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Chapter One

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A FBI agent with a secret must protect a woman destined to bear a child that will destroy the world.

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“Move!” The man said, pushing Kylie out of the way.
Kylie fell hard to the ground and watched in shock as the man attacked the wolf like creature.
Five minutes ago Kylie was walking to her car, minding her own buisness, when out of the bushes had come a creature from her worst nightmares. It rushed at her and she stood there, feet unable to move, life flashing before her eyes.
Then suddenly he was there, pushing her out of harms way, saving her life and risking his own.
The thought that his life could be in danger, made her push herself to her feet. She should get help, who knows what this thing was, or how dangerous it could be.
She had just turned to run when she heard a shot and then the agonizing howl of a dying beast. She turned and saw the man standing over the dead creature, a smoking gun in his hand. The feral look in his eyes made her realize that she was alone with him, that she had no idea if he was better then the now dead creature, or worse.
As she watched him with suspicion, he put the gun away and began to walk toward her, barely sparing the creature he had just killed another glance.
She watched him, wondering if she should run, and was struck by his dark almost unearthly beauty. Sternly she reminded herself about how a handsome face, could still hide a dark heart.
“Kylie Stewart?” He asked, startling her.
She stared at him in fear, he knew her name, her real name, not the assumed one she had been living under. That meant only one thing, Thorne had found her, and sent this man to bring her back.
Quickly, without a word, she turned and began to run, toward the lit up hospital, toward safety.
She heard a curse, then the sound of muffled feet, but she dared not look back. Suddenly her elbow was caught, and she was yanked around to stare into the man’s angry face.
With a screech she swung at him, clipping him in the jaw as he cursed again and grabbed her wrists in a tight hold.
“Calm down Kylie,” he gritted out, “I’m one of the good guys.”
She stopped struggling, panting, to tired to fight anymore and watched him, wondering what he would do next.
“Who are you?” She asked, and he reached into his leather coat, pulling out a badge.
“Agent Wesley Story,” he said, “from the FBI.”
“Are you like Mulder and Scully?” She asked, not sure if there even was such a department in the FBI.
He shook his head with obvious annoyance.
“What I chase is all to real,” he said, gesturing back toward the dead beast.
“I’m going to let go of your hands,” Wesley said, “but you have to promise not to run. Do I have it?”
Kylie nodded and he released her, stepping back.
“What do you want from me?” Kylie asked.
“You used to date a man by the name of Thorne Nelson,” Wesley said. “Am I correct?”
“He was my fiancee,” Kylie said softly, wondering what Thorne had done now.
“He’s put a bounty out on you,” Wesley said, “a million dollars to anyone who can bring you back to him.”
Kylie gasped, she knew Thorne wanted her back, she didn’t realize how much.
“Kylie,” Wesley said, “you have to come with me. You aren’t safe here, as you can see he can find you no matter where you hide.”
“Why would he go through such trouble to find me?” Kylie asked, “with his wealth and good looks he can have any woman he wants. I’m nothing special.”
“That’s where you’re wrong,” Wesley said, gently grasping her elbow and leading her to a black car on the other side of the parking lot. “You’re very special, and that’s why he needs to find you.”
He opened her door and let her inside his car, then hurried around the other side and got in.
“I can’t tell you anymore,” he said, as he began to drive. “That’ll have to wait until we reach the safe house.”
She nodded and studied him, he was younger then she thought at first, with longer dark hair and eyes that weren’t quite blue. But he was still unearthly beautiful.
“Where is this safe house?” She asked and he looked at her.
“About a four hour drive,” he said, “why don’t you get some sleep?”
Kylie realized how tired she was, so she nodded and laid her head back, soon falling into a deep sleep.
Wesley’s sensitive ears picked up the minute her breathing changed and he knew she was asleep. He looked at her, this woman he was rescuing. She was delicate looking, with long blonde hair, her eyes were closed, but he had already memorized the color of them, sea green.
He shook his head, she didn’t look like the vessel to bring in the end of the world. But he knew she was, that was why Thorne Nelson wanted her back so badly. She was the one destined to bear the child that would bring chaos and death wherever he went. Exactly what Thorne Nelson or what his master, wanted.
He looked back at the long road they were driving on. All he had to do was get her to the safe house, he looked at her again, and realized that she was already a problem for him, something he didn’t need to deal with.
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