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A little blush

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Sesshomaru and Kagome go to the jewelry store!

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Chapter 3
Aishiteru Koi
By: Sesshomaru15
March 29, 2008
This is in Kagome’s p.o.v. starting this chapter.
It’s easier on me to keep it like that.
Gomen. ^^

Sigh It’s this way, follow me,” Sesshomaru said dejectfully as
he led me to the Jewelry Store.

“Why didn’t you just wait?” I asked him rolling my eyes.

“I didn’t know that you were going to the Jewelry store! What am I
supposed to do, read your mind?” he asked defending himself.

“Okay, okay! You don’t have to be so stingy about it! I’ll leave you
alone,” I said. “You know, it’s weird. I’m used to seeing an emotionless
Sesshomaru. Not someone who’s full of emotion.” I admited.

“That’s because I refuse to show emotion around my brother. He
doesn’t deserve to see me with emotion,” he said glaring.

“Why are you so mad at your brother? What did he do to you that
made you hate him so much?” I asked him confused at why he acts like
that. “I mean, I hate my brother but not as much as you hate Inuyasha.”

“He is the reason my mother killed herself. He is the reason my
father married a common whore and had him,” Sesshomaru said coldly.

“It is sooo not his fault that he was born! It’s not his fault that your
father started cheating on your mother Sesshomaru!” I exclaimed
stopping where I was and blocking him from going any further. “Now
listion here Sesshomaru, if you don’t show some kind of family feelings
toward Inuyasha when you see him I will hit you in your jewels!” I

“ may we please keep going so we can get this dreadful
shopping over with?” he asked me sighing.

“ you have a marker with you?” I asked suddenly.

“Yes, I always do. Why do you need one?” he asked hesitantly.

“Well....I was wondering if you would sign my shoes. You see, I
had Inuyasha, Rakuya, Sango, and Miroku all sign them and now I’d like
it if you would sign them,” I explained smiling.

“Sure, but why though?” he asked bending down on one knee and
signing them with his signigture.

“Well....we are friends now so I like to have my friends sign a lot
of things I own because if I ever lose them then I’ll have things to remind
me of them,” I said smilingat him when he stood up again... “Oh look!
There’s the Jewelry store! Let’s go!” I said suddenly pulling him
towards it.

If you looked closely at his face though you could see the slightest
bit of a blush there.

When we got to the store I was still holding his hand when we
walked into the store.

“Ah, back again dear sir? With your girlfriend as well hmm?” a
cashier said smiling and winking at Sesshomaru.

“Uhhh....well I’m here to buy a pendant for my friend to store her
boyfriend’s picture in it,” I said going up to him and to much of
Sesshomaru’s sadness, let go of his hand to search through my pocket for
a small photo of Rakuya and Inuyasha together.

“I see....will this necklace do well miss?” he asked pulling out a
silver pendant with the usual heart but on the chain it had very very small
hearts on each small chain link.

“Ooh. It would be perfect for them. How much is it?” I asked him
gazing at it.

“It’s fifty dollers miss,” the cashier said.

“Oh my! It’s certainly out of my price range..” “I’ll pay for it.
Think of it as another christmas present to you from me,” Sesshomaru
interupted me to say handing the money to the man.

“Oh! thank you so much Sesshomaru!” I cried out jumping up and
hugging the life out of him.

Chuckle I see you have much to thank your boyfriend for miss,”
the man said smiling.

“Uh...well...we’re not really going out,” I stuttered my face turning
bright red along with Sesshomaru’s face blushing a bit as well.

Once we had walked out of the store with me and him both with
another bag added to out other bag because he bought something for
Inuyasha’s mother because I threatened to hurt him if he didn’t I was
about ready to colapse on the mall floor.

“Hey. You want to get something to munch on at the food court?” I
asked him with an aching stomach.

“Sure, then we can go and conqure more shops...yay,” he agreed
with a sarcastic tone.


End of Chapter 3! YAY!!!!
The word count for Chapter 3 is....770 words!
Less than chapter 2 but still... good for a story that was split up into
smaller chapters! LOL!
Review please!?
-Rakuya! ^^
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