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Everything I need

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Fee and Gee get closer

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A/N: Hey people, I'm baaack!! ^ ^ Thank you all so much for the awesome reviews you all left me, they made me smile :] Its great to be home, I missed having my own bed - I had to share ¬¬ But best of all... I can add to my stories now!! xD
So heres the next chapter - enjoy!

I lay on my bed, hands behind my head. I was trying not to think, because when I did all I could think about was him... Why was I obsessing over him so much? I wanted nothing more than to see him again but I couldnt even use the puddle thing because Renardo had banned me unless it was for something other than Gerard since Ray almost found out. Apparently he took a lot of convincing to believe I had been looking for the man I had made repent. I knew that wasnt the only reason he had banned me though, he was scared. I could tell. He was scared because he didnt like how strongly I felt for this demon, not just because he was a demon, but because he was also a man. It frightened Renardo to think that I might possibly like Gerard more than a friend. And it scared me too...
But I still I wanted, no, needed to see him. To talk to him, find out more about him. I wanted so badly to just hear his voice.
I groaned and rolled over, pulling the pillow over my ears in a vain attempt to block out my thoughts but it just made them louder. I had never felt this way before, and it was killing me. I wanted to swear, to throw the pillow at the wall and swear as loud as I could like I had when I was a teenager, and alive on Earth. How long ago that had been, centuries and centuries and when I had been murdered at the age of only twenty four I became an angel and through the centuries I worked my way and became head angel. But now I had nothing better to become, and I was bored. This was the stage most angels would find a partner, and I knew there was a lot of other angels who would gladly become mine. But I didnt want them. These beautiful creatures with long silky hair and smooth golden skin that men on earth would kill for, die for, dreamed of so much it hurt... I didnt want them.
I didnt know who I wanted.
This was the lie I kept repeating to myself, over and over until I almost believed it. Almost. I traced the outline of the tattoos on my arms with a finger, there were not a lot of people in heaven who were aloud tattoos, but I was. Being head angel I could look like I wanted, even though god did not like the tattoos thinking it was a way of covering up when you should be proud of what you looked like and who you were, but he was understanding and it had not took me long to explain these tattoos were a part of who I was. Whenever I felt sad, or empty, I would go to Earth with permission from god and get another tattoo. It made me feel completed for a while. But the emptiness I felt now was something I knew no amount of body art could fill. It was the kind of emptiness I guess has always been there, I just hadnt realised it until now. I knew what I needed to complete me. Or should I say who...
I fell asleep with his name still lingering on my lips.

