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Lie in this empty bed with this aching head

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I woke up to Lady pounching on me. Damn dog! Let a woman sleep! I was very surprised that the sun didn't wake me up, then again it was raining wasn't it? I loved the way the rain trickled down my glass window. Ok, so having a really bright, rude awakening was brutal, but this view was so peaceful. I laid on my side and watched the rain fall and pet Lady who laid against my belly. I looked at my bedside table for the time. My clock stated that it was 10:14 AM. Well I guess it wasn't too early.

After I watched the rain fall for about twenty minutes I got up and let Lady out to potty. I started to coffee maker before letting her back in. Poor thing was soaking wet! I towel dried her and then made my way to the shower. The water was so hot that it practically burned my skin, it was just the way I liked it.

I finished my shower and wrapped my towel around my body and headed to the kitche for some coffee. Mmmhhh! I loved the way fresh brewed coffee smelled! I poured myself a yummy cup and headed back to my room. I was determined to write today. I had started a book and I needed to keep typing away.

I tossed my wet hair into a messy bun and decided to wear the Dirty Saves shirt with some PJ pants. Screw putting on makeup, I wasn't expecting any company today. I turned on my computer and pulled up my story in progress. Damn I needed more coffee. I walked back to the kitchen and refilled my cup. My phone was vibrating on the counter.

"Hey Joe," I said as I walked back towards my bedroom.

"Hey, look I'm sorry about last night. I just overreacted."

"Don't worry about it. I'd rather you care then not," I began skimming what I recently wrote.

"Good. So have you gotten time to write yet?"

"Well I was just about to start when you called."

"Well good, I'll let you get back to work. Bye Kiley."

"Bye Joe," I hung up the phone and took a sip of my coffee. Okay, where did I leave off?


So it's 10 PM and Pete never called me. So he's either one of those that says they will call and call like a few days later or he's a liar. Maybe he's just busy. I don't know. I decided not to cancel my date with Gabe since Pete never called me. I spent most of the day writing and checking my phone. The curtains were also installed today and they looked amazing! The rain did let up for awhile and I went to the grocery store and actually bought food.

I've parked myself with a plate full of pasta in front of my TV. I just love those forensics shows. CSI is like, my favorite show, so watching these were just as good, but better since it was real. Lady laid next to me on the couch passed out. My phone beeped. I looked down and saw that I had one text message.

Gabe: Come out with us tonight

Hmmm... wanting to hang out about four days before our date. Why not. It's not like I have to get up early at all.

Kiley: Come pick me up

I stuffed a little more food in my mouth and dumped my plate in the sink. I needed to get ready. My phone beeped again.

Gabe: be there in 20

Shit, that wasn't enough time, but I'd have to make due. I immediately applied eyeliner and mascara and pulled my hair out of it's bun. Well at least my hair was kind of curly. I ran a brush through my hair and put some mouse in it. I fixed any crazy curls with the straight iron and turned to the closet. What to wear? This was always the hardest part about getting ready for me. I would usually change my outfit like, twenty times before deciding on something.

I decided on a one shoulder silky lavender top that clung to my body on all the right curves and my skinny jeans with peeptoe heels. About two minutes after putting on my clothes there was a knock on the door. I walked over and opend it. Gabe was standing there with a smile on his face. Even in heels this man made me feel short. I mean, I was only 5'2", but still! He was TALL!

"You look amazing. Are you ready?" He said to me as he looked me up and down.

"Yep, let's go. Bye Lady!" I called and as I shut and locked my door. We climbed into someone's very nice looking car. Most of Cobra were in the car and Travie from Gym Class Heroes was in there as well!

"Is this Trohman's sister? Well I'm Travie, pleasure to meet you girl," he said and shook my hand. I smiled at him.

"I'm Kiley. I'm going to be forever Trohman's sister huh?" Everyone laughed.

"Um, that would be a yes," Gabe said and he put an arm around my shoulders.


The club was very busy. I had to hold Gabe's hand to make it through the crowd near the entrance without being separated. Not that I minded it in the least bit. We made our way over to a table that was obviously reserved for us and Gabe immediately ordered a round of everyone. I looked around the place. It was very different from the previous club we went to. The walls were white with colored bulbs again. The walls looked pillowy and it made me want to bounce off of them. It was kinda like a padded room. A cosmo was placed in front of me and I smiled at Gabe.

