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The Perfect Place

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Chapter 8. Julie thinks about Mikey.

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/Don’t own anything here besides the plot. Which means, I do NOT own My Chemical Romance. This is all FICTION. It never ever happened/.

Julie’s mind wasn’t working at her best that day. The only thoughts she had in her head were the ones that she dreaded the most. She couldn’t handle the fact of Mikey not even being the slightest bit interested in her. She’s felt this way before. Julie has seen Mikey look at girls a certain way. The way she wanted Mikey to look at her. She wanted Mikey’s eyes to be filled with love and lust when he looked at her. Not full of friendship.

Julie staggered to school that morning. She hadn’t really talked to anyone since yesterday morning. And the last person was Gerard. She remembered confessing almost everything to Gerard. The last words escaping her mouth like her heart was ripping apart. She somehow knew Mikey didn’t feel the same way. But at the same time she still wanted to let him know. It was no help telling Gerard, and Julie promised him not to say anything.

She continued walking ever so slowly to school. She didn’t really feel like going, there was no use of it anyway. She’d go to class, not pay attention and then go home. She wasn’t planning on talking to anyone. Not even Mikey. She didn’t want to ruin everything they had by telling him she loved him today; she wanted to wait for the perfect moment. Her breathed began quicker as she was getting closer to school. She knew what was ahead of her. Numerous questions oh why she wasn’t talking to anyone.

Where were you?

Are you alright?

What happened to you yesterday?

The usually caring questions she would of liked, but today she wanted to be left alone. Julie didn’t know why Mikey had this sudden affect on her. She felt something for him ling ago. And she always hoped that one day he would feel the same towards her. She smiled to herself thinking of everything that could possibly happen. But, to her, those possibilities were endless. She suddenly felt like nothing could stop her. No one. Not one person could split them apart. She looked across the street to see Gerard walking, almost as slowly as her, with his head down. Gerard didn’t notice her, and Julie sighed out of relief.

She remembered that her birthday was coming up soon. And she thought of the perfect place to tell Mikey.

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