baby that you’ve agreed to name after me,” he kissed my forehead with a hard grace, “I love you,” his voice was very slow, “I won’t ever let Pete take you away again. Ever.”

His words grew slightly hard around his last statement; I recoiled into his warm chest. I could feel his anger for my capture, the fact that it wasn’t him who changed me. He knew it was something I didn’t want. How ever, this thing with Peter proved more than a swallow pond, so much under the surface I had yet to discover. Why was Peter trying to reconnect with Spencer? And What was the significance of me? I had no purpose to him; again and again I ran it through my mind. The answered would just outrun my thoughts as I believed I had finally grasped it.

“Spence,” I said slowly, choosing my words, “There’s a piece of you inside me, and you have to remember that.”

There was a silence as he took in my words; he knew I was right, his expression softened. His grip held me slightly stronger and he struggled to find something to say. I reached my hand and caressed his chin bringing his attention to my eyes. Both which had started returned their vision to me.

“No matter how hard I try to hold on, it never seems to be a strong enough hold, I feel like I’m going to lose you again,” his voice didn’t break with emotion but his eyes did.

“Mr. Smith,” I played, “Why are we talking like that?”

He smiled at my accent of a southern girl, he seemed to lose the sad thoughts and the color of his eyes flashed a coarse green fading away into grey. My lips began moving even before sound reached them.

“What color does that mean?”

“It doesn’t really mean anything, that was the color of my eyes when I was human,” his eyes burned back to a light green, “but I guess to other vampires, it would take on the emotion that their eye color was before.”

“So my eyes go grey when I’m happy?” I wasn’t convinced.

“They do actually, you may feel the color as green but their grey,” he brushed my hair away from my eyes, “their grey right now, what’s on you mind?”

I could feel my eyes grow indigo, but another part of me wanted my checks to flush red instead. I felt silly that I was becoming embarrassed with Spencer’s question.

“It’s nothing,” I lied.

He cocked his head to the side giving me an unconvinced look, similar to the one I’d just seen cross my own face. I sighed heavily giving in to the man.

“You remembered my eye color,” I looked away, slightly mumbling the phrase.

“How could I forget them, it was like looking into the world.”

His bangs fell into his face as he pulled his attention towards my navel.

Both our breathing became shaky, almost as if we had small laughs escaping in gasps. My small bumped was gently crushed into his stomach, we could both feel our son kicking his way into the conversation.

Spencer ran his hand down from my back to my hips, connecting the journey by running his hand under my shirt. He seemed to pull my shirt away from the small bump that grew everyday every chance he got, something he called beautiful spoke to me like a divider.

I couldn’t exactly crush myself against his body like I use to, especially like we used to in the short time we had gotten to know each other. All had seemed to move so fast. I didn’t mind, things in my life were fast since I entered junior high. You had a boyfriend for a month then a new one within the week.

My writing career had jumped off the page so to speak in a month. I was selling zombie thrillers by the truck loads at 18, and now I was stuck in my own Vampire thriller.

“Emma,” Spencer said, breaking me away from my trip down memory lane, “There’s something you should know about the human worked.”

His eyes grew a slight tinge of crimson, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear the rest. I looked into the darkening sky above, understanding that soon we would be heading out to a part of the human world beyond this forest.

“Spencer, I--.”

“Its temptation island, you’ll want to feed on a lot of them, you haven’t really been conditioned to them, and the first one you will encounter will probably not make it,” he tried to calm my racing emotions glowing wildly in my eyes, “It will pass quickly, that’s another thing about Vampires, once the first initial wave of human scent has ever reached your nose, it will burn most of the heightened sense for it.”

I gave him a hard stare; I’d already met my first human. I’d tried to kill him after all he’d done to help me. My instinct had taken over that time… I shuttered.

“Spencer, I’ve already met a human,” I looked into his eyes, they had turned grey again.

“When?” Spencer’s voice was full of relief, “Did he make it?”

“I never got to touch him, well I grabbed his collar and shook him but I never sank my teeth into him like a pin cushion--,” I refrained again, “no, wait, I did sink my teeth into him.”

Spencer laughed.

“He’s vampire now,” I gave Spencer another look and his expression washed.

The sun set and the light that had been straining into my eyes cut off, my vampire eyes slowly began to gather any light it could find and build a picture in my sight. I relied more on my hearing than ever now.

“When we reach the City,” Spencer said quietly, “Were buying tickets for Vancouver,” he glanced at my confused expression, “We have to go back to the house; you need to call your publishers.”

“I can just call them from where ever, I don’t--.”

“You don’t understand, you’ve been gone for 6 months, you have to call from that house to let them know that you’re still alive.”

I stood up staring at Spencer; my voice betrayed my tone slightly.

“I doubt you call this being alive, Spencer.”
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