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Chapter Two

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Agent Story meets an old lover who has turned into a new foe.

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He realized after an hour that they were being followed.
“Crap,” he muttered and reached for his cell phone, looking over at Kylie. She was still asleep, which was good, with what he might have to do, he didn’t need her to end up afraid of him. As a precaution, he reached over and waved his hand over her face, muttering a few words. Now she would sleep through whatever happened.
He picked up the cell, and dialed a number quickly.
“I have her,” he said to the person who picked up the phone. “But there’s a problem, I have a tail. Yeah I’m sure they’re Thorne’s people. I’ll need back up, even when I change, there could be more then I can handle.”
He clicked off the phone and looked in the rearview mirror again, they were definitely following him.
He pushed his foot down on the gas, hoping that he could lose them, but knowing it was no use. He sped quickly down the highway, but they kept pace with him. Finally he knew that since he couldn’t outrun them, he would have to fight them. He whipped the car around and stopped it, jumping out. He summoned his warrior’s sword into his hand, then waved it over the car. Now even if one of Thorne’s people snuck past him, they couldn’t get into the car, not unless he was dead.
The car following him stopped a safe distance away, and Thorne’s people got out.
“Hello Wesley,” a young woman with long red hair said, as she drew a long wicked looking sword out of a sheathe on her back.
“Tabatha,” he sneered, “I should’ve known you would be here.”
“Of course Wesley,” she said, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world, or for the end of it. There’s going to be a war, are you on the right side?”
Wesley took a defensive stance.
“I’m on the only side.”
Tabatha sprang forward and swung her sword at Wesley, he met it with his own sword and the clash of metal filled the air.
“You never have been able to beat me Tabatha, why do you think now will be different?” Wesley taunted as they circled each other.
She smiled.
“I don’t want to beat you Wesley,” she said, thrusting at him suddenly. “I want to kill you.”
He spun away, and the tip of her sword caught the material of his jacket, tearing it.
They circled each other again, and he saw Tabatha’s companion trying to get into the car.
“He won’t get her that easily,” he said, staring at Tabatha. “The car won’t open for anyone except for me.”
“Unless you’re dead,” she hissed and swung at him again.
He met her sword again and again, soon the clanging of metal filled the quiet evening air.
“I never regretted leaving you,” she said suddenly and he knew she was trying to ruin his concentration. “I get so much more from Thorne, then I ever did from you.”
“You know what will happen to that girl if Thorne gets a hold of her,” Wesley said. “There was a time that you would’ve cared.”
Tabatha laughed with derision.
“Always the bleeding heart Wesley,” she said, “it will be the death of you.”
She lunged at him and he twisted away, but not fast enough. Her sword caught his sleeve and ripped it open, drawing blood.
Tabatha laughed again, then sheathed her sword, magically shedding her clothes. Her eyes began to change color and her body transformed quickly.
Wesley cursed, then sheathed his own sword, his arm throbbing with each movement he made.
He shed his clothes, then transformed, facing Tabatha, now a large, red dragon.
“Now we are equal,” he said, in the form of a large, black dragon, and she snarled at him, before lunging.
He flapped his wings and soared upward, Tabatha close on his tail. Quickly he twisted and snapped at her, catching her leg as she carelessly brought it to close.
Tabatha snarled in pain, plunging downward, before catching herself and flying upwards again, straight at Wesley.
He dodged her charge, swooping down, away from the car and Kylie.
“I’ll enjoy ripping your heart out,” she snarled as she chased him, snapping close to his feet.
“You’ll have to catch me first,” he taunted and swooped downwards.
Tabatha lunged at him again, this time biting into his leg and Thorne swore at the tearing pain.
He felt himself falling as she let him go, and the transformation into man happened unwillingly.
As he plunged downwards toward the ground, Kylie’s face flashed through his brain and he silently asked her to forgive him for not protecting her enough.
Suddenly his downward fall, was stopped and he realized someone was holding him. He looked into the grinning face of his best friend and fellow FBI agent Angel.
“It’s about time,” he grumbled, then grinned to let her know he was glad she was here.
He looked upward as Angel carried him back to the car, and watched as other fellow agents chased Tabatha. She had seen them coming and flew quickly away, abandoning her companion and car.
Angel set him down gently, then quickly gathered his clothes, handing them to him.
“We got here as fast as we could,” she said, pushing her long dark hair out of her face. “Thank God we arrived when we did, or you would be one squashed dragon right now.”
Wesley smiled his thanks, then dressed quickly, picking up his sheathed sword and limped to the car.
He laid his hand on the door, and murmured a word, quickly undoing the spell that protected the vehicle.
He opened the door, and looked inside, glad to see Kylie still slept.
Suddenly a hand on his shoulder made him jump and he turned quickly, relaxing when he saw Pino.
“You have been hurt my friend,”he said, in his thick Italian accent. “Come, let me heal you.”
Wesley looked at Kylie once more, then nodded his head, and followed Pino to the side of the road.
He saw the man who had been with Tabatha being questioned by two agents.
“Who is he?” He asked Pino, before sitting down and letting the him examine his arm and leg.
“He is human,” Pino said, putting his hand on Wesley’s arm, and closing his eyes.
Wesley felt a warm sensation, as his wounds healed, then Pino stepped away.
“Next time,” he said, smiling, “try not to let the dragon bite you.”
Wesley nodded, then stood, walking toward the man who was working for Thorne.
“Dragynspawn,” the man spat, when he saw Wesley. “You’re kind should be wiped from the earth.”
Wesley smiled, then drove his fist into the man’s stomach, sending him to his knees on the ground.
“Tell me,” Wesley said coldly, “who are you?”
The man stayed stubbornly mute, and Wesley grasped his hair, pulling him up and hitting him again.
“Stop him,” the man begged, after he caught his breath. Looking pleadingly at the two agents who still stood by.
They shook their heads and walked away, leaving the man alone with Wesley.
“You see scum,” Wesley said, his eyes changing color. “No one here cares if you live or die. Now you’re going to tell me who you are. Then you’re going to tell me who Thorne Nelson is working for, before I turn you into dragon chow.”
The man smiled coldly.
“My name is Lidio,” he said, “as for the name of my master,” he said, then moved quickly, pulling a packet out of his shirt. “That you’ll never know.”
Before Wesley could stop him, Lidio put the packet in his mouth, the poison racing quickly to his blood stream and stopping his heart.
Wesley swore foully as Lidio fell limply to the ground, then turned around and walked back to the car. Where Angel waited, watching over Kylie.
“I found out nothing but his name,” he said. “I’m still no closer to the master.”
He looked at Kylie and his expression softened.
He realized Angel was staring at him with a frown.
“Be careful,” she said, “you know you can’t get close. Not with this one, not with what might have to be done.”
“I know,” he said, then got into the car, rolling the window down. “I’ll see you at safe house.”
Angel smiled, “I’ll fly over you, just in case dragon lady comes back for round two.”
Wesley nodded, saluted Angel, before starting the car.
Angel watched as he turned the car around and sped away, then she turned to the other agents.
“Let’s go,” she said, then unfurled her wings and soared into the air, following Wesley’s car.
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