"Good memory."

"Thanks babe," he responded and took a sip of his drink. It always confused me when a guy would have a straw in their drink and then leave it in the glass but not use it. They would hold it to the side with their fingers, but never remove it.

We drank and eventually made it out onto the dance floor. Both Gabe and Travie were excellent dancers. I was pretty tipsy so I didn't really care what I looked like. I eventually needed to break the seal and I headed for the bathroom alone. I was a little sweaty but I still looked good. Thank god for hair product right? When I left the bathroom there was a blonde chick standing at our table I walked up and scooted into the booth next to Gabe.

"Ashlee, you left him. Why do you expect him to answer your calls?" Travie told the blonde. When I took a close look I realized that it was in fact Ashlee Simpson. She's been calling Pete?

"Well I thought he still loved me? And anyways hi, who are you? I'm Ashlee." She turned and held her hand out to me. I shook her hand.

"I'm Kiley," I said.

"She's Joe's sister," Gabe added.

"Really, didn't know Joe had a sister."

"How could you not? He talks about Kiley all the time." Travie said. Aww, my brother really loves me!

"Well maybe he has and I just don't remember. Anyways will you tell Pete to please call me." The guys nodded and Ashlee said her goodbye.

"She's seems lovely," I said sarcastically and took another sip of my beer.

"Yea and a little psycho. She dumped Pete and now she's all flipping out because she heard he went on a date last night." Gabe said and he pulled out his phone.

"Huh," I said. I didn't want to say that it was me. "Who are you calling?"

"Pete, he's gotta know what a psycho she is and to NOT answer the phone."

GREAT! That's all I needed. Him to call Pete and mention that I am here. I knew this was a bad idea getting involved with friends.

"Hey Pete, so listen to this. I'm at the club with Travie, Vicky and Kiley and Ashlee walks up asking us why you don't answer her calls." I watched his facial expressions to see if Pete told him about us. He just started to laugh. "I know, how sad right. Who calls someone 20 times when they dumped that person?" He laughed some more. "Well shit man, you should come up here. That'd be too funny." No don't come up here! "Alright, well hit me up tomorrow. Peace," he hung up the phone. Thank GOD that awkward moment was avoided.


Man was I faded. We left about 2 AM and we had to call a cab. No one was sober enough to drive and we didn't want to end up like Paris Hilton. Gabe was being really flirty in the cab on the way home. When we got to my place he walked me to my door.

"I'm glad you came out with us. It was amazing," he was a little drunk and right now I could tell and I was hammered.

"I know, I never would have thought you could dance like that." He laughed.

"I've got mad skills and dancing isn't the only one." OOO! suggestive flirting. In my drunk state it kind of turned me on. Gabe leaned in and far down and kissed me tenderly at first and then it became more passionate. The cabbie honked after about a minute and Gabe pulled away smiling.

"You should probably go before he leaves you." I giggled and he hugged me.

"Goodnight babe. I'll call you," he made his way down stairs and into the cab. I opened my front door and let Lady out to potty. I put my phone on the charger and let her in. I was too tired to change and I crashed on top of my covers in my clothes.


Fuck I hated hangovers! Everytime I was hung over I would vow to never drink again. That would last for maybe two days tops! I walked into the bathroom and just stuck my head under the faucet to drink water. It tasted like shit but felt so good. I popped some ibuprofen and laid back down for a few more hours before working on my book.

Around 3 PM I decided to check my phone. No missed anything. Wow I was unpopular today. Throughout the rest of the day my phone made absolutely no noise. I was kind of disappointed. I was really hoping that Pete would call. I knew that it was a bad idea to go out with Gabe last night. At least the goodnight kiss was amazing. Damnit why did they both have to be amazing kissers?

I hit the sack pretty early, about 10 PM. No one had called me and I felt a little lonely. Looks like my no attention streak was starting. Fuck I hated it. Why can't I have one of those love lifes where I have one person into me at a time? Oh well, can't really complain. At least I got to make out with two people on the first weekend I was here.
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