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The sound of smashing china suddenly punctured the wonderful bubble I was in. I could have lain there forever – in Gerard’s arms was the only place I ever wanted to be, where I belonged.

Our eyes snapped open and we both turned around to find the source of the noise. Some shards of china – fragments of the mugs we had left forgotten – lay in a pool of cold coffee of the floor.

“Ah shit…” muttered Gerard as he hastily climbed off of me, grabbing one of my tee shirts off the floor to mop it up with. I smirked secretly to myself – he was so damn cute! He looked up just then and caught me watching him. For a second he looked a little taken aback, but then he knelt up and kissed me on the tip of my nose and went back to cleaning up the mess we’d made.

God, he was so damn cute.

I took the opportunity to scan the room further. It was pretty massive - about the size of the PE hall at school – and there wasn’t much furniture in it. The bed stood against one wall, by the door. Under one of the boarded over windows there was an old fashioned wooden desk, littered with scrunched up sheets of paper and pens. Other than that the room was totally empty.

One discarded drawing lying on the knotted old desk caught my eye. Slowly I stood up and went over to take a closer look. The concrete floor was ice cold beneath my bare feet.

It was a watercolour painting of a boy. Long black hair, covering one of his watery brown eyes. The boy looked a lot like me, but he was way too beautiful. His skin was flawless, his body toned beneath his black shirt – this couldn’t be me, could it?

“Do you like it?” mumbled Gerard from across the room. “I don’t think I captured your eyes right, you look too helpless. You’ve got a lot more fire in real life…”

Is this really what he thought of me? I stared down at the painting, my mouth hanging open. Gerard was seriously talented.

“You’re a fantastic artist Gee!”

Suddenly I felt warm arms closing around my chest. I could feel Gerard’s breath, warm in my ear. My stomach seemed to flip several times and goose bumps popped up on my arms. I felt Gerard’s teeth playfully tug on my earlobe – it was the strangest feeling! Then he slithered his tongue slowly down my neck and kissed me, just where my wounds still glistened with dried blood on my throat.

With a huge grin upon my face I turned round and wrapped my arms around him while he continued to kiss my neck.
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