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International Ignore Frank Day

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Chapter 9. Gerard's a little grumpy at his brother still.

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Don’t own. I never did or will. That means, I do NOT own My Chemical Romance. I only own the plot. This is all FICTION. It never happened.

Gerard strolled through school that day aware of what was ahead of him. His thoughts were still on a particular girl, having there own special place together. A place where no one could harm them. It was like their own personal sanctuary, and nobody could ever ruin that. He took longer and faster steps when he went through the school gates. He knew what he had to do today, and he knew what the day was filled with. It was like a routine. Someone would call him a fag, push him into a locker and then there were more insults thrown at him.

Gerard was sure that he heard someone calling him. Frank. Of course, Frank would always be slightly more curious when Gerard would ignore him. Frank called out Gerard’s name a good 10 times, only to have Gerard continuing to walk in the opposite direction. Eventually, Frank gave up and walked back to his previous position with a group of friends from his class.

Gerard didn’t know where he was heading. Sure he knew the school like the back of his hand, but his thoughts were set on someone else. He was walking but he didn’t now why or where he was going. He soon thought of how he was going to tell Julie. It wouldn’t be easy; she was pretty much oblivious to Gerard when Mikey was around. So, he needed to get her alone, a place that was invisible to everyone besides Julie and Gerard. Gerard stopped walking and let his thoughts run his mind.

I love you.

He not only wanted to tell her that, but he needed it. He needed that more than anything or anyone else. He was sick and tired of being lonely, and he knew this was his only chance to tell her. He had plenty of opportunities before, but none like this. She was taking over him, and Gerard let her. He had never felt this way, even after a year of ‘crushing’ on her. Something sparked in him and he had to tell her. Even if that meant hurting Mikey.

Gerard suddenly realised he had stopped in his tracks. His eyes wondered off into the distance of students, no one had noticed Gerard’s sudden stop. He focused even more on the students; they were doing the same thing they always did. The popular girls picking on the poor girl with glasses and braces, the jocks playing football, and the skaters kick flipping over lunch tables. The usual schedule.

He shook the thoughts out of his head when he heard the bell ring. He began walking to homeroom, to start off his day.

I’m not at all happy with this chapter. It’s a very crappy filler. At least I think it is. But I wanted more of Gerard’s thoughts in this. So maybe some happy reviews? That would make me feel better. Also, if you’re not busy, you could read my new one shot Shirtless Boys? But thanks to everyone who already read it an reviewed and thanks to AshamedToRiseAndBe for rating that story. You gave me +1, it’s small but it means heaps! So thanks to everyone who read and reviewed this story so far, and sorry for the wait for this update. More should be up soon. Thanks. Love you all heaps! And To Marry Or Not To Marry, it’s on hiatus.

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