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Axl gets stuck in back in time

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Guns n roses our on tour,then when one day Axl gets struck by lighting and gets sent back in time.

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Guns N Roses was on the road supporting there new album. 'Live Like A Suicide'. Axl was walking back to the bus. “Thank you all home state. I love you all.” Axl told them. He turned to his crew and shut the door. “Now can we please go?” Axl asked mad. “Axl calm down. We had a great concert tonight.” Slash told him. Axl's phone ranged and he answered it.
“Hello?” He asked. “Shut up. No way you got tickets to Motley Crue?” He asked. “Don't worry we are on our way home.” Axl told the person on the phone. “Yeah I get to see the second greatest band!” Axl said. “Not if we don't make it home in time.” Duff told him. “Duff why would you say that?” Izzy asked.
“Hey just saying.” Duff told him.
“Well it doesn't matter what you think. I'm going to the concert and you're not.” Axl joked. Duff rolled his eyes. It was 11:00 In the morning, it started raining and everyone was asleep. Izzy slept with Duff in his bed Axl sept with Slash. And Steven, lucky him had the bed to his self. Axl woke up and noticed something. “Hey guys why has the bus stopped moving? We can't be home yet.” Then Axl noticed they were at a diner and Izzy was missing. “That little sneak.” Axl said. “What happened?”
Slash asked. “Izzy's having breakfast. At the same diner we come to every time we pass this state.” Axl said. “wow it's really raining bad out.” Steven said. There was a loud crack of thunder.
“Lets go get him.” Axl said. Axl opened the metal door of the bus and got thrown back by lightning.
“Axl are you okay?” Slash asked.
“Yeah. Next time you go first.” Axl told him. Slash smiled and help him up. They entered the diner but to find it's all changed. “What happened to this place. Where's Izzy?” Slash asked. “Hey look Izzy's mom.” Duff said. “What? There's no way that's Izzy's mom. why is she here. And what happened to her? Axl asked. Steven looked at something. “1954”
Steven said. “What?” Axl asked. “1954 we must of went back in time.” Steven said. “1954? Wow, that was way before I was born.” Axl said. “It was before any of us was born numb skull.” Slash told him. “Why did we get sent back here?” Duff asked. “Maybe we need to fix something. Izzy's not here with us. that's Izzy's mom. And. Yowser please tell me that's not my mom?” Axl said. “No way.” Duff said. Axl went over to the women. “Hi,I'm doing a survey if you had a son what would you name him?” Axl asked. “O honey I'll never have a kid.” She told Axl.
Axl looked shocked. “Okay but what if you did?” He asked. “Well um William.” She told him. Axl went back over to his friends. “Sweet nibblets she is my mom.” Axl told them. Then some guy walked in, they knew who he was it was Izzy's dad. “Yowser what happened to Izzy's dad?” Axl asked. “Wow this is great. Hey maybe we need to do something,to get out of this time zone? Slash asked. "Like what? Get get Axl's mom and Izzy's dad together.” asked.
“Friend in a time warp say what?” Axl asked. “Maybe it's not Axl's mom. Maybe it's Izzy's parents.”
“Yeah this was before they met. Okay lets do it.” Axl said.

Axl was setting at the table counter. “So um how about I get some juice some eggs and for you
you to look right in to that mans eyes.” Axl said to Izzy's mom.
“Listen I'm going to get your order and be right back.” Izzy's mom told him. “You go do that.” Axl told her.
At the other table Slash went over and sat next to Izzy's dad. “Hey there, what are you righting?” Slash asked. “A song. why do you care?” He asked. “Sorry. Hey what about that waitress she looks hot right?” Slash asked him. “Boy I don't really care. Now get away from me.” The guy told him. Slash looked at Axl and Axl throw his hands up in the air. Axl came over to Slash. “Okay I have no Idea how we're going to get these two together.” Axl told Slash. “Me either.” Slash told him.
Slash was talking to Izzy's dad still and the waitress brought Axl's food out, the waitress was Axl's mom. “Well here's your food and you better not skip out I've got my eyes on you.” Axl's mom told him. “Thank you now lets move.” Axl said Axl got up and moved from seat to seat. “To high,to low,to hard, to soft.” He sat next to Izzy's dad Slash returned.
“Listen will you park it.” Axl's mom said. “Sorry but can you go get the other waitress?”Axl Asked. “Sorry no,
Now honey where is your mom?” Axl's mom asks. “Closer than you think.” Axl told her. Axl's mom walks way. “Haven't your mom ever told you not to talk to strangers.” Izzy's dad asked. “Not yet.” Axl said. The guy got up and walked away. “Wow I wish you guys would just go away.” He told Axl. “O honey we're getting there.” Axl told him. “Well I'm out of here.” Izzy's mom said. Axl got up in a hurry. He had to think of something. “Stop.”
She turned around. “Well I'm going.” Izzy dad said. “No wait.” Axl said the guy turned to Axl.
Axl thought quick what should I do.
He did what he was good at. He put his hand on his forehead and fell down. The two came running over.
“Sweetie are you okay?” Izzy's mom asked. “Someone please help me?” Axl asked. Axl mom came over. “Not you.” Axl told her. Maybe we should call an ambulance Izzy's mom asked again. “No" Axl yelled,and sat up a little.
“ I guess I was just moving around to much and got light headed. I didn't see what was in front of me.” Axl said. They both looked at him. “Right in front of me.” Axl told them again. They just kept looking at Axl. “O sweet nibblets right in front of me.” Axl pushed there heads up to make them look at each other. “Wow he was right you do have wonderful eyes.” She told Izzy's dad. “Is that an Indiana accent I here?” Izzy's dad asked her. “Yeah it is want to get something to eat?” Izzy's mom asked. Axl got up he was smiling he finally got them together. This time Axl really past out.

(Present Time)

Slash was trying to wake Axl up. Axl woke up and looked around.
“Thank god you're awake.” Slash told him. “Slash what happened?” Axl asked. “You got hit by lightning I'm getting Izzy.” Slash told him.
“No wait. I want to her that story of Izzy's. I have a really good Idea it's a good one.” Axl said. Axl smiled and they walked into the diner. Everything was back to normal. They sat with Izzy in the booth. Izzy told the story.

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