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Alix Hale is Bob Bryar's cousin and the band's new assistant.Watch as she falls in love, and with who?read to find out!

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Chapter 1-“Introducing Alix”

“Hey, guys! I have some news for you!” Brian, the band’s manager just stepped onto the tour bus and had a big grin on his face.
“What is it Brian?” Gerard said while holding onto his coffee mug.
“You know that girl, Cass-what’s-her-name…well, since she quit her job here as your assistant, we needed and as in NEEDED a replacement and so I’m happy to say we got one! And just in time for the tour!” Brian exclaimed happily or more of relief of finding a replacement in time.
“Okaaay…so who is it?” asked Mikey
“Yeah man, who is she?” asked a very sleepy Frank
“Well, I think Bob knows her and-“and he was cut off by…
“What? I know her? Oh no, its not one of my past girlfriends is it? Man, I’m doomed for sure now…” Bob said exasperatedly
“Huh? Oh no! Not one of your past girlfriends Bob, don’t worry about that…well if I remember correctly her name is Alexandria Hale, am I correct? And I think she’s your cousin?”
“Alix! Oh yeah damn, Alix is going to be our new assistant! Awesome, I haven’t seen her in years…wonder how she looks like now…When are we going to meet her?”
“So, Bob, is your cousin hot?” asked a now very interested Frankie
“Oh yeah, wait, what!? Frank, you better keep your hands off my cousin or else!”
“Okay okay…sheesh, just trying to score a date here man…”
“Shut it Iero”
“Shut it…Bryar…”
“Well, since you two are busy…She’s going to be arriving later, at about 3 so you guys better be nice! Cause I’m not up to looking for another replacement…” and Brian left the bus.
“If anyone and I mean ANYONE causes my cousin harm, I WILL KILL THEM OKAY? Cause she’s like my little sister, so back off!”
“Calm down, Bob” Ray said, jittery
“Yeah I’m sure she’s going to be fine” reassured Mikey
“Yeah she’s going to be okay” Gerard stated
“Okay, I’ll calm down…”


With Alix…

“Man, I gotta go get ready now! I have to meet them there at 3 and its 2 already…shit I wonder how Bob looks like now, and man am I excited to meet My Chemical Romance!” exclaimed a girl with waist-length ebony black hair with some electric blue streaks and icy blue eyes with pale skin and pink lips.
She put on a black MCRmy tank top on top of a white tank and pulled on some jeans and threw on a black hoodie, she wore black hi-cut Chucks and placed a black hair band in her hair, she put on some eyeliner and just a little bit of lip gloss. She also put on some Jack Skellington earrings and remembered to put on her wristband, her pass to the tour buses.
“Aw shit! Its 2:30! Damn it! Gotta go already!! Brian will be here any minute”
The doorbell rang…
“Speak of the devil…” Alix ran down the stairs to answer the door.
“Hey Alexandria! Ready to go?” asked Brian
“Brian I told you, its Alix…and yeah I’m ready, I’ll just get my bags down and we’ll get going…”
After Alix got her bags down…
“Okay, hop in Alix!”
“Okay Brian, let’s get going!” exclaimed a very excited Alix


At the Tour Buses…

“Oh look guys, Brian’s here!” yelled Ray
“Oh cool, let’s go meet the new girl!” Frank excitedly said
“Damn! Alix is here!” Bob yelled

With Brian…

“Well, here we are…the tour bus grounds…How do you like it?”
“Wow, its cool! Can’t wait to see the guys! Especially Bob!”
“Well, let’s go meet them!”

Inside My Chem’s Bus…

“Well guys, here she is! I’d like you all to meet, Alix, your new assistant and Bob’s cousin, she’ll also be staying here on your bus, in the extra bunk…”
“Um…hey guys, I’m Alix, and yeah like Brian said, I’m the new assistant and yeah I’m Bob’s cousin, his ONLY female cousin actually his ONLY cousin…so yeah, nice to meet you guys! I’m guessing that’s Frank” pointing to Frank “That’s Ray…judging by the afro…” pointing to a grinning Ray “That’s Mikey, seeing the addiction to coffee” she giggled and pointed to a coffee-drinking Mikey “And last but NOT the least, Gerard…” she shyly smiled and pointed to Gerard.
“Hey Alicky! You forgot about me…” Bob feigned hurt…
“Bob! Oh I missed you!” she ran and hugged her cousin Bob
“Yeah me too Alicky, you’ve grown…you’re now a pretty young lady, but still the same stubborn girl I know! Still my little Princess…” laughed Bob, knowing that nickname irritates her
“Princess? Still Bob! I told you that nickname makes me sound like a kitten…” she said, annoyed at her cousin
“I guess its stuck, Princess…so you can’t do anything about it! Ha!”
“Oh fine…”
“Umm, hey Alix? Can I ask you something?” asked a blushing Frank
“Sure Frankie, I mean I can call you Frankie, right?”
“Sure whatever name you want! Anyways, are you free tonight? I was thinking you might want to go with me to Starbucks, since I’ll be going there to get some coffee later…Would you like to come with?”
“Oh! Frankie, I’d love to! Sure, I will!” and she pecked him on the cheek, “Thanks for asking me!”
“Uh sure…yeah…I’m happy you said yes…”
“Hey sugar…call me Gee, and I was hoping you’re free tomorrow night, are you?”
“Yeah why, Gee?”
“I was thinking something along the lines of a movie tomorrow night so yeah…if you’re free, feel free to come join me…”
“Great Gee…yeah I will, definitely…”

a/n-sorry to leave it here guys, but its already 2:30 in the morning so yeah I gotta go get some sleep…so tell me if it was okay! Since this is my first fic and I’m nervous! Please don’t be too harsh! And feel free to give suggestions!!!!
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