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Shopping Anyone?

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The inu gamg all go shopping together.

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Chapter 2
Aishiteru Koi
By: Sesshomaru15
March 28, 2008
This was meant as a one-shot but it is now going to be longer.

“You’re mean Rakuya. Why arn’t you sticking up for me?”
Inuyasha whined.

“Well, that would be because you’re my boyfriend and you don’t
need to have me stick up for you,” she replied smirking.

“Eh?...Wahtever. Where are we going anyway?” Inuyasha asked
no one in particular.

“Well, we were hoping you and Sesshomaru wouldn’t mind if we
went to the mall since it has variaty,” I said hoping they would say they
didn’t mind.

“As long as you don’t make me socialize with them then I do not
mind,” Sesshomaru agreed.

“ Arigato Sesshomaru! What about you Inuyasha? Do you care?” I

“I already hang out with you guys, what could be worse,” Inuyasha
insulted laughing.

“Hmmp! Well there goes your Christmas present Inuyasha. I’ll just
give it to Sesshomaru,” I threatened him.

“Hey! Don’t theaten my boyfriend. Even if you are my best friend
I’ll still beat you up!” Rakuya said smiling. “ Kiding!”

“Girls, would you like for Matthew(limo driver) to drive you
there?” Inutaisho asked us.

“Sure! It’ll be cool. I haven’t been in a limo since last year!”
Rakuya agreed. “What about you Kagome? Sango?”

We both nodded yes.

Once we got out the door and into the limo I could tell that
Sesshomaru and I were both pretty uncomtable. Sango and Miroku were
snuggled up and Inuyasha and Rakuya were doing the same.

“This is going to a long ride!” I said to Sesshomaru. He agreed
with me.


When we finally got to the mall I sighed relief. I felt like a fifth
wheel in there!

“Where are we all going to go?” I asked. “I mean, I’m shopping
for presents for all you guys do you all can’t be around me.”

“I suggest we all go our seperate ways and then in two hours we
meet up at the food court,”Miroku said wisely.

“Yeah but I don’t know my way around this mall,” I said. “ I
usually go to the mall near my house.”

“I can go with you. Everything I need to get is for my family. I’ve
already got the gifts for you guys,” Sesshomaru offered.

“Thank you for the offer but are you sure you want to come with
me? I mean, it’s going to be pretty boring,” I said truthfully. I hated
shopping and I wasn’t a happy camper when I had too.

“I thought that all girls liked shopping!” he asked shocked.(All the
others had gone already)

“Well then apartently, I’m not a girl,” I concluded laughing.
“Seriously, are you really sure?”

He nodded so I shrugged.

“Okay, where’s the sports store at?” I asked him.

“It’s on the second floor, here, follow me,” he said leading me

“Why do you need to go to the sports store?” he asked me curiosly
as we were walking.

“Well, I noticed that Inuyasha broke his skateboard when he was
trying to copy what you did at the skatepark so I was going to buy him a
20$ one,” I said laughing. “It was funny when he broke it because half
the board was up his ass!”

“Did you guys record it?” he asked me laughing as well.

“Yeah, the dumbass said he wanted proof when he did it so when
he failed and told us it burn the tape we didn’t,” I said. “ It was really

“Are you guys going to send it to Americas funniest videos? If not
I’ll pay you for the tape so I can,” he suggested.

“We’re going to, just as soon as Rakuya can find it in her room.
She lost it last month,” I said... “ Hey! We were about to pass the store!”

When we got to the store I went straight to the skatedboards.....
“Ah ha! Here it is!...I’m supprized that no one wanted to buy him one,” I
said picking it up and bringing it to the cashier.

Once I payed for it I walked out the store until I noticed no
Sesshomaru. I went back into the store to look for him. “Where did he
go?” I asked myself.

“Right here,” he replied scaring the shit out of me. he had a
Jewelry bag in his hands.

“You seriously had enough time to go to a Jewelry store? I was
gone for less than five minutes!” I asked suprized.

“Can’t you see I’m out of breath? I practicly had to sprint there,”
he said when I noticed he was out of breath.

“ where’s the jewelry store so I can go there?” I asked
smiling while his jaw dropped.

“You mean you had to go to the Jewelry store?” he pathecly asked

“Yep! I need to get something for Rakuya there,” I said smirking.


Rakuya: End of Chapter 2! Yay! This is going faster than Sum It
Up! is!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Emma: Okay. Don’t get too excited. Don’t forget what you were
going to tell everyone.

Rakuya: Thank you for reminding me Emma! I am hopefully do at
least one or two stores per chapter and then I’ll show Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day! Yay! Bye peoples!!!!
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