"Hey Frank, you've got another job." Renardo passed me a slip of paper and I glanced the name on it. A woman. "You've got three hours, three hours for you to get her to repent and then get back up here. And try not to run into any demons today." I glared at Renardo and nodded. "Okay." I snarled as the other angels around laughed. As I released my wings and took a leap into the air I heard Renardo call after me - "Three hours!"
It didnt take the woman long to repent, about an hour at most and I left her home near central park in New York with time to spare. I knew I should go straight back to heaven and I was going to, when I saw him. He was stood by a tree, watching me with his hazel eyes. My heart seemed to stop beating for a moment and I walked over to him automatically. I stopped a few feet away from him and we stared at eachother, I was too afraid to go any closer and my heart was pounding frantically inside my chest, I could almost see big red letters across his face spelling 'forbidden'. Slowly a smile crept across his face.
"Frank Iero. The head angel." The words were spoken gently, almost as if he didnt quite believe it. I nodded silently.
"Yes. And... your head Demon." He nodded and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, he offered me one and I shook my head, he chuckled darkly. "No. I suppose you dont smoke." He smirked, lighting the cigarette and placing it between his lips.
"I quit when I went to heaven." I said.
"Quite the angel arent you." He chuckled. I swallowed hard and felt myself trembling with nerves that I couldnt explain.
"How long do you have until you have to go back to heaven?" He asked.
"Two hours."
"Walk with me?" He set off along the path and I followed him. He took long drags of his cigarette as if he was as nervous as I was. "I havent been able to get you out of my head, I snook out of hell so I could find you." He said quietly.
"What will happen if you get caught?" I asked. He shrugged.
"I dont know, punishments are thought up for when theyre needed in hell. Something bad. Satans pretty pissed with me since yesterday, he likes breaking ribs for some reason, theyre like the internal armour, protecting all your major organs and when he's betrayed he likes to break one rib for each betrayal as a sign that he can break down your defences and kill you if he wanted. And I'm not talking human death either -" He left the sentence hanging, shuddering and taking another drag on his cigarette. He was scared of being found and I would be too. There are two kinds of death, the human death, where your a human and you die and go to heaven or hell or wander the earth. The other death is when you've already died a human death, if your killed then you will spend eternity in darkness, blind and unfeeling with no love. Its the death everyone in heaven and hell fear. Its called the true death, because that is the true form of death and what humans tend to fear although they have to die first before being able to truly die. I couldnt bear the thought of Gerard being killed.
"You should go back, before they notice you've gone." I said, Gerard continued before sitting under a tree, I followed and he pulled me down beside him. "No. I'm staying until you have to go back." He said.
"But you might get hurt -"
"I dont care. It'll be worth it as long as I can talk to you." He said, I stared into his eyes and saw how honest he was being and my stomach felt as if it had just flipped over. "Oh..." Was all I could say but he seemed to understand how I felt because he smiled.
"So whats it like being head angel?" He asked. I leant against the tree trunk and shrugged.
"W - well... I just have to make people repent and god tells me about things he has to do and stuff that he doesnt tell the other angels. And if he ever had to go away on business or something then I would take care of the angels whiles he's gone..." I explained breifly. Gerard nodded. "Same sorta thing for me being head demon." He said. "Wait... how did you know I was head demon?" He asked. Fear hit me like a brick wall and I began to stammer and stumble over my words. "Er.. Ray told me." I said quickly.
"Ah, he's the one who recognised Mikey." He said with a nod.
"Yeah... You and Mikey had the same last name..."
"Yeah, we're brothers. He's Satans second muse." I tilted my head.
"He has two muses?" I gasped. Gerard nodded.
"Yeah, personally I would say Mikeys better at giving ideas than the other one. He's too busy slobbering over the whores." He answered. "The whores?" I asked, Gerard put out his cigarette, blowing away the last of the smoke.
"Yeah. Satan has ten whores down there, only he is allowed to lay with them. The first muse is always drooling over them, in fact, I had to arrange for him to get a night with one in secret so he would tell Satan that we're erm... friends." He said, slowly looking at me as if he was unsure that we were friends. I smiled and he smiled back, so, that was what he had done to stop this muse from telling Satan that he had fallen for me. Even if he wouldnt tell me that, I wasnt sure I wanted him to tell me since we couldnt be more than friends. It was impossible. "How did you get him with one?" I asked, worried they might tell Satan.
"Easy, theyre kept locked in a room and I have to look after the key. One of them, Elisia, hates Satan and she was more than happy to go with the muse and go against Satan. I can trust her too, she'll keep the secret." I nodded and he placed his hands behind his head, looking at the leaves above us. "So, did you get into much trouble?" He asked.
"No, I was just given a lecture by Renardo, one of the Angels. But he wasnt too hard on me, we're good friends." I said.
"Cute." Said Gerard lightly.
"What about you?" I asked. Gerard shrugged.
"Just a lecture too, I was lucky I guess. If they find out about this I wont be so lucky though." He chuckled to himself. "It makes me nervous, its exciting. I enjoy the adrenalin." He looked at me and smiled. I smiled shyly back.
"I dont, I hate thinking they might find out." I shuddered at the thought.
"Why? What will they do to you?" Asked Gerard, looking concerned. I shook my head.
"Its not me I worry about, its you, whatever happens to me it will be ten times worse for you and I lo -... I mean, I dont want you to get hurt because of me." I blushed darkly and looked away. There was a small silence.
"It would be your fault, it would be mine too."
"I still dont want you to get hurt..." I mumbled. Wishing I didnt feel so damn nervous.
"Why?" He asked. I flinched at the question, he couldnt of asked anything more difficult to answer. He waited patiently for me to reply and I didnt turn to look at him when I did. "B - Because I care for you." I mumbled. He didnt reply for a moment and then I felt his cool fingertips on the side of my face, gently turning me to face him. He was on his knees and he pulled me to mine to face him. "I care for you too." He whispered, our faces moved closer and hovered only a centimetre away, I could almost taste his lips and a strange desire came over me, something I couldnt control and I went to move closer when he turned away. Snapping me out of it. "Its been almost two hours, I dont want you getting found out. You should go now." He said quietly. I got to my feet as did he. I was frightened by how close we had been to kissing, how I wouldnt have denied it. How I was eager to be the cause of it, I wouldnt have been able to have controlled myself. I wouldnt have pulled away or made him stop, I would have gone with it and that was bad, angels dont do things like that. Gerard turned to face me and smiled. "No ones around, you can fly there." He said. I nodded and released my wings, Gerard reached out and ran a finger gently down the long grey and white feathers. "Beautiful." He whispered.
"Thankyou." I mumbled shyly and his fingers wrapped around my hand giving it a gentle squeeze before he looked at me with a sweet, shy expression I wouldnt have guessed from him. "We...I'll try to meet you again." He mumbled, toeing the floor and I smiled.
"I hope so." And with that I looked to the sky and kicked off the ground, flying upwards.
As I reached the clouds I looked down and I could just make out a tiny dot dissapearing below the ground.
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