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Chapter 7. Ew, it's a filler. Gerard has some thoughts.

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Don’t own anything. Including MCR. This is all fiction. It never happened.

Gerard did the usual thing that morning. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast and then head off to school. He didn’t walk with Mikey that day, he didn’t really want to face the boy who ruined the one thing he thought he had a chance doing: dating Julie. Gerard’s thoughts didn’t run away from him immediately, he still loved Julie. No matter what she told him, his feelings wouldn’t just pack up and leave. He didn’t want them too anyway. So there he was, on his way to school. Thinking of the one thing that truly made him happy.

Gerard didn’t know whether he was going to talk to her or not. He didn’t want to ignore, and make her feel bad, but, at the same time, he couldn’t face her yet. He was dying to tell her of his feelings, of how much she meant to him. He wanted to tell her of all the endless hours he spent thinking of her. All the times he wondered what life would be like with her. How their future would end up.

These dreams were shattered when Julie told Gerard her feelings. How she liked Mikey. Like can mean anything these days. There was a possibility that Julie did actually loved Mikey. But there was another possibility. That made Gerard angrier and sadder than ever. It was the fact that Mikey might even the feel the same. Gerard’s anger towards Mikey didn’t fade. Gerard hadn’t even talked to him yesterday, or even this morning. That’s why he was there walking by himself to school.

He was actually happy alone He had a chance to collect his thoughts without having anyone interrupt. That was until he felt a hand on his shoulder, as well as someone call out his name. Gerard didn’t have to turn to work out who it was. He instantly recognised the voice. Michael James Way. The boy Gerard despised more than ever. Without a second thought, Gerard didn’t stop walking. He continued walking down the street despite his brother’s yelling. His steps became quicker, as did his thoughts. Mikey’s voice soon faded away, much to Gerard’s happiness.

Questions popped into his head. Some that were even unnecessary. Thoughts soon poured through the folds of his mind. These thoughts didn’t even disgust Gerard one little bit. The reality of the situation was too much too handle. Gerard wanted to hurt his brother. Not just emotionally, but physically. Gerard wanted Mikey to feel worthless. Just like the day Gerard’s dreams shattered. Gerard’s poisoned and sadistic thoughts would probably make anyone feel sick. If anyone did actually know what Gerard was thinking. They’d call him a /monster/. Gerard shook the thoughts out of his head as he entered the school, it was as if his face still showing the entire world his twisted smile.

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