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I showered and got ready by the time Marie arrived. She is a very prompt girl. Joe needs that. I hopped into her car and we drove off to some sort of home decor place. I was determined to get curtains and some things for the guest bathroom. I had toilet paper in there and that was it! I've never had two bathrooms of my own before.

We parked and walked into the store. This place was huge! I had everything, even a coffee shop! We grabbed some java and made our way through the store. We stopped and began looking at curtains and fixtures for that damned window of mine.

"So I hear that Pete slept in your bed," Marie said and took a sip of her coffee.

"Yea, but Joe was still flipping out when you talked to him huh?" I looked over the curtains in front of me.

"Yea, he called me from the car and Pete was still in there when he said it. Pete was all like 'I didn't even do anything and it was her idea!'" she laughed. "Joe can be so overly protective sometimes. He doesn't even like it if I walk outside alone at night to take out my trash at my place. It's not like I live in a bad area and there isn't security. I mean, it's a gated community."

"Yep, he needs to chill a little sometimes. At least he cares... what about this one? It'll match the bedspread that I already have." I held out a curtain design.

"Yea, that would go great, and you should buy another bedspread that'll match so that you have more than one." She was my new favorite person. We were spending my brother's money and he didn't care at all.

"Oh and listen to this, Gabe asked me to go out sometime," I knew that she wanted this juicy bit of gossip.

"WHAT?!?!? When?" Her eyes were all wide and she was excited.

"Last night. After I took Lady to the room when she bit Joe's hair Gabe followed me. I showed him the balcony and he asked me if I was seeing anyone. I told him no and then he said we should go out sometime." She was practically hanging on my every word.

"Oh my god your love life is so exciting and you've been here what, 24 hours?" She laughed and so did I. She had a really good point. My love life has always been either really hectic or no action at all. I either have multiple guys pining for me at once or no one even notices me.

"Well if Gabe calls to finalize plans, then why not go out? I mean, I'd rather Pete be asking me out, but he's still with Ashlee isn't he?"

"Actually no, they broke up about two weeks ago. He bought her a promise ring and she freaked out and dumped him."

"WHAT? Why didn't he just propose?" I did not understand a woman who had Pete wrapped around her finger that would just leave him when he's trying to commit.

"Well Pete is ready to settle down and start a family and Ashlee is like what, 22? Anyways she is nowhere near ready. He wanted to propose but he opted for a promise ring instead. She flipped out saying she wasn't ready to take it a step further and she dumped him. I think she regrets it because she still calls Pete all the time."

"Wow, she sounds stupid. If Pete offered me a promise ring today I would go for it," I continued looking at curtains.

Marie and I spent about three hours in this store alone and I managed to come away with 3 bedsets, one curtain set for that stupid wall and items for that guest bathroom. Now it was time to buy some clothes before calling it a day. We parked our car and decided to show along the strip of stores. We were walking by a Starbucks when Pete walked out with coffee in hand.

"Hey girls, having fun blowing Joe's money?" He said while he hugged us both.

"Of course we are. And I bought some curtains for that fucking window in my room. That shit was way too bright this morning."

"Tell me about it, I felt like my retnas were burning." We all laughed at his comment. "So what are you doing tonight?"

"Well we're shopping for a little bit more, but nothing planned yet," I glanced at Marie and she was smiling wide.

"Well I should bring Hemmy over for our playdate then," He smiled at me.

"Yea, that sounds fun and we can order pizza and watch a movie or something."

"Sounds great. Here, give me your number and I'll just give you a call later," he said as he pulled his phone out. I gave him my number and we parted ways.

"OOOO! Someone has a 'playdate' tonight!" Marie teased me and I laughed.

"Hey, he wants our dogs to hangout, it's not like he's got a thing for me anyways," I said and I was of course denying that a guy I was into could feel the same way. I always felt like really hot guys wouldn't find me attractive enough to be with them, but I always seemed to date really goodlooking guys. It shocks me and I do end up choosing to like guys who I am way prettier than. Maybe it's a self esteem thing. Who knows?


Marie dropped me off at around 6:30 and I walked to my door. There were some roses on the ground with a note. I picked it up and read the note.

'Thought I would stop by and give you some flowers. Let's have dinner Thursday at 8. Call me to confirm. Gabe'

Awwww. How sweet! I unlocked my door and let Lady run down the stairs to potty. I left the door cracked and I went to the kitchen and put the roses in a vase. I put the bags down on my bedroom floor. Damn they were heavy. Lady ran inside within a few minutes and I shut and locked the door. Might as well confirm plans with Gabe. I picked up my phone and dialed his number.


"Hey Gabe it's Kiley," I said as I arranged the flowers in the vase.

"Hey girl, did you like the flowers?" He sounded kind of excited.

"Yes thank you, they're very beautiful. I just wanted to say that Thursday at 8 is great. So just pick me up then?"

"Yes, and wear something semi nice but not too fancy."

"Sounds good Gabe, I'll see you then. Bye"

"Bye babe," and then I hung up the phone. I have a date!

I began to clean up from the night before. Man was it trashed in the kitchen! I scrubbed all the dried alcohol off the counters and then disposed of the cans, bottles and empty plastic cups. I carried two trash bags down to the dumpster and walked back inside just in time to hear my phone ring.

"Hello?" I said. I didn't recognize the number.

"Hey Kiley? It's Pete." His voice sounded so sexy on the phone.

"Hey Pete, you guys can come over whenever you want. I just finished cleaning last night's mess," I opened the fridge and reached for a bottle of water. Damn I needed to grocery shop.

