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To Win A Heart, One Must Be Broken

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Chapter 10. Gerard's worked out his plan wo win Julie over.

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So sorry for the lack of updates! I've been busy with school and my computer was stuffed up! But, my holidays are soon, and I will be writing WAY more. I have tons of ideas for this story. And I hope you all keep reading it.

I own nothing. It's all made up. Meaning it never happened. EVER. It's all fiction. And lives in my head.

Gerard couldn’t not, under any circumstances, handle this. He wanted to know what Julie was feeling, and he couldn't keep fantasizing about her. Gerard wanted to know what she was feeling. He couldn't let her move onto some other guy, Mikey perhaps, and she would never know his true feelings. He sighed for the millionth time, sitting in the back of the classroom. He was drawing continuous lines among the once blank page. The teacher was babbling more then usual, although no one really paid attention to how much time the teacher was actually wasting.

Although it wasn't very exciting, Gerard was enjoying the teacher talking. Becuase he had time to think of the thoughts that were running through his head. He began leaning back in his chair as he starred up at the ceiling. The two front legs soon took off from the floor as he began leaning further back. He gripped the desk in front of him, scared of falling over and the embarrassment that would cause.

Soon the class ended and Gerard took off without a second thought. He was running out of the room, as he put his bag on and as he gripped his books. He suddenly began walking through the two white doors in front of him, and out into the open. He was now on his way to lunch and he was now approaching his usual seating area. He got the same strange looks which he always gets, but, being the person he is, he decided to ignore them. He looked around at the view, attempting to find the woman he longed for. He couldn't help but smile when she popped into his head. Gerard soon heard a pack of jocks behind him, from the growls, and walked faster to the tree.

He eventually reached his destination, and set his bag down and sat next to it. He shifted his body so he was leaning against the tree. He took a deep breathe, and suddenly wondered if he would ever be with Julie. If his one dream would come true. He so badly wanted to be the one to hold her hand and make her happy. He needed her. He didn't want to wait. He needed her /now/. Sure, he was only 17 and he was already thinking about a future with this girl. He loved her, and he was not afraid to say it.

But lately, his emotions have become it's person. And this person was controlling Gerard. His sudden urge to just get rid of Mikey forever had become like a plan. To rip Julie from his arms and to keep her to himself was soon becoming reality.

Gerard wanted Julie wanting to be with him fact, rather then fiction. Why wouldn't she like him? He was nice, helpful, good at art. Julie loved art. Mikey couldn't draw for crap. What more could Julie want in a guy? But there was still that same haunting thought of Mikey touching Julie in a place he shouldn't. And Gerard wanted to rip that thought to shreds. These were the thoughts that made Gerard feel useless. Then his confidence will drop, and he couldn't give a simple wave to Julie.

Julie was the girl who might. The girl who could, not the girl who /would/. A little reassurance, and there was a chance he would be optimistic about this whole situation. He would be able to think happy thoughts.

"Think happy thoughts." Gerard repeated over and over again. It didn't work. Not one little bit. "That was stupid." He mumbled as he sat up more properly and straightening his back.

He suddenly thought of something. A plan that was flawless. It was like this had turned into a competition. And the prize was Julie. He smiled at his sly plan, which came together with an evil laugh. His plan could be unstoppable, and quite possibly his best one yet. Julie was always a jealous girl. He knew she would come running into Gerard's arms. He could already see the look in her eyes when Mikey rejected her. Julie would definitely need a shoulder to cry on, and then a certain someone's lips to kiss to make it all better.

When Mikey tells Julie he doesn't feel the same way, the world would be at peace, for Gerard anyway. So, while Julie pours her heart out to Mikey and he has a hissy fit, Gerard would be there when she was desperately lonely.

But, Gerard needed someone to be in the way. Some sort of a distraction so no one would get too suspicious. In order to win a heart, one must be broken. He'd date a girl, use her in other words. Then when Julie needed him the most he would be "busy" with the one he loved. Of course, Julie would jealous of Gerard's new girlfriend. This devious plan was so simple. He couldn't wait to start it. He just needed to ask someone out, there was always some desperate girl. Then Julie would be his, and Mikey would miss out on a opportunity of a lifetime.

Bad Gerard? Lol, yeah. I'm making him quite an evil little boy now. Once again. Another sorry for a super long wait for an update. Review please.
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