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My life at that moment was nothing but a happy blur.

Yesterday I had been some sad, lonely kid whose dad had walked out on him. Frank Iero – that dumbass who hid out in coffee shops reading bloody catcher in the rye over and over ‘cause he was to scared to go home and be with his mom.

Today – God knows what was going on. I’d been attacked, kidnapped by my attacker, fallen in love with my kidnapper – everything was a mess. But I wasn’t about to complain! I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time.

I pushed myself up and sat down on the surface of Gerard’s desk. Gerard wrapped him arms round my waist and slotted his body in between my legs. I was so damn short that even when I was sitting down Gerard was about an inch taller than me! I stared into Gerard’s pale, gorgeous face and felt completely, unbelievably happy that after all these years – five long years – I had found him, or rather he’d found me, and we we’re together again! I had missed out on such a massive thing in his life though – and I wanted to make up for that. I wanted to understand like his mom hadn’t been able to. I needed to understand.

“Gee? What’s it like being a vampire? Is it like in the movies?”
“I guess – kinda. It sucks though 'cause I have to stay out of the light. That’s one of the reasons I live here – there’s no windows! I get pretty lonely... And then there’s the blood thing…”
I groaned and pulled a disgusted face, and Gerard’s ghostly white cheeks turned pink and he quickly stared at the ground.
“I don’t enjoy it!”
”I know, sorry.” I felt bad for making him feel stupid and quickly tried to find a change of subject. Glancing at my watch I realised it was already 9pm. I hadn’t eaten anything all day – god, I was starving!
“Wanna go out and get something to eat? It’ll be all dark by now.”

It was a pretty beautiful night. Warm and dry. A slight, cool breeze ruffled our hair and made fiery orange fallen leaves dance around our ankles. When we left the boarded up factory building Gerard called home we found ourselves on a long, wide road. Car headlights flashed by us at dizzying speeds as we walked in single file down the narrow sidewalk. I made Gee walk in front of me – so that I could keep an eye on him, keep him safe from the traffic. The road basically ran through a large area of wasteland. Empty factories, demolition sites and towering piles of rubble. This was New Jersey. It was hardly outstanding natural beauty – but I loved it all the same.

Gerard turned to me and shouted through the roar of traffic, “Where are we headed?” I pointed towards a lane, leading off the sidewalk into town. As we turned off the main road Gerard dropped back and walked beside me, gently easing my hand out of my pocket and winding his fingers between mine. We walked right into town, holding hands all the way.
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