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According To Mikey, Gerard Isn't Awesome

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Chapter 11. Gerard and Mikey fight.

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New chapter my fellow readers/writers. By the way, I own NOTHING. That includes My Chemical Romance. This is all fiction. Meaning it never happenend.


"I am so awesome." Gerard said still sitting down against the tree, now with his eyes closed and smiling. He was reminiscing on his plan.

"No you're not." A voice said behind him. Gerard turned around to see his younger brother Mikey standing there, chuckling a little bit.

"Oh, it's /you/." Gerard said closing his eyes once again and attempting to ignore his brother. Mikey really chose the worst time to talk to someone.

Mikey's eyes widened as he heard Gerard. His brother had never talked to him like that. "What's your problem Gerard?" Mikey asked trying to put as much anger into his voice as humanly possible. "You were acting like this all day. You wouldn't even talk to me in the morning. So, tell me, what's wrong?" He asked now worried.

"It doesn't concern /you/, Mikey." Gerard said just as stubbornly as before. He was trying to get rid of Mikey so he could get back to his thoughts, but he wasn't going to leave too easily.

"I'm you're brother." Mikey said. The word 'brother' always meant something to Gerard. These two boys had always had a very close bond. Gerard opened one eye, and looked directly up at Mikey who was still standing above him.

"What's your point?" Gerard said opening his other eye to see Mikey crossing his arms.

"What the fuck?! What's wrong with you?!" Mikey screamed.

"What's wrong with /me/? Nothing! You just barge up here assuming I have some kind of problem." Gerard growled.

"No I-" Mikey started.

"Don't deny it." Gerard mumbled, looking back down.

"I thought...Well, 'cause in the morning..."Mikey trailed off trying to find a way to win this argument. "I was just thinking-"

"Thinking what?!" Gerard screamed as he began standing up. "You thought I had these imaginary problems to deal with!? That's because I always do! I'm that stupid freaky kid who has nothing better to do then make up shit and live in my head!"


"No! I know what you were thinking, Mikey." Gerard said calming down. "I'm that messed up kid, right? The kid that's going to do nothing with my life. Is that what you were going to say, Mikey?" Gerard said stepping closer to his now scared brother.

"No! I wasn't!" Mikey retorted.

"But, you were thinking it, right?" He asked angrily. Mikey's eyes darted from side to side, looking for someone to drag him out of this place. Mikey was thinking all of those things. But not on a regular basis. There always those days that Gerard would just sit and mope around for no apparent reason. Mikey always thought Gerard was looking for excuse to be this way. "Exactly." Gerard said sitting back down and crossing his arms.

Mikey stood there, starring down at his brother who had verbally lashed out at him. Mikey's sudden anger had taken over him. "Fuck you." Mikey took off, not giving a chance for Gerard to reply. Gerard's heart dropped at least a couple centimeters when Mikey ran away from him. He didn't want Mikey to get that upset. Gerard wanted him to be only a little bit angry, but to the point where he would walk away with a simple curse word. He watched him take off into the distance before looking away.

Gerard was still in before realizing what he had to do. "Damn." Gerard said, picking up his bag from the ground and began his search for his now hurt brother.

Mikey Way walked across the oval with his bag held close. He didn't want to Gerard to feel the way he did. Mikey held his back pack closer to him, as if he was hugging it for comfort. He sat down in the middle of the green field and sighed. He set his bag down on his side and rested his chin in his palm. Mikey pouted as he used his other hand to push his glasses back up his nose, even thought he liked them on the end, even though people thought it was stupid. Like Ray said one time, he thought Mikey was a weird kid for wearing his glasses like that, but Mikey always took it as a joke, from him anyway. Before he knew it something collided with the back of his head, and his glasses went flying off.

Mikey let out a small girlish scream. Both hands clutched the back of his head as he began to feel the sting of the football hitting him, which was lying next to him. He heard laughs from behind him as he searched for his glasses. He reached his hands out in front of him and patted the grass to find the item responsible for his clear vision. He knew quite well this wouldn't be an easy vision as he heard a clutter of footsteps near him. Those were obviously the footsteps of those who made his glasses almost disappear. "Damn it!" He yelled as he knew he would have trouble finding his glasses without any help.

"Hey four eyes!" He heard someone call behind him. Mikey rolled his eyes at the rather unoriginal comment.

