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Chihuahua-Bitten Shoes

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As I reached the end of the block, I sprinted across the road, and heard the screeching of tyres as a car swerved to avoid me...

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Okay before I let you guys read I would like to thank everyone who helped me out with my terrible writing skills, especially Kat, who has rather patiently put up with my hyperness at 3am... She owes me, though. Don't make me explain. And of course I shall thank Nancy, god knows she's had to put up with me long enough, and Caz, for offering to beta my story along with the other two I just mentioned. Anyway. Enjoy.

Chapter 2



I felt a hand on my shoulder, and another on my face as she turned it towards her.

'Mikey?' Her voice was shaking as she gazed into my eyes.
'Dani...' I mumbled 'I'm so sorry.'

Dani's P.O.V
As the words slipped from between his lips, he tore his eyes away and stared over my shoulder. At that point, I hated him more than ever.

'If you're so sorry, why didn't you come back for me? --Two years, Mikey. TWO WHOLE FUCKING YEARS! And you know what you left for me? Nothing. Nothing at all.'

As the last word fell from my mouth, my chest heaving, my head full of swirling thoughts, I dragged myself upright from my crouching position and spun on my heel, starting to shamble away from him. This was a mistake, trying to find him. A huge, messy mistake, and I did not want to be there to try and clean it up. See if I cared. I started to jog, thinking that if I left him at that point, maybe he would understand what he put me through. And that was good enough for me.

I heard footsteps behind me as I slowed to cross the road, marching away from the busy high street where he would have been able to catch me easily. As I alighted on the pavement on the opposite side of the road, I turned to see him standing where I had been only moments before, a look of bereavement washing across his gentle features. I so wanted to go to him then, to take him in my arms and make all the pain go away. But I couldn't do it. Not yet.

I turned once again and this time started to run, checking for anything I could trip on and avoiding it as I went. As I reached the end of the block, I sprinted across the road, and heard the screeching of tyres as a car swerved to avoid me. I stopped to apologise to the driver, but couldn't get through to him as he was swearing too much. I looked over the top of the car as the driver tried to catch my attention, but saw Mikey starting to run towards me. I muttered yet another apology to the driver, stood up straight and fell back into a rhythm as I moved, now sprinting. I turned my head every few seconds to see that I was gaining distance from Mikey, but swiftly lost any advantage I had as I ran at full speed into what fell like a padded wall.

I heard a gasp from in front of me as I bounced back, followed by a thud as the person I had hit fell backwards. I turned my head back to see Mikey slowing down, a look of triumph on his face. I turned my head back to apologise to my accidental victim, then looked again towards Mikey. He walked towards me, thinking I had given up, until he got close enough to see the disgruntled face of the person recovering from my 'attack'. That triumphant look was washed away like sand when he saw Gerard's face loom up behind my shoulder, engulfing my body in shadow.
Gerard's P.O.V
I wondered what the fuck Mikey was doing out alone without Worm when he pushed himself through a gap in the fence of the bus park. I had seen him from our bus and had wanted to talk to him about the break-up, so I followed, intending to catch him before he went about whatever shady business he was planning. I ran around the bus, searching for one of my jackets when I heard the door open, and felt the vehicle swaying slightly under the weight of the person entering into the hallway. I felt a draught inch under the door to the bunk room where I was currently searching, when suddenly it was thrown open by Frank as he backed into the room apparently trying to suck the face off one of the female crew members.

The girl, Anna I think her name was, pushed Frank off her and blushed when she saw me. She then followed up this action by turning around a bewildered Frank so that I was in his line of vision.

'Oh... Gerard, hey. What are you doing here? Aren't you meant to be at the meeting?'
'Yeah, but so are you. Have you seen my jacket?'
'Which one? The black one, the leather one, the navy one, the red one...' He drifted off, looking at me with questioning eyes.
'The black one.'
'Ummmm yeah, I think I did. Check in the kitchen.'
'Okay thanks' I said as I walked out. Just after I closed the door behind me, I could have sworn I heard frank mutter 'bloody jacket slut' to the girl.

I walked into the kitchen, if you could call it that, and grabbed my jacket from underneath a pile of boxes. I quickly examined one of them, and wondered why anyone on this bus would need about ten boxes of tampons. I was hoping it was for some sort of prank.

I walked back down the bus, yelling at Frank to keep it down, jumped off the bottom step and ran towards the gap in the fence I had seen Mikey go through. I walked across the entrance to the park that I had played in as a child and slipped through into the alley, before turning right onto the picturesque Belleville backstreet.

I decided to head down to the Starbuck's on the main road. I knew how much Mikey liked his coffee, so I started strolling down the street until the laces on one of my converses came undone. I knelt down to deal with the problem, but swiftly stood up again on hearing someone running towards me. I looked up, only to be ploughed into by a young woman who didn't look like she was in the best state. I gasped for air as the wind was knocked out of my lungs, then realised how painful that had been.

'Aaaaargh! Jesus, lady, that fucking hurt!' The girl appeared to be searching behind her for something. At the sound of my voice she turned towards me and apologised, then swivelled back around to face whatever it was on the other side of her.

I leaned over so I could see past the girl's legs, but the upper half of the person approaching her was obscured from my vision. What I could see of that person as they walked, however, looked extremely familiar, especially the converses, which looked exactly like mine. Wait. They were mine. I could tell by the way the laces were chewed off- and about that I will only say one thing. Bob's chihuahua.

I sat upright and leant forward so I could get up, but I think that girl must have pushed me over in a strange direction, because my ankle felt sprained. I pushed my self upright, using a wooden fence as my leaning-post and stumbled as I stood, groaning slightly. I glanced up and over the girl's shoulder and froze, no more words escaping my mouth as my face contorted into a look of pure confusion.

What the hell?
Yaaaayyyy chapter two is finally finished! Now you people can stop nagging me! Woo! Sorry to leave you with a (sort of) cliffhanger, but it was the best place to cut it off. And yes, to answer your question, you do meet the rest of the band, but not quite yet.
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