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Plant Pots

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She was dressed in black from head to foot, but her ivory skin showed through the thinning clothing, some of it fully exposed where it had torn or worn away entirely.

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Disclaimer: Complete and total fiction. If you don't like, don't read. Don't repost without my permission.

Okay guys please be nice to me. It's my first fic ever, and I'm writing this at 4:30am, so excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes. Any comments and criticisms are good, just try to be gentle please. Anyway. Enjoy.

A Light To Burn All The Empires

Chapter 1

Dani's P.O.V
I had been looking for weeks, trying to find someone, ANYONE to help me start again. It has been two and a half months now since they left me, a 25 year old with no friends. I don't blame them. But he didn't have to go- he was the only thing I had left to live for.
-Two years later-
I never really understood what had led me there, to him. After all, he had left me for his band- to start a new life- to become famous. And he went without me. I didn't even know if he would recognise me. But I had to try, and I knew where he'd be.

So there I was, skulking in the doorway of the Starbucks two blocks from the arena, hoping for a glimpse of the man who had betrayed my trust all that time ago. I kept telling myself to turn around, to leave HIM behind. But who else could I go to? The first time, I fell into the underworld, alone, the man I loved abandoning me 'for the better'. I met people there, people who most would run from. But I found another side- I found friends, willing to help me drag myself back to the real world. And they did. For a while.

I got clean, left the drugs, alcoholism and self-harm behind after a revelation that I did, in fact, NOT want to see the inside of another hospital room. They, my 'friends', decided that I was too good for them. So they left me behind.

I tried to find work, but my problems in the past refused to let me live. Any employer I tried to find work with dug up my records, and deciding that I was too unstable, refused my pleas. So I was stuck- no job, no money, no home. No family. Nothing.

It sent me back under, not to the same place as before, but it left me alone with no way of providing for myself. And that was why I was there, dressed in dirty, torn clothing, outside a Starbucks in Belleville, New Jersey. To find him again, to show him I was not the person I had been two years before.

I wasn't really expecting to find him again. After all, didn't they normally have slaves to go and get them coffee? I was checking the windows of the building every few minutes, in case I had missed him, but the staff noticed me the last time as I pressed my face to the glass, so I made a break for it. As I reached the corner, two apparently rabid humans wearing oversized emerald green aprons stumbled out of the door of the coffee shop I had been hanging around and sprinted after me. I ran around the corner and up the road next to it, unconsciously heading towards the venue in the vain hope that I could meet him coming out of the gates, or even just talk to him through the fence.

I zoned out as I ran, legs pumping. I think I had lost the employees when I suddenly stumbled, tripping over the broken remains of a small potted plant that had apparently fallen from a garden wall and tumbling head first into something hard. Probably a lamppost, I thought as I sat leaning against it checking myself for injuries, the result of the check apparently being only a knock to the head and a little blood.

Out of the air directly above my head a polite cough interrupted my tangled thoughts. Did that post just cough? No. It couldn't have. I looked up, only to realise after a short pause that I had NOT been leaning on a lamppost, but in fact a man's legs. I sprung up, turning as I did so and mumbling my apologies, swearing at my self for being such an idiot and all the while not noticing the smile creep across the stranger's lips as he watched what was probably, in his eyes, an incredibly funny sight.
Mikey's P.O.V
I had crept out of the wire prison that we call the bus park to go and grab a vanilla latte from the Starbucks two blocks away from the venue. It had been a rough task, considering how clingy Gerard had become recently as a result of him breaking up with Amber. He was acting like it was all his fault, even though he broke it off because of finding out she had cheated on him and gotten pregnant by another man. To put it simply, he had had a really rough week.

I had slid through a small gap between two parts of the fence, tearing the back of my jacket slightly as I did so. But I could worry about that later. I walked around the back of the parking lot, cutting across the entrance to a small park to avoid the main gate so that I wouldn't be mobbed by fans. I know I should have taken Worm with me, but I figured that he would have enough to deal with if any of the fans saw Gerard running around the car park. Especially seeing as he was single.

When I came out of the park into a narrow alley, I walked carefully around a large pool of something, which I definitely did not want to get involved in, and slipped out onto the street next to the main gate. I turned right and walked down the residential street, crossing the street from one block to the next.

I had been walking for about five minutes when I heard footsteps heading quickly in my direction. I leapt over a garden wall and hid, not wanting to get myself involved with fan girls, but when the footsteps came around the corner I saw that they belonged to a young woman of about 25, who looked familiar, but whose face I could not place.

She was certainly not in the best state. She was dressed in black from head to foot, but her ivory skin showed through the thinning clothing, some of it fully exposed where it had torn or worn away entirely. She looked as if she had been living it rough for a good while, her raven hair flying behind her shoulders, her strong body working hard as she sprinted away from apparently nothing.

I stepped, more calmly this time, from behind the wall and stood there as she continued to run in my direction, completely oblivious to my presence due to her staring at the ground in front of her as she moved. I was about to step out of her way to let her continue running when she snagged her foot on something and tumbled directly into my feet, hitting her head quite badly on the pavement as she went down. I think it was a plant pot.

After she had stopped moving, she pushed herself up groaning and... leant against my legs? She went over all of her extremities checking for something, and muttered quietly to herself as she discovered her forehead was bleeding from the fall, still entirely oblivious to the fact that she was leaning against some stranger's legs.

I coughed gently to alert her to the fact that I was standing there above her, and she seemed confused at first. Then, slowly turning her head, she leapt up in horror, mumbling an incomprehensible stream of what I imagined to be apologies and curses. Eventually she calmed herself enough to apologise in proper English, but suddenly turned when we heard shouting coming from the direction of the high street. I wondered what exactly had happened to her to get her in such a state, when I noticed that the shouting seemed to be aimed at her and coming from a pair of overfed Starbucks employees waddling breathlessly in our direction.

I grabbed her arm and attempted to pull her into a small alleyway between two houses, but she resisted, and turned to speak to me.

'What are you doing?' She asked in an angry hiss. I wondered why she seemed so upset at me, before replying with a swift explanation.
'In case you haven't worked it out yet, those people appear to be following you, and seeing as they are getting far too close for your liking, I suggest you try to evade them. Yes?'

She looked at me, confused for a second, as I continued to tug gently on her arm, then let herself be pulled into the gap. We waited for a couple of minutes in breathless silence, not daring to say a word in case the two people following her had bothered to come this far. As she stood in the half-light, tense and still like a statue, I took advantage of the situation and examined her features more closely, trying to figure out where I recognised her from. I was so sure I knew that face, with those full pink lips, dark blue, almost violet eyes and glossy black hair. But who? As she moved further out into the light to check for other pursuers, I noticed the faint remains of electric blue highlights in her waist length hair. They must have been put in months ago, but they still reminded me of someone.

I stepped back, almost falling over a broken paving slab as she turned around, and I recognised the playful glint in her eyes, those lips curved into a gentle smile. That smile disappeared when she saw the look on my face. I quickly plastered on a blank expression, but no amount of acting could disguise my expression when the recognition flared in those dark pools. I turned away slightly, not wanting to see her like this, and stared down at where the wall joined the cement floor, to the weeds sprouting from the wide cracks.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and another on my face as she turned it towards her.

'Mikey?' Her voice was shaking as she gazed into my eyes.
'Dani...' I mumbled 'I'm so sorry.'
Anyway, hope you guys like it. I'm on my Easter holidays at the moment, so I have three weeks off before I am sent back to hell. Or as normal people call it, school. Not sure how many chapters I'm doing, so bear with me here.
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