"Alright cool, we'll leave here in about 20 minutes. It should only take me a few minutes to get there. Need me to bring anything?"

"Just you and Hemmy. I order some pizza."

"Alright I'll see you soon, bye."

"Bye Pete," I said and set my phone down on the kitchen counter. "Ready to have a play buddy Lady?" She looked at me and wagged her tail. She probably had no idea what I was saying, but oh well. I walked into my room and began to unload my shopping bags. Tomorrow someone from the furniture store was coming to install curtain rods and set it all up. Just one more brutal morning.

I was hanging up my clothes when the doorbell rang. I walked over to it and Lady was already there barking and Hemmy was barking back. I opened and Hemmy ran in. Pete looked amazing and I could have fainted right then and there. He was wearing tight jeans, converse, a tight tee with a hoodie and a brimmed black beanie. Lady and Hemmy instantly began playing.

"Hey," he kissed my cheek and walked in. Man did he smell good. I shut the door behind him.

"Hey, I'm just finishing up putting my new things away if you wanna join me in the bedroom for a minute," I said as I walked to my room. He followed and sat on the bed as I removed tags from clothes and put them on hangars.

"So I was thinking that maybe we could go out and see a movie," Pete said a little nervously. Oh my god, he was asking me out? I looked up at him and smiled.

"Sure, that sounds like more fun actually. Do you know the movie times?" I continued to hang up my clothes.

"No, I could check on your computer," he walked over to my already turned on computer and hopped onto the internet and found out movie times. "Wow," he said and I turned around.


"Nothing it's just that you look absolutely beautiful in this picture." He was looking at a picture of Joe and I right after I graduated from college and he had taken me to dinner. I did look pretty good that day. I tried to hide my blushing but it probably didn't work.

"Thanks Pete. That's from when I graduated." I gathered my empty shopping bags and threw them into the trash. "Well just let me change and then we can get going." He nodded and left the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Oh my god was I nervous?

I decided to wear some cute skinny jeans with a really cute, loose hanging tube top and some ballet flats. I let my hair down and it was slightly wavy. Awesome! I didn't have to fix it. I spritzed it with spray gel to make sure it stayed in place and freshened up my makeup.

Pete was sitting on the couch watching TV when I came out.

"Ok, let's get going," I said and he turned around and his jaw mentally dropped. I could see it in his eyes.

"Um... yea... ok," he began feeling his pockets for his keys and then found them on the counter. I couldn't help but smile. He was being so adorable and nervous. And he was such a gentleman and opened my door for me before getting in on his side.

We sat down in our seats and Pete immediately put an arm around me. I leaned more into him and the previews began.

"Just in time," I whispered. He nodded and smiled at me.


We cuddled the entire movie and on our way back to my place I decided to check my phone. I had put it on silent during the movie. I had 3 voicemails and 3 missed calls. All from Joe. Great. Marie probably told him my plans when he asked. I dialed my voicemail and listened to that stupid automated lady.

'You have 3 new messages. New message'

'Kiley, it's Joe. What are you doing? Call me Back.'

'Next Message'

'Kiley it's Marie, sorry Joe knows that you're hanging with Pete and he's flipping because you didn't answer so call us back before he heads over there.'

'Next Message'

'Kiley I'm at your place and you aren't here. Where did you go? I see Hemmy and Lady inside playing but you aren't around. Call me.'

"Wow," I muttered to myself.

"What?" Pete glanced at me.

"Joe is flipping out because he knows that we're hanging out." This made Pete laugh.

"He told all of us that no one was allowed to make a move on his sister or else he would castrate them with his bare hands."

I laughed. "That's ridiculus! In that case he needs to castrate two people." Pete's head turned quickly towards me.

"Who's the other person?" Whoops, probably shouldn't have mentioned that.

"Gabe, he's taking me out Thursday," I said and looked out the window. Pete didn't say anything until we pulled up to my place. No sign of Joe.

"Looks like Joe went home." He parked the car and turned it off. He looked at his hands for a moment before leaning over and kissing me. Holy shit could this man kiss. He used just the right amount of tongue and knew just how to kiss a woman. The kisses were soft and warm. He cupped my cheek with one hand and gently pulled me closer. There was a knock on Pete's window that scared the shit out of us. It was of course Joe. He looked angry.

Pete and I stepped out of the car. Joe whispered something angry to Pete.

"Look Joe, I'm not going to hurt her, calm down," he put his hands on Joe's shoulders and he shrugged them off.

"I told you not to make a move. come on man, she's my sister and you're my best friend."

"Well apparently Gabe asked her out too!" Pete said. Thanks Pete.

"Joe look, you can't control who I date. I am 10 days older than you, come on," I said. He gave me a defeated look. He knew I was right.

"Sorry I just, I don't want them to hurt you and anything to get all fucked up."

"Joe man, you know I wouldn't do anything. And if I did, you can castrate me," he said and that made Joe laugh. Joe hugged us both and headed home.

"Gees he's protective," I said and Pete nodded.

"He means well."

We walked up to my apartment and the dogs were eagerly awaiting our return. Pete leashed up Hemmy.

"Well I'm going to call it a night. Goodnight Kiley," he said and he leaned in and kissed me once more. Man I wanted him to stay and kiss me some more.

"Goodnight Pete," I smiled as I held onto the door.

"I'll call you tomorrow." And with that he left. I shut the door behind me and made my way to the bedroom. I changed into some PJ's, threw my hair into a pony tail and laid down in bed with Lady. I couldn't get the thought of Pete's lips on mine out of my head. Maybe I should call off my date with Gabe. I'll call Marie tomorrow and ask for advice.
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