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Jealousy and Denial

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Somebody's jealous...and denying it...

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Chapter 2-“Jealousy and Denial”

“Hey sugar…call me Gee, and I was hoping you’re free tomorrow night, are you?”
“Yeah why, Gee?”
“I was thinking something along the lines of a movie tomorrow night so yeah…if you’re free, feel free to come join me…”
“Great Gee…yeah I will, definitely…”


Back to the story…

“So, what’s been going on with my fave cousin?” asked Bob
“Nothing much…I mean I’m single right now…since I dumped that bastard of a boyfriend I had…oops, sorry, and yeah life’s been okay, I guess…I mean, you’re having fun being in a band…”
“Awesome! You’re single! Uh I mean…oh you’re single?” asked a slightly flustered Frank.
“Yeah, again I just dumped the stupid dickhead…”
“What did he do? If he made you cry I will kick his sorry ass!” exclaimed Bob
“Calm down tiger, I’m fine and stop being so overprotective…sheesh, I’m not 12 you know…”
“But you’re my little sister, I mean you know…you’re my only cousin and since I don’t have any siblings, well you get the point, anyways, just tell me if you want his ass kicked okay?”
“I guess…and sure?”
“Hey, can anyone show me where I can put my stuff and where my bunk is?”
“I will!”
“Thanks Mikey!”
“Oh! And I’ll carry your stuff, Alix!”
“Thanks Frankie!”
“No problem!”

In the bunk area…

“Wow! This is so cool! And can you tell me how they are arranged?” asked Alix
“This is mine, on top of me is Ray, then over there is Bob and on top of him is Frank then its Gee then on top is your bunk!” exclaimed Mikey
“Oh okay! Oh and Mikey, our first stop tomorrow is L.A. right?”
“Yeah…We’re leaving the bus area tomorrow at 4 so will be arriving there by 10 I think…Why?”
“I’m in charge of the Meet and Greet and the FUSE interview tomorrow so yeah I have to arrange that…”
“Oh right…”
“Wow! I never noticed it was 5:30 already…anyways, thanks Mikey!”
“Sure anytime, wait got to go, just ask Frank here, Alicia’s calling me!”
“So Alix, are you okay with your bunk arrangement? Cause I can ask the guys if you want to change, if you’re uncomfortable…” asked Frank
“Oh I’m fine with my new bunk, I like it! Thanks Frank! Oh and where’s the bathroom?”
“Oh after you pass yours and Gee’s bunk it’s the door to the left…”
“Oh okay…where’d you guys eat dinner anyways?”
“Oh we cook…I think cause mostly we burn the food so most of the time its just coffee and some instant stuff, cause Ray CAN’T cook, Mikey is NOT allowed to go near toasters, heaters or stoves of any kind, I BURN everything, Bob doesn’t really mind and Gerard just drinks coffee…” Frank was laughing
“Oh…man, you guys really need an assistant…I guess I better get started on dinner, and then after we can go to Starbucks…”
“Oh right…Starbucks, looking forward to that!”
“The kitchen is beside the couches right?”
“Yeah, can’t wait to taste the food, since we haven’t been eating proper food in the past few days…”
“Okay, see you later Frankie!” and she pecked him on the cheek “Oh I hope you don’t mind those, I’m sorry I’ll stop them!”
“NO! I mean its okay, I mean if you want to…”


“Hey guys! Dinner’s here! Hope you guys like it, I’m not really much of a cook but I guess that it’ll do…”
“Wow! You made us dinner!” Mikey said happily
“I don’t we have had a proper dinner since stepping onto the tour bus!” laughed Ray
“Where’s Frank? Bob? Gerard?” asked Alix
“Frank’s outside, just call him, Bob’s napping so I guess we just leave him some and Gerard’s drawing, in his bunk so you can call him too” Mikey answered
“Oh, okay…I guess I’ll go call Frankie now and you guys start eating already…I’ll just call Frank and Gee, I’ll let Bob sleep…”
And Alix stepped off the bus and went looking for Frank...She saw him talking to some girl, ‘Someone part of the crew, I guess’, and it seemed like he was flirting with her. Alix felt a pang of jealousy shoot through her and she was irritated by it. ‘I can’t possibly be jealous! I mean it’s ridiculous!’
“Frank!” she yelled at him, she couldn’t help the annoyance that was present in her voice.
“Oh, Alix! This is Sam, she’s part of the crew...and Sam this is Alix, our new assistant!”
“Hey there Alix! I’m Sam, I guess I’ll see you guys around…nice meeting you Alix!” and Sam walked off to the crew bus…
“Yeah me too…”
“So, what’s up?”
“Just here to tell you that dinner’s ready and yeah, sorry for disrupting your seemingly fascinating conversation with Sam.” She said the name with such dislike.
“Is there something wrong Alix?”
“Nothing, I guess I better get going…I still have to call Gee and yeah just go eat dinner at whatever time you like…looks like there’s another girl coming to talk with you so yeah see you…” She walked off, annoyed and pissed off, for what reason, she didn’t know.
“Wait Alix! Hey wait up!” Frank ran and caught up with her, and pulled her by her wrist. “Is there something the matter? You look pissed…”
“Oh no I’m not! Don’t worry! Just go and flirt with some other girl yeah…”
“You thought I was flirting with Sam? I wasn’t…we were just talking about the schedule tomorrow, so yeah I wasn’t…anyways, dinner? Let’s get going, knowing Ray and Mikey, it’ll be gone soon!” and he pulled Alix towards the bus.
‘Phew! He wasn’t flirting with her! Wait…why am I so relieved and why am I even jealous in the first place? I don’t think he even likes me…’ Alix thought
“Alix? Hello? You in there? C’mon, let’s get going, I want to have dinner too you know…”
“Oh right…okay let’s go, I still have to call Gee too…”

In the bus…

“Gerard! Do you want dinner? I can bring it for you here in your bunk…” Alix asked Gerard
“No, its okay, I’m done drawing…I’ll just get up and go eat…thanks for calling me…”
“No big deal…”
Alix then left the bunk area and went to the dining area…
“Hey guys, leave some for Bob and me and Gerard…you guys eat like piranhas!”
“Sorry, its just that we haven’t eaten proper food in days!” exclaimed Ray
“And this is really good…”Mikey said, with his mouth full
“Yeah…you know, I think you should always cook, since none of us really has the ability to…” Frank suggested
“Okay then…thanks!”

After dinner…

“So, Alix, ready to go to Starbucks? I’m really up for coffee right now…”
“Yeah sure, let’s go…”

a/n- there you have it! The second chapter! Sorry to leave you guys hanging there but I already have to work on the third chapter…see, after this, I’ll be writing the third chapter and I’ll be posting it soon. Since I’m free these days, I’ll be posting a new update once or twice a day, depends…anyways, please review and tell me what you think!
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