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Alix's Story and Some Time Together

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Alix tells a certain "someone" her story and they have time together after...

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Chapter 3-“Alix’s Story and Some Time Together”

After dinner…

“So, Alix, ready to go to Starbucks? I’m really up for coffee right now…”
“Yeah sure, let’s go…”


“How exactly are we going to get to Starbucks? Its like on the other side of the bus area…” Alix asked Frank
“That’s easy, we take a car…” Frank answered
“Right genius, what car exactly?”
“We borrow Brian’s…”
“Did you even ask him?”
“Yeah…I did, awhile ago…we can go now right?”
“I guess…”
“Alright then…” Frank walked to Brian’s car and put the key in the ignition. “Hop in, princess…”
“Ugh! One day I will get Bob for that…I can already see it, him lying on the ground, paralyzed…Ah, the endless possibilities…”
“I’m looking forward to that…”
“Hahaha…me too…”


At Starbucks…

“I’ll have a Caffé Latte and she’ll have a, wait, what will you have, Alix?”
“Oh, I’ll just have a Mocha Frap…”
“Okay, your names?” asked the waitress
“Frank and Alix”
“Okay, your orders will be right up, we’ll just call you…”
Alix and Frank went and sat down at a couple of seats next to the window…
“So, Alix, mind telling me, you know, about your ex? If its not really much of a bother…”
“Oh…no, I don’t really mind, but it’s a long story, I don’t think you’d want to listen…”
“No, I’m all ears…”
“You really sure? It’s pretty boring…”
“Okay…but don’t say I didn’t warn you…”
“Um…sorry to interrupt, but your coffee is here…” The waitress said
“So, go on…”
“Oh right…well, let’s see…” She sipped her coffee “ We were together for about 2 years, I think, we went to the same high school…He was the popular guy and I was the average girl, to the rest of the student body, he was Ryan Jacobs and I was just the girl who was “emo”…”
“After high school, we were separated into our respective colleges, then after we graduated, we met again, and this time there wasn’t the cliques or labels, just us…To tell you the truth, I had a crush on him since high school, so I really couldn’t resist when he asked me out…are you sure you still want to listen?”
“Yeah…totally…”He was staring into her icy blue depths as he listened intently ‘She has really beautiful eyes…oh yeah, back to listening…’
“Okay…And yeah after that, we went out on several dates, and we totally hit it off…We were totally into each other and I though it was perfect, like nothing else could ever change it and I thought we were already headed into commitment, which was a totally ridiculous idea cause we were really young…and I was totally surprised when he proposed…Of course I said yes and I thought everything was going to go perfect, we were already planning the wedding and stuff, it was supposed to be this summer, but then when everything was going so great, just when things just started going so great, “she” had to happen, “she” had to come and ruin everything…” She was tearing at this point, and she started to wipe them off but Frank stopped her and he wiped her tears off, “I’m really sorry with bothering you with my crappy story…I guess I should already stop here…”
“No, its fine, continue…”
“Alright…Her name was Mia Harmon, she was the popular girl in our high school, she was Ryan’s girlfriend then, at first I thought she was just visiting but then I noticed the changes, Ryan became late for dates…he was distracted and he was never around…and then came that day…Since Ryan was never around and stuff, I decided to surprise him with a visit to his office, and there I was just standing there, outside his office, like a fish gaping, he was there making out with “her”, at that moment, I just lost it, all the good times we shared just flashed in my mind and I totally broke down…I went straight into his office, disrupting their “session” and just totally screamed at him, and I broke it off, I broke off everything, the wedding, the engagement, everything, everything we worked for, all gone in just that moment…after that he would send me stuff and kept on apologizing but I didn’t give a damn anymore, after that I fell into depression, I did self-mutilation, drugs, alcohol, everything. I was just really fucked up…But then I told myself that he was worthless and I got over it…and that brings me here…” She smiled “Hope that really didn’t bore you…”
“No, its okay, I’m really thankful that you opened up to me and told me your story…and that I got to be the one that you talked to…” He smiled
“Thanks for having the patience to listen to my problems…My life story is so boring and crappy…hahaha…”
“No, its fine, it made me learn so much more about you…”
Alix blushed, “Thanks…and I think we really have to go now…Brian might look for his car…” She smiled, “Thank you really…” and she pecked him on the cheek, and blushed even more…Frank blushed and smiled
“Yeah…I think so too, wanna watch a movie later in the bus?” He asked, standing up and holding the door for her…
“Yeah, I’d love to…”


In the bus…

“I’ll just go change and we can go watch a movie…” Alix said then went into the bunk areas to get her stuff and went into the bathroom to change…
“Okay, I’ll just change too…” and Frank changed into a Misfits shirt and pajama bottoms. Alix came out in a pink skull tank top and black cargo shorts and she had her hair up in a high ponytail and she went and sat down beside Frank on the couch facing the TV. Frank’s jaw dropped at the sight of her, he was staring at her, ‘Wow…she really is beautiful and she’s so hot…and she’s really really beautiful, I can’t believe her ex had the nerve to cheat on her…I have to be reminded to find him and kick his ass...’
“Hey Frank! I’ve been to trying to get your attention for the past few minutes; you seem to be staring into space…are you alright?” She asked, looking at him with those blue eyes of hers…
“Oh…right…yeah I’m fine, you were saying?”
“What movie are we going to watch?”
“You pick…”
“I’m fine with whatever movie you pick…”
“How about “The Night Before Christmas”?”
“I’m cool with that…”
“Okay…”Then he reached for the DVD and plugged it in the player and pressed play. Halfway through the movie and also halfway through their third bowl of popcorn and they were on their third glass of Coke, Frank looked to his side and saw Alix leaning on him, her head on his shoulder, sleeping. He stared at her, looking at her long black hair, her pale ivory skin, her eyelids that hid her piercing icy blue gaze, her full pink lips, her adorable smile and her melodious laugh, could it be that he was falling for her? She looked so peaceful and calm sleeping there on his shoulder, ‘Beautiful, just beautiful’ He thought…Just looking at her he felt so at rest and he felt calm and he was happy, he brushed off a bang that fell in her face, touching her smooth cheek, that held a rosy tint. And feeling tired and sleepy himself, debated on whether to carry her to her bunk or just pull the blanket over them and sleep here on the couch, and looking at her calm and peaceful face, he decided he couldn’t bear to move her and just decided to pull the blanket he brought over them and just let her sleep, right there on his shoulder, he wasn’t bothered with it anyways…And her face was the last thing he saw when sleep claimed him.

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