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I See Dead People...

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Dani? As in Dani Toro? As in Ray's little sister who was supposed to be dead?

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Not much to say now. Same old same old. Oh and thanks to everyone who has been reading. Glad to know the result of my boredom isn't completely worthless. Just read this one and enjoy it.

Chapter 3



I glanced up and over the girl's shoulder and froze, no more words escaping my mouth as my face contorted into a look of pure confusion.

What the hell?

Dani's P.O.V
I had recognised Gerard the second I saw him- he hadn't changed at all over the years, and as I felt the air grow cold from his shadow sweeping across my shoulders, an unreadable expression overtook of Mikey's features.

'Gerard, what the hell are you doing? Were you following me?'
'No, I... I wanted to talk-' he wasn't given a chance to speak before Mikey yelled over him.
'About what, Gee? Your break-up? Oh, well poor you! How many times am I gonna have to say it's not your fault before it finally gets through that thick skull of yours? You're not the only one with problems, you know!'

At this, I turned to see Gerard with watering eyes staring at his brother. He hung his head and scuffed the pavement with the toe of his shoe. I watched him stand there, looking like a lost child, until I couldn't take it any more. I spun around and took a couple of short steps towards Mikey. He looked me in the eyes, confused as I raised my open hand, then realisation dawned on him as I brought my palm back and struck him hard across the face.

I expected him to spin himself back towards me, grab me and hit me like he did the day I told him that he had had turned into a monster- the day he changed, that same day he left me. But he didn't, he simply stood there, face turned away and eyes closed. At the sound of my attack Gerard had looked up, a mixture of shock and gratitude shining behind his retinas, until he remembered that he didn't know who I was, and once again looked confused.

I took another step closer to Mikey, whispered four words in his ear and walked away past Gerard, turned a corner into a narrow alley and ran for the park once I was out of their sight.
Mikey's P.O.V
I watched as Gerard cowered, and started to feel bad about what I had said. The whole time Dani had stood there, silent, and watched the proceedings, but now she was staring at Gerard, pity and understanding showing through in her expression. Suddenly her features contorted and she stepped up to face me, looking into my eyes, hers glinting with rage as she raised her hand and slapped me across the cheek.

At that point Gerard's head snapped up, and he stared at her, then me. My head was still facing to the side, where the force of the blow had left me, and I closed my eyes. I couldn't bear to meet Dani's eyes as she took another step towards me and placed her lips next to my ear, whispering a sentence that brought all those memories rushing back to me, the ones I had pushed away, that had made me feel the guilt I was due.

'That was for me.' I could hear the tears behind her words.

She turned and walked away, brushing Gerard's arm as she swept past and turned a corner. I started walking, planning on following her and talking, but Gerard grabbed my arm as I strode past.

'Let go, Gerard.' I said, tugging against his grip.
'What the hell was that? More importantly, who?' he asked as he pulled me back and looked down into my eyes. He always did that, looking down on me. He's only two inches taller.
'Not now. Just let me go after her.'
'No. Not unless you tell me what just happened. Who is she?' he asked again, his gaze grazing my own.
'Dani.' I half-mumbled, half-whispered, and followed her. Gerard's hand had fallen from my arm, and he stood shocked, taking in what I had said. I'm not even sure if he remembered her.
Gerard's P.O.V
I stood, paralysed and silent as I watched Mikey walk away from me. Dani? As in Dani Toro? As in Ray's little sister who was supposed to be dead?
Sorry it's such a short chapter compared to the first two, but I want the suspense. It's more fun that way.

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