"Emo's don't have four eyes you idiot!" He heard another voice.

"I was talking about his glasses." Mikey heard another person say while he still searched for the item that caused the argument behind him.

"Glasses don't have any eyes! Let alone four!" Mikey let out a small giggle when he heard this, only to receive a slap on the back of the head. He groaned in pain again as the once again felt the sting in the back of his head. Mikey soon heard the voices behind him disappear and he knew the area around him was safe.

"Mikey?" He heard a familiar voice behind him.

Mikey turned around slowly to see a blurry figure with black hair. He was also known as his 'loving' brother, Gerard. "Are you going to throw something at my head too?" He asked arrogantly. Gerard gave him a confusing look as he raised his right eyebrow. Mikey decided not to tell him about the past few incidents. "Never mind." Gerard handed him his glasses and he was now able to see better. He muttered a small 'Thanks'.

There was an awkward silence between the two. "Sorry little bro." Gerard lied looking in the opposite direction of Mikey. He wasn't sorry. Not one little bit. Gerard attempted to hide his smile by biting on his tongue, which was getting rather sore now.

Mikey couldn't permanently stay made at Gerard. He didn't even know why Gerard was acting like this. They had always openly shared their feelings. But this topic was very touchy. Mikey sighed as Gerard handed him his glasses. Mikey shared a smile with Gerard as they pulled each other into a hug. Mikey's smile widened as he knew that this fight had come to an end at last. Even though it only lasted a few minutes, the pain was still there.

"Are we alright now?" Gerard asked as they pulled apart. He had to clean things up with Mikey, and then everything would be alright again. At least the bond between these two boys would be fixed. Mikey quickly nodded signaling everything was okay.

"We're fine now, Gee." He said. He paused, wondering whether or not to question Gerard about his actions earlier that day. Young Michael was beginning to worry about his big brother. He couldn't bare to lose him over something he didn't even know. Mikey didn't know what problems were occurring in Gerard's life right now. Gerard being emotionally distant lately and it wasn't helping either of them. It wasn't helping anyone at all. He wondered of the problems this young boy could be having.

Mikey's P.O.V answer these questions, then it's back to the normal point of view.

School? No. It's not like Gerard didn't care about his education. He just wasn't too invested in it.

Self-esteem? No way. Gerard was always a shy kid. But it wouldn't get to him that much.

Sleep? Maybe he hasn't had enough of it and it's catching up with him.

Identity crisis? Maybe he was searching for 'himself' and having trouble. He's almost becoming an adult, and things are not only physically changing for him, but more importantly things are emotionally changing with him.

"You right?" Gerard asked Mikey who snapped out of his thoughts. Gerard making Mikey think that he still cared about like he did before was working.

"Fine." He said smiling. "You wanna eat some lunch before the bell rings?" Mikey asked patting his stomach indicating hat he was hungry.

"Sure." Gerard said as he sat down on the green field. "Let's just eat here. I'm not in the mood to walk back to the tree."

" 'Kay." Mikey said sitting down with him and going through his bag to find his lunch. Mikey pulled out his blue lunchbox covered with stickers. Gerard opened his bag and did the same. Soon enough, Mikey's eyes widened as he pulled out a chocolate bar. "Chocolate!" He screamed, and getting attention from people around him. He held the chocolate bar above his head in victory, and got a pouting looking from Gerard.

"I didn't get any." He said in a rather sad voice. He knew his mother probably just ran out. He wasn't going to think too much about whether his mother loved Mikey more. He knew that was absurd.

Mikey laughed. "Too bad." He said opening the packet and taking a bite.

"Can't I have some?" Gerard asked.

"Nope." Mikey said grinning.

"But we're brothers!" Gerard screamed.

"Brothers or not. I do NOT share my chocolate. Under any circumstances." He said taking another bit.

Gerard didn't bother to try and win this argument. He knew not to get involved with Mikey's chocolate. So, Gerard settled with carrot sticks. Hell, at least it was healthier.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know please. And, like wtf, my holidays aren't for like 2 weeks. I thought it was 1. There 12 weeks in this term. Which is gay. So, slow updates maybe. But, I'll try and update as much as I can. And thanks to all that reviewed so far. You're all awesome.

xx ILY all.
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