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Aishiteru Koi

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Kagome and the gang all are going christmas shopping together! Will love get stirred up as well? Find out in Aishiteru Koi!

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Ashiteru Koi
By: Sesshomaru15
Beta: Emma and Creya
Emma has been away on a vay-cay
So Creya has been the only one doing it.
Arigato Creya!!! ^_^
This is a Sessho/Kagome
No likey the couple, no read-ey the fic!
Some inu bashing
he-he ;-)
this may be a one-chapter story
this will be a christmas fic
This is an AU people
I accept flaming and helpful comments
but please tone down the flaming to a minimum!
Rakuya is my own creation! No stealing!
to the story!!!!!!

“Hey mom? I was wondering if I could have fifty dollers so I can
go out with Miroku, Sango, Inuyasha, and Rakuya and buy presents???”I
asked using my best little helpless puppy look on her.

“Are you going to use it to buy yourself presents like you did last
year and then beg me christmas-eve for five bucks so you can go to the
doller tree and get them cheap things?”she asked making me flinch.

“Mooooooommmmmm!!! That was when I was still fourteen! I’m
fifteen years old now. Practicly an adult! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”I
begged getting on my hands and knees.

“(sigh)Fine...but no presents for yourself! Only for family and
friends may you spend that money! And no gum eigther!” she gave in
handing the fifty doller bill to me.

“Alright! You won’t be dissapointed mom! Love you. I gotta go
change so I can go to the mall with them...can I go to the mall mom?”I
asked before I ran up the stairs.

“It seems you’ve already decided for me so go ahead,”she said
sighing as she waved her hand at me to go.

“Thanks so much mom! Bye!”I said rushing up to my room where I
slamed into the door thinking it was open when it’s not.

“Sweetie? Are you sure you’re not blonde underneith that hair of
yours?”she yelled from the kitchen downstairs.”Just kidding. Are you

“Yeah, I’m fine mom. Just a bruise forming is all,”I yelled back
from my room...with the door open.

Hmmm...what should I wear? What should I wear?? What should I
wear???.......AGHHHHH!!!! What Do I Wear?????...O.O That looks
nice! Maybe that’ll look good,” I finally said calming down and picked
out a black tee and a cropped jacket with a pair of tight-fitting black and
blue jeans with “love me” on one side of them and “hate me” on the
other side....”Now what should I wear for shoes?” I picked up a pair of
skater shoes that had the names of Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Rakuya
all signigtured on them for me. “Ohh! These are perfect!”


“What do you think mom? Nice right?!”I said twirling around so
she could see everything.

“There’s a stain,”she said bluntly.

“WHAT!!!??? No way!?” I gasped looking for it. “Where???
Where?? Where?”

“God sweetie. I’m just joking. It looks great now get going before
it starts to get dark. And take at least a jacket with you,”she said

“Ohhhh!!! That’s so mean! You shouldn’t joke like that mom. A
girl’s oufit is the most important thing to her!”I said huffing.

“I love you too sweetie. Now go! Before I go all mean mom on
you and not let you go out! Shoo! Go! Buy-bye!” she said pushing me out
the door waving good-bye to me and shut the door.

I shook my head and mumbled that even if she took classes on
being mean she never could be.

“Taxi! Please stop!” I yelled to a passing taxi. When it stopped :I
stepped into it and realized that it was past 5:30 and asked if he could
hurry a bit faster to the Inutaisho mansion in less than a half-hour.

“ Yes but it will cost five dollers extra,” he said and took off a bit
faster than he normally would to the mansion where Inuyasha and
Sesshomaru lived.

While the taxi drove down the streets of the neighborhood where I
grew up I looked at all the lights lining the houses and sighed. ‘I really
wish that dad hadn’t died.’ I thought to myself.

When we reached the huge mansion the taxi driver stopped and got
out to open the door for me. “ If you are going someplace like this you
are very lucky!”

I handed him the fifteen dollers I owed him and rushed to the front
gate and waited until I could be allowed entrance. When the gates
opened and I walked through the door I was faced with a very angry

“Kagome! Do you know how long we’ve been here just waiting
for you to get here? Over an hour!” she yelled at me.

“Sango Sango Sango. Do not torment the girl. She probably took a
taxi here and not many know the way. The driver most likely got lost on
the way here,” Inutaisho said chastising her slightly.

“Hello Inutaisho-Sama! I thougth that you might have work tonight,
what with all the business going on,” I said bowing deeply to him.

“Well...I do but I wanted to stay home and work on my novel for a
while,” he said a little guiltily.

RAKUYA! Get down here! Kagome’s here!” Sango yelled to the second

“Sesshomaru’s coming along?” I asked suprized.

“Yeah, the asshole needed to “Buy some last-minute presents”
Inuyasha said quoting him and rolled his eyes.

“I’d like to remind you dear little brother that I’m not the one who
is shopping five days before Christmas,” Sesshomaru reminded him.

“Actually, he’s the only one out of us all that hasn’t bought any
presents yet. We all just wanted to shop a bit more before Christmas,”
Rakuya said defending all of us except Inuyasha....


Rakuya: Dun Dun Dun!!!!! I know I said this was supposed to be a
one-shot but I‘ve decided to split the story up into chapters! YAY!!!
Rakuya! ^^
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